Need ihelp! insight on relationship/life in sahara

  • hello

    i need some insight on my life here in the desert . i live in the sahara desert of morocco for over 3 yrs . i moved here for love . i met a berber nomad and we have been living together for 3 yrs until april 1when everything fell apart .

    ive been working very hard on putting the pieces back together my life . most of my problems have been financial and no real focus on our business. but i have been, working out all those issues very hard . i feel strongly that things wil turn around for me this month . i really believe this . i am determined to turn it around right now !!

    it has definatly been a time of introspect for me . a big growing experience within.

    my relationship with the nomad also fell apart partly because of the pressures of money and lots of obligations and again no real focus . i stayed on to fulfill al my obligations and fixing the money issues and focusing on only 3 things right now . he chose to run away and not deal with it . i know he is nomadic and sometimes he needs to go alone at times . but it has been 6 weeks with nearly zero communication from him . is this relationship over ? or is it going through a big change and we will be together on differant grounds . he has run before many times but always returns . but this one seems differant because there has been no communication.

    i try to vanish him from my mind and heart . but cant seem to shake this one .

    i want to make clear decisions from a pure heart and not from anger . . i think sometimes think just move on the world is full of really great men . its not like i have a problem meeting men !!. but something is holding me here with him . its not fear .its a connection i have no control over . its like i have my warrior mode on with sword in hand to fight this off and move onto the fabulous life , BUT i soften and i cant let him go !!! i feel i have no control over this one is bigger then me . do i wait and let everything settle with all the outer problems and then approach him or wait for him to return ? or let him go at this point its a lost cause ??? i thank you for your assistance in a time of need . xo blessings

  • oh i should leave my dob feb 9 1961 for nomad girl with relationship issues and money issues.

    can some one that has a good insight on the cards share a reading with me ?

    ive tried to do it on my own but it only makes me more confused as i dont know really how to read them correctly !!

    help !! from the sahara !!!

    thank you !!!

    nomad girl

  • I will get to your post when I can, just letting you know I have seen it.

  • great thank you !!

  • hi brian

    an update . i saw him this eve . feeling very down about it as i was moving into the house we bought together .

    this evening . he showed up - did not say a word to me - helped move my stuff - then left .

    i felt so far from him i didnt come near him or speak with him !! WHY did he come ? not even hello to me !! it just totally upset me to see him . as i still have deep feelings for him .

    sooooooooo weird !! all his friends were there helping me move into the house.. perhaps thats why he came because his friends were there . please advise !! i have NO handle what so ever on this one . i want to go/ i want to stay !!! help!!!!

  • Hi Nomadgirl,

    I read your post asking for help and while I've only been reading for friends and family the last few years my readings are more accurate than not. I'm picking up that you are a very passionate person and seeking to better yourself through knowledge and new experiences. On the money front I'm showing that care is needed in which ventures you choose and not to lose sight of your values simply to make money. That you will earn money in a non traditional way and if you wait for what's right with your heart it will work out and you will have abundance.

    What I see from your Nomad is that there is a small amount of hope although there are feelings of jealousy or betrayal of some kind, that he is going through some changes, my general impression was that after some soul searching you will find clarity and discover he was great for a time but not the one for long term. I didn't see anyone else currently but with your inner work that can easily change.

    I hope this is hopeful and look forward to reading what Brian picks up on as we all have different gifts to offer!

    Be well!


  • Hello again Nomadgirl,

    I forgot to inquire about your staying or going. I have a strong sense that moving will be in your best interest, that things will be difficult for a while but you will grow stronger from the challenge and when you learn the Universe's lesson you will prosper. Go with your heart and trust yourself to heal and grow and then you will know the correct course for you to take. I see that reaching out will benefit you and others as well for you have a lot to share of yourself that others can benefit from.


  • hello karen

    thank you for taking the time to look at this .

    lets see what happens .this is a very differant situation then i ve ever experienced with the nomad .

    as we always in the past have found each other after a sepapration . he has left me before but it is due to his nomadic nature .

    yes when he leaves me in that moment he is finished . but he always returns after a month or so .it never gets any easier as a i always go through that grieving period .

    but this time it is differant as there has been zero commmunication between us .

    weird thing . i still feel very connected to him i still love him . and yes the hope that we will find each other again .

    but with this zero communication it has made it difficult .

    yes i am working out and making many changes within.

    im a fighter and ready to come out on top no matter what . the question is will he be by my side on this journey ??we all have to move on at some points in our lives .

    maybe this is my chance tp do so .

    thanks so much and lets see what brian has to offfer .



  • Nomadgirl,

    I feel you reaching you true potential is somewhere else from where you are right now. I feel you need something steady in your life, in order for you to thrive as you could.

    That said, if you choose to stay, and you choose to stay for him, you need to find a steady something to occupy most of your life, so you are not concentrated on him so much. This is the only way this relationship will work, if he is a adjunct part of your life, and not a main focus.

    That said, I do not get the feeling that is what you really need, if it was a want I could see compromising on it, but is seems to be a need for you, and you can find someone who will fit that need other than him. You can wait it out and see, that is fine if you want a more solid answers to the questions you ask. However, you could move on now if you so wish, as it will not be as hard as you think to do.

    The connection is strong, but the treatment of you is no good as it causes too much turmoil in your life. You must change something. Your choice on what.

  • hello brian

    thank you for your insight . i find this information very interesting and very true !! .

    interesting in how one can be so determined and sure in most matters BUT when matters concerning the heart come into play its like i cant see nor determine what anything is- im blindfolded !!.i guess thats where intellect meets with emotions and things go into a scrabble .

    i know love connections like this dont come everyday and sometimes the biggest adversities bring the biggest joy and success after you overcome them . and thats what i want all the joy/love happiness and success.

    and i also believe in settling on something that is NEED will only bring on a mediocre life and results .

    yes i know i can step away and move on . find a safey net of another relationship . something that is more like /like . but again mediority!!

    or i stay and face the challange of this one . like you said not all my attentions on him ,and create something of a unique space outside of him . a place for myself where i can florish/ grow and create successful projects.and share with him but not everyday!!!

    with lots of introspect and planning i think i can achieve great success with this .

    perhaps this is the reciepe for success in love and prosperity brian . you might have just nailed th perfect solution!!!

    pls tell me your thoughts of my reply .

    thank you so much !!



  • Nomadgirl,

    What you decide to do is fine, because I feel you have the innate ability to make things work no matter where you are at.

    That said, happiness is contentment, that is steady. Fun, excitement, burning passion, they are all moments, and all are fleeting. From what you say, the connection is what keeps you there, but it is apparently a passion thing, not something I would think a person would build a relationship upon.

    What I am saying is this, mediocrity is not what comes from like / like relationships, not at all. Shared interests make spending time together, and being friends fun, and that when you get down to it is what the center of a relationship is, everything else is outside of that. Of course in that center is respect, caring, admiration, and appreciation. The outside of that of course are important things like shared language, shared values, share religious beliefs, s e x u a l compatibility, common schedules, and so on and so forth.

    From what you shared, I do not see the center of the relationship as being strong, I see the peripheral things being what makes you stay. What I feel is you can do better, and you can find someone more like you, who will love you for you, and will still ignite passion. I think you are selling yourself short here, I think you can have a relationship that is way better than what you have now. You are not a nomad he is, so I just see a lot of sacrifice on your part for little gain.

    Again, this is all your call to make, as you are the one who knows best.



  • hello brian

    yes this is really good insight on this situation .can i do better ? always .

    do i want better ? i want the best !

    but this relatonship with my nomad outside of him has taught me so much about who i am and what i am capable of of . it has taken me to places where no one treads .

    what i do now ? i dont know yet. im really listening to what you say.

    is it not possible for this relationship grow into something more stable in time ,or shall i say a chance to fully blossom ?

    perhaps he is not the only one in this lifetime but he is here for me for a reason . and he reason has not yet finished its course .i strongly feel fate has brought us together . perhaps i finish this course with him . and see what life brings me . i have lots to ponder . good insight . thank you brian !



  • Nomadgirl,

    You are smart enough to figure it all out, of that I am confident. Thing about relationships is it takes two to really make them work, and that is work. If it is just one person doing the work, it is overwhelming.



  • hello brian

    yes it definatly takes 2 !! i am going to meet with him tomorrow the first interaction in weeks . will be interesting . i know he wants to come back . i dont know until i know so i see what happens

    i must see what this is and what i will feel when i see him and how he will react to me .

    ok i have another insight question .

    my money and career which in the last month ive been working so hard to turn things around and make something out of what i have in this moment .

    im a jewelry designer and im trying so hard everyday sending emails out to clients to sell it all so i can finance building my guest house here in the sahara .

    i have 2 things to work with the jewelry and the guest house .

    i feel there is a block or something to move forward . i truly believe in what i want .and i want it now !!

    can you give me some insight on this . will it change soon ?and things will start to flow again and i will meet with my success soon ?

    again thanks for the great insight on my situation!!!

    blessings from the sahara


  • Nomadgirl,

    I tend to get general feelings, lets say a direction, and from that I am able to offer a path, or a specific path if it is that clear, and I throw in common sense if that is also of value. What you are looking for here is beyond what I feel comfortable doing. I can tell you you are quite talented, and you will be successful at what you do, even if you live in the middle of the desert (that would be a funny ha ha typically I would throw in, but in your case it is true). So, I would suggest you pose your question to TheCaptain, she will have so very good insight for you I think. Make sure you explain your question, and ask it precisely, that is helpful to her.

    Ever hear The Police song Tea In The Sahara?



  • hello brian

    thank you for your reply .and your honesty !

    i ill do that il pose my question to the captian .

    it has been great hearing your insight on my relationship issues .

    actually quite helpful !

    i will keep you posted on what passes !!


    nomad girl

  • tea in the sahara yes !!!

  • Nomadgirl,

    It is from a story in the book "The Sheltering Sky" but I do not remember who wrote it, Paul something I think.

  • paul bowles brillant writer . he lived in tanger morocco for 30 yrs ! i think he passed away in the 90 s here in morocco .

    sheltering sky one of my favorite films !!

  • yes there it is, Paul Bowles. Great book, never saw the movie.

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