Wanting A Tarot Reading Please;

  • On my past, present, near future, far future, and/or just a general reading please, on me (February 19th, 1994) & on someone who means a lot to me and considers me their sister.. (March 4th, I believe the year is 1969. But I'm not sure. He's 41.)

    Also if any psychic could tell me anything meaningful either having to do about me or Brian AKA Tat, Right On (the person's birthdate who I mentioned above) or both of us.

    Please and thank yous.

    Blessings to all

  • This post is deleted!

  • hello

    would appreciate if someone can make a tarot reading for me

    especially my love life.

    my DOB is 03 july 1978

    i used to go out with a guy whose DOB is 31 may 1972. he broke up with me

    is their marriage in my life? to this guy or another? will i have kids?

    thank you for your time :))

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