Laithano, can i get some answers from you?

  • Hello!

    I noticed your post and I hope it is okay for me to ask for help?

    I need to know:

    Is Tom the one I am meant to spend the rest of my life with?

    Is he lying to me about being single?

    When, where and how will we meet, will we meet?

    Will I become a famous makeup artist and work as a personal makeup artist for a rock band when I´m 22/23? What will my career be like right after the education has ended?

    What should I do to make all of this happen?

    I know of this guy from internet and haven´t met him yet but the feeling I get from him is special, like nothing I ever felt before. And I just want straight answers, I get so confused by other answers so if you could include yes/no then that would be great and if there is only one question you can answer, then please answer the one about if he is the one for me.


    ps: my birhtdate 11th of august 1989, his 1st of september same year

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