What is this telling me Brian Tristan

  • donnamae92 Brian can I get your opinion or reading Please.

    I did a celtic cross reading for my birthday. I can read each individual card report, but how do you put it all together, and what is it telling me? Can someone please help me read this. Junemoon has helped me before, if you are still out there, I would be greatful. I am a 30 year marriage going into a divorce. my birthday 5/7/55. 21:59AM Husband Birthday 5/19/55. here are the cards that came up in the eleven card reading: High power/ nine of wands, Long term Potential/seven of wands, Advice/the lovers, recent past/the hermit, situation/nine of cups, self/the fool, challenges,opportunities/temperance, near future/kingof wands, allies/Queen of wands, foundation/ six of cups, blocks & inhibitions/seven of swords.

    I hope someone can help interperept this for me. Thanks in advance

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