Death of my son

  • scotts mom

    i am so sorry for ur loss be brave and accept gods will.

  • Dear Scotts Mom,

    I am so terribly sorry to read of your terrible, terrible loss. Having lost a number of family members, I am familiar with the pain of losing loved ones, however, I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. I was blessed, 3 months ago, with a beautiful son....Again, I cannot imagine how you must be suffering. You have my prayers. May God bless you and your family....Personally, I do believe your son is in a much, much better place. Still, while we are in this place, that loss must be unbearable. I am so sorry.

  • You have my deepest sympathy, and I do, very much understand. I lost 2 son's in an automobile acc., it will be 7 yrs this Oct. 23rd. It was very close to loosing all 3 son's as they were all tog. that nite, but, by the grace of God, he spared me one son. The pain never goes away, but, you learn to accept it, you know, they are never coming back. I have helped myself,by still showing my love for them by putting pieces in the newspaper on their ann. of their death's,birthday's, and christmas, until this year, as I didn't have the money to do that. On their ann. of their death's, I take a vac. day, don't want to see anyone or talk to anyone, I spend the day with all my son's, watching home movie's, of happy time's when we were altog. I have 4 wonderful g-children to those son's I lost, and thank God for them, I can see my son's in them. They are what keep's me going, and help's me feel that closeness with my son's. Right after my son's died, I went to the cemetary, and got down on my hand's and knee's, and hand clipped their adjoining grave's, and do you know, I found a crisp $10 bill in the grass close to their grave's. It was as though, they were thanking me for the hour's I spent clipping their graves, I will never spend that $10 as long as I live! My Dad, passed away, May 2008, and my oldest son came for him that nite, my Dad was talking to him, he told him to wait, he wasn't ready to go, he was waiting til we were all there with him! So, I know, and feel releaved, that they are all tog., and someday, we can all be tog. again in a much better place than we are in right now. Everyone else's lives move on, but, your life will never be the same. My only living son, had a very bad time, loosing his best friend's, but, now has a family, and a son, to be best friend's with. And as for me, I know my job here on earth is to look after my g-children, as my daughter- in-law's have moved on with other men( not good choice's). I know my g-kid's need me to help guide them, and keep their father's alive for them. I wish you the best of luck, and hope I have helped in your time of sorrow and grief. God does have a purpose for all of us, I will pray for you.

  • For the first time in my life I am speechlesss, I am a Gemini and am never at a loss for words, but, I can't imagine how painful your lives are with such a huge loss. I only have one child and he is the light of my life. He is 26 years old and I can't bare to think of my life without him. I think people like you are the bravest people in the world. I bow down to you in respect and admiration. Thanks for being courageous enough to share your stories with the rest of us. It's people like you that inspire me to be a better person.

    Respectfully, MyPointOfView

  • Dear Scotts Mom,

    I want to express my deepest sympathies to you and your family. When I was 21 I lost my

    husband of four months to suicide and this anniversary will be 27 years. I went through a

    kalidescope of emotions from disbelief, rage, hatred, unconsolable grief but I don't think

    any death when we lose a child could be as heartrenching as this. I have a wonderful

    son and just the thought brings me to tears. I do know that I am being watched over and

    protected by this husband and I'm sure your son watches over you and yours as well.

    Knowing that you have a guardian angel who you raised changing places can be most

    comforting. Please understand that I wish you Scotts Mom all the love I can pass along

    to wrap you up in. Be at peace and remember all the funny moments you shared.

  • Hi Scotsmom, I am Dorian's mom will be two years since I sat on the bank of a lake for two days waiting for the rescue teams to recover my 16 yr old. He was the youngest of four sons 3.25 marks the anniversary of the begining of feelings I never thought I would have to deal with in my entire life. I have spent most of my life helping those in this situation. Now, the pain has become my life now. No matter how I look on the inside, it is all I feel. I know this is a big blow to you emotionally and wish you strength to overcome the pain.

  • My Heart goes out to all of you that has lost a child it will be 3 years for me since we lost Adam ON March 14 2006, there is not one day that something reminds me of him or I think I see someone that reminds me of him.. Life is not the same but I have 2 older children that miss him just AS BAD AS ME...i know Adam would say Mom I am ok and he loves me and not to cry like I do but it has been the hardest thing for me to let him go HE WAS THE YOUnGEST and my baby boy He was in a car wreck and I pray for anyone that feels this pain ...10/02/86*03/14/06

  • My very sincere thoughts are with you. As I have a son your age I can only hope he will not crossover first.He is my first born. But no matter what 1st 2nd 3rd + I would have a most difficult time. As I know I am sitting here I know that he is doing well and not disturbed any longer. He is HAPPY is how he wants me to put it. Hes not "crawling" anymore.He finds it helerious that you are doing this,but says this is your way up.LOVE<love<love is="" what="" he="" says="" and="" flowerstoooooooo="" by="" just="" for="" a="""" love="" unconditional="" that<="" code="">s YOUUUUUU.Many regards and know it wont be yhat long for you also.</love<love>`

  • As I just wrote, I forgot to mention a few things, my mame is Sherry, I have seemily some kind of intuitive powers. I can hear your son in my ear and as I rest he will not leave me alone. HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW THAT HE LOVVVESSSS YOUUUUU YOUUUUUUU. HE SAYS DONT CRY FOR HIM ITs just because you cant see him that is why. Talk to him he will do something to let you know hes there Electrical, he says watch for it because it is hard to do but he will doIT. He will also come in your light sleep and show you one thing you have ask for from him.He likes that you spread his pics for all to see and thatthe memories are good for him also. He didnt know he was so revered. Which doesnt change the fact that ANYONE and he says ANYONE take the same route. STUPID STUPID. But he has to go to a learning cousel to understand why he set himself up to do that. What or who had the lesson to learn! He will not cross back into this life as things stand, but later when the"LORD" has done his deeds. He is paying a high price for this. OK he seems to be better with what I told you,but states he will be near me as I can hear him and you need that very much. He will help you as I over your hump,as he calls it. If I have upset you or you want me to let you know when he is around my E-mail is Please let me know if I am right. Take Care and hold him dear o our heart he says LOVE>LOVE>LOVE MOM BYE 4 NOW MA.Keep going you have to for Carol? a name with a C- Carisa? And someone elses health is not GOOD at ALL> Help themmmm,Many regards Sherry I have never done this before I hope your not offended

  • I guess Im still not done he wants me to tell you about my son, he is incounty jail in tuscon waiting on his sentence and I dont have the money to see him, but as promised the Lord came through. You see thier son was in with my son and would not accept the LORD through and through. His was just for looks. Their son has gone to prison. But these wonderful people the LORD has sent my son and myself is a mircale. You see my son never believed in "THAT KIND OF STUFF" For years I prayed that he would find the LORD,well it may have not been what I wanted but the answer came. He was drinking and drugging and had many black outs, now because of that his life is never his own again. He pleated guilty, the evidence was there even though he swore it never happened. Also he had charges in Texas and had to plead guilty. He is now totally a man of GOD he has not been doing it long but as the others tell him he has done it all his life. It is his mission to bring as many to the LORD as he can. If and when he gets out he is going to be a disciple of GOD, To Minister. All of his woes are gone, of course because of his daughter 10 years old and myself. But he truly has GOD with him and is working mircales every minute for him. Then I have a (son) nephew because i am an identical twin I have mosttly raised him too.He also is in prison over drugs and drinking, he even escaped to do drugs and drink.His mother is crushed as I am. Hers is almost 9 years old,mine is 10 mts old. No matter the hurt is still there. He wrote his mom a letter in which he was crying, they took this lets say weaker guy, kind of nerdy and beat him to death for nothing. The things he has endured has been at the least horrific! I will not go into anymore details just know that it is "THE HELL". The loss of our 1st borns has been a trial and almost put me under. I am seeing day by day that this is my sons mircale- many lessons to learn, hard ones at that! I hope GOD spares him for not to long.As, I hope my nephew gets out sooner than expected. His peroale date doesnt come up untill 2011. So, now I say this is my story and what ever you take from it I hope it helps as your son wanted me to write it. He says YES ma this is the truth, now you see! What this means I dont know. Did he call you ma?Sometimes? He says. OK NOW I AM finished for now I gues. He says hell be right here just ask or look for those signs too.....LOVEU ME ME ME ME>>>>>

  • It will be 6yrs. on May 16, since my 6year old daughter passed away. I cherish every moment we spent together. My son and I both do, he is 14years old. It doesn't get any easier or hurt any less, I guess I get better at coping. I am so sorry for your loss, I do know how you feel, and there's nothing anyone can say to make you feel better. God Bless you.

  • I am sorry for your loss. I know how you are feeling as I lost my son on 7-7-07. He was 42 but still my little boy! Keep you chin up and keep smiling as I am sure he would want that for you.

  • may your sons rest in piece

  • To all who have lost someone, a new day arises and with it, gods love and warmth will see you through. It is hard to bear the pain, but to all it will come and then a new day will await you's. One in which just a little bit of warmth and comfort will seep in. Let it, simply sit and let it be, they do not want you to grieve for them, as love does not want to hurt anyone. Let them be happy and come into your heart . Remember the fuuny times, the sweet smiles, even the bad have a season in your remembering so be it. We do not forget , we just remember with love and soft memories in our heart. That is what they would want for us all. I give to all a warm new sunrise of sweet days and memories ahead to cherish. May we all be blessed with those to hold fast and dear. Blessings to all.

  • Here is a new day sunrise, may it give you all peace of mind as you look at it, I am using it in my struggle with my sister who is losing her life to cancer any day now. The loss of anyone is so uncomprehendable. We need to give it one day at a time and I struggle with that ,it is so hard, yet I feel all of the pain you are all going through and am so sorry. They are always in our hearts and just call upon memories and laugh, it will help ease the pain. Blessings to all and may peace and love surround you's in your hardest hours.

  • oh thank you so much it means so much to me to hear this i hope we can chat soon

    momof adam

  • Hi mom of Adam, I am not sure you are talking to me, onlydreaming, but if so i am so glad this has helped you. I trully believe what I say and having said that ,I struggle myself with my own heartache in the loss of my sister soon. I know words cannot erase the pain, that has to happen in its own time. It never goes away, it just softens around the edges as it is. I lost a son years ago, a baby. But I often think of him still. I did not have the connection you had with Adam, as my son was a new born,but children and moms and dads are universal are we not. I came on this site as I needed to find something to get me through my grief at what is happening in my life. When I read what so many are and have gone through my heart just aches and I grieve right along with all of you. I believe that sunrise is what all are trully going into with a warmth and light that takes them and no longer are earth bound pain or mudane matters of any concern to them anymore. I do believe though that they feel our pain and do not want us to grieve for them, as they only feel love and light and warmth. So we must dwell in the good memories, and yes sometimes the bad pop up, its ok, is part of what made them and who they were. Cry when you have to and then say ok, its another day, another hour and you are ok and say I love you and will one day see you again. Honor their life not their death, talk to someone about the good things you remember. Write a journal and put all good, bad and all the thoughts you cannot express down, it takes it out of the black hurting hole and helps you release that pain. Now lets smile at a good thought, and give thanks for what time you had. Smile, he see's you and he smiles with you, that little odd fleeting warmth you feel at different times is him, he is and will always be in your heart and on your mind . Its ok!!! If you would like to talk , or express your pain , happiness I am here , In talking to others it helps me to accept what I cannot change. Let them feel the love and be able to accept their way in their new life with no feeling bad because they had to leave, God Bless you and all who have pain, it will get softer and then they can help you to SMILE again. Here is a new morning, soft blue pain, fading into blue and pink new day, taking the pain away , a little at a time.

  • Here is our new day arising, from so blue, to a soft blue and pink new day, a fresh start, to soften the hurt and so Smile they see us and makes them haapy for us. Blessings

  • Dear Scotswoman,

    I'm so sorry for your loss!

    To lose your child must be one of the worst pain in your heart that you could have endured!

    Words pale in comparrison to what you're feeling....but, I would like to say this, what you both shared together can never be taken from you! The "I love you", the hugs and kisses and the smiles and laughter you shared together are yours alone, your very special moments that drew you close, will be there in your heart forever. If you believe in the here after, you do know that one day, you'll be embrassing your son once again! But, remember that your time has to be when God decides when your time comes! Otherwise, you and your son will not likely be reunited!!!

    I lost the love of my life Jan.16 2008. He died of cancer. I fell in love with him in gr.6 and at the age of 18 for me and 19 for him, we married.. We just celebrated our 38yrs. of marriage while he was battling cancer in hospital. Oh, how I miss my Ben! Thank God for my children, grand-children and family and friends! My faith and my loved ones have pulled me through. One day Ben and I will pick up where we left off and continue to live our lives together, but this time it'll be forever!

    Take care of yourself, you will be in my prayers!


  • God Bless You and Hippiemom the words give me goosebumps I love the pics and the sound advice you all have given and everyone needs to hear keep your chin up and smile for him :}} i count the days to his Angel Date and relive it everytime the whole day is consumed of what happened and when i found out i thought it was just another wreck and he was gonna be fine but his real dad couldnt look at me he said it didnt look good to be prepared and then everything went blank and I was preparing my son's funeral and I can;t remeber hardly any of it except all his friends and he had alot I didnt realize he knew half of them but he was a friend to many and I was so proud of him !!! they did say I just saw Adam the other day he caME by to see me and to chat wow so many said that it was like God giving him time with his buddies 1 last time 0ok tears r rolling I just miss him so much:{{{ God Bless u all MomOf ADAM