Can i get a love reading

  • Thanks Again πŸ™‚ I can not wait. I am so ready to ride away in the Sunset!!

  • Haha so when u reach there hope u will have a good life~~ =D

  • Ok. I am curious Mikyo? Can you do a love reading on me? I currently have limited involvement with a woman, who I was trying to get closer to in the hopes of developing a meaningful relationship. However my greatest fear is being used, and mislead.

  • Hi i would love one also.

    Im a march 10 1972 at 11.20 dane born pisces

    my men are:

    charlie born june 25 1941 at 2.47 AM usa

    Alden born oct 4 1937 at 1.27AM usa


    ps an old buddie of mine Connor april 7th 1962 lazio Roma italy at 3.47 Am has returned , dunno what it may mean, mayb u can tell?

  • Mikyo-san looks like we're getting a lot of experience here huh. Sunday's coming! whoot

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Would you mind telling what you see for me and my husband?

    My dob: 07/24/60 and his dob: 03/04/55. I can't wait to hear what you have to say.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  • Hi Myiko, thank you.......I really am trying to clean things up and stay positive.

  • Hi Mikyo,

    I think you skipped me. Can you please do a general reading for me? My DOB is 06/01/1971.

    Thank you,


  • Mikyo,

    Good morning. I would really appreciate a reading for myself. My DOB 9/25/65.

    Thank You!

  • Hi luvslife.. U can trace back my post.. I had done for u.. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Mikyo,

    I apologize. I overlooked your response to me. You ask me for a specific question. My life is a mess presently. My fiancΓ© is unemployed. He is having trouble finding work so we are having great financial difficulty. Our relationship has also been suffering for several years now. I feel like my work performance is suffering because of my home life. Do you see any improvements? My birth date is 06/01/1971 and my fiance's birthdate is 10/17/1970.

    Thank you again for your generosity.


  • Hi Mikyo, can I have a love reading please ?There's no one in my life .I don't know if I scare guys off or it's my fate to remain single ..What do you see about my love life please ? My birth date is 08/08/1983.

  • hi luvslife.. i just did a reading for u.. it seems that ossiblities is very limited to u and often things are very hard to be decide and get it done~ i could see that even though this thing have hits u but yet U are still helping and givingcourage in ur family~ i admire that part of urs~ but often ur hopes are shattered each time~ it might not be the best time to find job but don give up~ in ur near future I would say loves helps u to get through everything and as long u and your husband standby each other nothing is difficult~ one person thinking is always not as good as two~ πŸ˜ƒ my advise is try to spend a little~~ and be sure where u invest ur money and how u use it~~ πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thank you so much Mikyo!!!

  • hi Thor9.. i just did a reading for u~ what u fear and the person that u want to get closer~ right now it seems that everytime u move in it seems to drift away from u~ no matter how many times u try it still seems so far away~ one thing is U are a successful person i can say u take care of ur money well but yet U seems to be too lonely.. on the other hand U seems not to get out of ur love situation~ it seems that this relation with this lady is a trap everywhere~ u see it as a threat~~ but in ur near future things might hurt u deeply if u contiue~ my advise is best to slow down a bit and know her even more~ i realise there is alot of swords in here and i personally felt that this lady u need to know her even more~ she might be hiding certain thing too~~ jumping in too fast might cause U taking risk~ πŸ˜ƒ

  • hi CharmedWitchBente.. i just did a reading for u..

    charlie... he was someone who isn't have much opportunities to be in and someone who is limited to himself

    one thing good about him is he don bring up his past~ he could put every single thing away and only think of present..

    for him u don see a paths with him.. u felt that if u take this paths things might ended up having alot of difficuties as he might not be someone who u want~

    Alden while he was someone who is creative thinker and often surprise u~

    about this guy.. he can just spent on anything that u like u fancy and make u feel like a very bissful women~

    for him u see him as a slow person~ u don see him down to earth and often do thinks unrealistic~

    my advise is there is hopes in between of each~ and U would rather want someone that understand u and not going against the flow~ and I understand that this two person is hard to manage too~ i would say that take ur time first don jump into the choices so fast~

    that person to be back might be telling u to control ur emotions and there might things that taken too fast in your life~ also intellect is important too~ so be sure to know when to use and when not to~ πŸ˜ƒ

  • Mikyo,

    Thank you very much for your reading. I think that it is correct. Often when I see a possible improvement in our situation, I am disappointed. This is very discouraging to me and hurtful but I try to keep a positive and loving attitude for my family. Even thought there are two of us, I feel like I am alone. I appreciate the kindness in your reading.



  • Thank you MIkyo, So true.

  • Hi Mikyo

    please clarify the don in ur lines. i dunno wether is it do not or do which u mean, thank u sweetie


  • Hello Mikyo, looks like you are busy giving readings - will you be able to do one for me too?

    Me - 17/08/66 (female), the one that I like 17/03/1971 (male)

    Thanks in advance, OhJoy

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