Need ihelp! insight on relationship/life in sahara

  • check out th film its directed by bertulucci . one of my alll time favorite films !!

  • well i was supposed to meet with my nomad 2 days ago . i cant get myself in the right frame of mind to speak from a centered place so ive been avoiding the meeting .

    he said he waited for me all day today. then when i finally got it togethr to call him he was out in the oasis .

    but i said for sure tomorrow .i was trying to get read on what his frame of mind was but because im not so centered in my thinking i couldnt get a good read on him .

    what am i in for tomorrow ?? i want to be prepared . i want to deal with this with grace . i still dont know until i see him .

    we are supposed to sign the papers for the house tomorrow . but again i dont even know if we are together or separated !!! any insight ???? thank you !!!

  • i met with him . he was cold as ice . he as with his friends . i said i wanted to speak with him alone . he said no right here in front of his friends ! i said no way alone . thn he said we are separated and that is it! he said we can be friends . i said i dont have friends that treat me like this . i then said its over !

    so over that no thanks !!

    as you said it wont be as hard a i think it will be . i think im gonna like my freedom . there are many men out there .

    hey i think one already caught my eye !!

    or more like both of our eyes had caught each other!! so i havent lost it yet !!im going to enjoy this as it is !!

    soooo whats next ??



  • Nomadgirl,

    I will be indisposed until probably Thursday the 20th. So hang tight.

    Your posts are awesome, but I can not reply like I want to yet.

  • ok great look forward !!

  • hello brian looking forward to some of your insight .

    with much thought and consideration on my relationship problems with my nomad , i decided to go search for him and see him .

    with some careful inward thinking i fell everything i have blamed him for such as being so cold and not aprroachable was in fact ME !

    our disasterous meeting a week and a half ago was all me and my attitude and him responding to it . as i know he dosnt havze a good handle on his emotions and feelings .

    he HAS made attempts to be with me but it was me who put the glacier between us .

    my glacier finally melted and under that glacier is love . soft gental love .

    im not taking all the blame for our difficulties but any sort of reconcillationnwas thwarted by my coldness to him and MY anger .

    i came to terms with this in my arena and put the past just as that- in the past .and would like to find my nomad again on very differant plane . i know wemust make major changes within this unique relationship .

    i know whati have to do on my part . will he repond to this in a positive way ? will he resond to mymore loving side ?

    we needed this separation to clean up a diry situation .im starting to feel good about it i hope he will respnd to it .



  • Nomadgirl,

    Got it, will get back to you, probably this weekend.

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