• my DOB is 5/12/78 and my person of interest is 11/16/77 I want to know if he likes me in a romantic way and if we have a future together? I want to know if he's going to make a move I have a feeling he likes me he used to talk to me a lot but then he withdrew and now talks to me here & there but idk what's up with him. thank you in advance. also, anything you may want to tell me will be greatly appreciated!! thanks

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • Happy Birthday, idk78!!!

    Well wishes to you and enjoy this wonderful day!

    See you back in the Mercury Retros thread! 🙂

    ( need to hijack your thread for a bit if you don't mind, thanks!)

    P/s - Natapier, I have posted my questions in the thread Lonely. I appreciate a reading from you please. Thank you so much!


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  • @Emergence LOL!! Thanx & no problem pls hi-jack anytime :0)

    @Lamaestra thank you.

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