What is going on in his head?

  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what will happen with Chris and I? where we are heading and if we'll end up together? my birthdate is October 1, 1984 and his is August 23.

    I just don't know what is going on in that head of his!



  • Alexandra,

    Sorry to hear someone else is in a similar boat as mine. I haven't had a clue what's going on in my hubby's head for years, and the ways I found out are just devistating. I really hope someone out there can help you. If you feel comfortable venting or brainstorming with me here or personally feel free do so. Granted I may not be able to figure out my hubby...put through experience and knowing lots of men over the years as friends, who are not afraid to answer my questions on topics or actions or words...from a males perspective, this has helped me understand men better.


  • Thanks 🙂

    I would love to vent a little!! and if you can offer any advice that would be great! I kinda get sick of peoples advice that if their not falling all over you then their not worth it... things can be a little more complicated than that I would have thought....

    Him and I have known each other for over 2 years, I worked for him, that's how we meet. Things went a little too far at one point, we got close... then I stopped working for him (not cos we were close) we managed to stay friends and have until this day. Things got a little emotional last year, I wanted more, he couldn't give more, but now we've agreed to be friends, I asked him what he truly wanted, going our seperate ways was an option, but he wants to be friends. Now I'm going through a really tough time (immigration problems that are really serious) he knows what I'm going through, was there for me a little bit but has now completly backed off... wont even talk to me, we haven't had a fight or anything... right now I'm arguing with him all on my own (email is terrible) I need him to be a friend more than anything right now, yet he's turned his back on me... I've tried asking why, what's wrong, does he want to go our seperate ways afterall?? and he just wont talk to me.... He's not the sort of man who's afraid to tell you how it is, he's a lawyer, most people who work with him would say he's a lovely man but also a bit of a B$$tard... anyway, that's the general idea of things... I just don't kow why he's suddenly not talking to me... he has said he cares and if I had to leave it would be "a setback" for him, so I don't understand... I don't know if he really just doesn't know how to tell me he wants to go our seperate ways or if maybe he's protecting himself from being hurt (if I have to leave)... I really don't know...

    any clues?


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