Making Fear-Free Decisions

  • The best decisions and choices we can make are those based on our gut instincts, our intuition, our inner knowing. The worst choices and decisions we can make are fear-based or emotion-charged ones.

    But how do we tell the difference? How do we know when we are making a choice that is rooted in fear?

    Astrologer and wise man Mark S. Husson says -

    You can tell it's just a fear-based decision when:

    1. you have an intense sense of urgency - a feeling that if you don't act soon, you'll lose something (another chance, opportunity or whatever)

    2. there's a strong sense that what you need exists outside of you and you must do something to get it.

    3. you feel abandoned or completely on your own.

    4. there is a non-stop recycling of chatter in your mind.

    5. you repeatedly ask people for solutions to the same problem all under the guise of seeking advice, yet you don't seem to gain any insight.

    6. your thinking is focused on worst-case scenarios and very few other possibilities.

    When a decision is made without fear -

    1. you recognise that it's okay to act on something, because you really can accept any outcome.

    2. you can acknowledge that, although you may not like your immediate situation, it doesn't define you or your future.

    3. you understand that there's a part of you that will guide you perfectly, and you place your focus there.

    4. you know that you have everything right now that you need to be joyful.

    5. you recognise that anxiety arises when you put your trust in your brain and not in your Higher mind and gut instincts.

    6. you know that ultimately you don't have to make a decision now, especially if it disrupts your peace.

  • A very good summary and wise words from Mark S. Husson.

    I think it has to do with how far you are in your personal development that you act the one or the the other way.

    Thanks Captain.

  • Or your like me who is always nervous when making any decisions I always have fear when I'm not for sure about something but yes, I always feel comfy with whatever the outcome is. meaning, i may be sadden by the outcome if it's not what I wanted but I don't drive myself crazy over it. A lot of times I feel like it's better to know even if it hurts helps me accept things quicker. well that's just me.

  • I like this....I know I have been on both sides of this....I'd rather be on the second side in all my decisions. Thanks for posting this.

  • All my decisions are fear-based then, it seems...

    Other than when I decide not to do anything... to let the tide carry me.

    Is this really a wise way to live your life? To let yourself be carried by life in whatever direction, and keep the ship as stable(unchanging) as possible?

    In plenty of moments I have thought that I need to do something NOW or lose an opportunity... and then I decide ''To hell with it, that's too troublesome. More opportunities will arise.''... although I probably will run across more of those situations, I don't think it's the right way to live. I should decide before the ''deadline'' whether the opportunity is better for me than my current situation or not. Opinions?

  • If something or someone is meant to be for you, it will come to you. If you seem to miss out on something, it wasn't meant for you.

  • The Universe can see the bigger picture of your life so much better than you can. Be alert for its messages and signs to know which way to steer your boat. We are actually bombarded daily by spirit guidance but we are so wrapped up in ourselves, we miss the signals.

  • Oh Captain........ these are words that can give peace and and a big sigh of relief to all of us......let it be! thanks Captain!.......hope all is well with you and yours!

  • The biggest mistake we can make is to complicate the Universal plan by thinking we are here to find true love or achieve career success or make our mark in some way. All we are here to do is to learn and grow. The Universe doesn't care whether you get that job you are after or become famous or whatever other human goals you may have. This sense of missing out on life or not doing what we are supposed to be doing or thinking others have more exciting and better lives than we do is the ego talking. All we ever have to do is open ourselves to life and find understanding. We could do this by standing in the same spot for our whole life if our spirit was open to 'seeing' and 'knowing.'

  • Very much insight in those words Captain.....i finally get the fact that my life happens in the moment not tomorrow or the next day when an expected event have begun to enjoy those moments in the day that bring joy for that moment and mostly its a simple little thing , not a big thing .,,,,...SEEING and KNOWING...............thats it!

  • ok captain..heres one for I am trying to buy a cottage back in my hometown..but i have been experiencing setbacks from day one..crappy building the bank didnt want to loan me the money unless upgrades were made..went to a mortgage broker..nobody wants to lend under $50,000 for a mortgage here in Ontario..especially if u r buying out of they want a higher credit score than the bank did..etc ..should i take that as a sign that it wasnt meant to be?

  • PinkeeLee, it does seem that way, doesn't it? Or perhaps your methods are not the best for success? Try doing things differently. It may not be the goal that is wrong but the way of achieving it.

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