Destiny Cards

  • I have been learning about Destiny Cards and have been really been getting interested in them. I have found a few things about them on different sites.

    My Destiny Card is King of Clubs:

    The description:


    Represents: MENTAL MASTERY

    The King of Clubs rules the mental realm; knowledge, communication, intelligence, and learning all fall under his or her jurisdiction. Having this as your birth card, you have come into this life with great wisdom and knowing, and the ability to communicate what you know with ease and clarity. You can be an authority of whatever you choose whether it be business, the arts, science or politics. You are the master of your own thinking and rarely follow the beliefs or doctrines of others. You have a brilliant mind, are very intuitive, extremely creative, and you are a natural born teacher. You have a commanding presence and natural grace, so you do well in positions of power. You have a great sense of humor and you enjoy thinking outside of the box; doing things in creative, innovative ways. You also have a somewhat reclusive nature which must be nurtured. You prefer to be in partnership both in business and your personal life. The later years of life are more empowered both personally and professionally, and as time goes on, you are certain to explore, discover, and express the unlimited realms of your amazing mind. Your passion and deep emotional nature must be shared with someone of like mind, and someone who is sensitive to your deeper needs. You are unique.

    Does anyone know more about these Destiny cards?

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