Death of my son

  • Hello Adams mom,

    I know that October of 2008 changed our world, so dramatically after our son shot himself.With in minutes of getting the call from my other children who were with my son seconds after he pulled the trigger.My son came to me very clearly told me he had went"Home" it was now about taking care of those he left behind.Its been not quite 5 months since the physical side of my baby left us.But the reality of what he has been sharing as well as the changes most of his family and friends have been making, has been a wonderful sight to see.

    I miss my baby so much, but look at the tears I cry as cleansing to my soul.I very lucky my son reaches out and is very vocal.I was whining one day after he died about not having him here with me when out of the blue"Mother,I am right here,I am easier to reach then I ever was.All you have to do is talk to me,you kno0w better." Worse part about that, I new it already but the body and mind do such odd things when we loose a loved one.

    Adam your son is the same way,you just have to watch for the signs,so often we miss the little things that those who have passed over share with us.When I did readings it was always coming up about signs, people would ask me why? why do I never see any signs.In the end when I was talking with the souls of their loved ones they would go into detail about some of the signs that had been sent.Listen, smell, look ,feel, pay attention to the random thought that pops into your mind,,Its been my experience that those who pass over violently(accidents,suicides,murders) and young people who suffer tremendously tend to be so vocal at passing along signs to help remind us that they are still by our side and not wanting us to allow our grief to pull us down into the darkness.

    I know so many people grieve so differently.Grieving is extremely healthy for both us and the souls on the other side as they watch us grow from the spiritual aspects.The virtues we learn from grieving will be beneficial to us when we cross over as well. In my experience the souls who passed over, even several of the suicides I have had sessions with new that it was their time to go.They had finished their life lessons on this plane and were ready to go back "home".What so many will also mention is the fact that those of us who are left behind need to use their deaths to continue to learn and grow.Take my son for instance, he told me it was his time to leave, he chose suicide because those left behind could benefit the most from the harder lessons it would take for us to accept it also allowed him the opportunity to say good-bye to all of us before his physical body shut down(that was for our benefit).That has helped me to understand.

    Do you meditate? Meditation opens the doors to being able to communicate so much more.When you can drop into the Alpha level it is much easier for the souls vibrations to be heard.In a meditative state I can sit in a room and talk openly with the souls wether they are my loved ones or others.One thing I find very nice about this is that I can openly talk with my son and father and receive energy hugs from them.

    Adam would like you to watch your dreams, he comes so often in your dreams.He says you also have smelled him around you before and heard his laugh(passing it off as your imagination)

    Anyhow I have now written a book,

    Hugs,Light, Laughter and Love to all


    A mother who thanks her children everyday for choosing her to be in their lives, wether they are here or on the otherside!!

  • I lost my oldest son April 11 2006 in a car crash. I have 3 remaining sons. So I know what you mean when you say you are thankful for the years you had him. my son was 18. the worst day of my life. On a positive note I am writing a book in his memory. I know I will see him again and he is always with me in spirt.


  • Thank you for your message you r right I hear Adam talking to me and yes I think I am hearing things :}}} but he hasnt come in my dreams i will try to meditate... God Bless Us All. Jayne

    AKA Mom Of Adam

  • Dear scottsmom, I feel your pain. I also lost my son only 3 months ago, he was only 18yrs. old, a senior in high school and would have been graduating this year. I've been so lost and feel his death has killed my soul. I'm constantly thinking about "What is this new place he's cross over to like" (the other side). I use to think I've been through some pretty difficult situations in my life and life was tuff then. But now looking back those times were nothing compared to dealing with the sudden loss of my son (nothing is worse then this).. For Anyone Who Has Lost A Child,,, I Will Pray For You And I Hope You Will Do The Same For Me.. xoxo God Bless.