Can i get a love reading

  • Thank you Mikyo for your advice x

  • Mikyo. Could I please have a reading as well . My DOB Is, 31 st January 1953. Thanl you so so much.

  • Hello Mikyo,

    Thank you so much for the reading, I really appreciate your insight!!!

    I know you are busy but thought I would give you a little update here....

    Yesterday Kevin and I spent the day together, when I was leaving he told me that he was sorry for not telling me sooner that he does still love me...I said you know there is a big difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.... he told me that he has never stoped loving me and that he is in love with me... and that he would prefer if we did not date other people now... i just told him that I was glad that he answered my question from the other day and that I needed time to think about the whole idea of not dating other people at this time...

    How about that one?

    Your great and look forward to hearing from you...


  • Thank you Mikyo. I will keep your comments in mind. Have a lovely evening.

  • Hi Mikyo. Could I please have a reading, I am currently not in a relationship. My DOB Is, 28 January 1975. Thank you:))

  • Hi guys~~ I am back and will give u all the readings soon~~

  • Hi Mikyo,

    I know you are busy but I would like a reading also. My DOB is 01 June 1971 and my initals are MLC.

    Peace and Love,


  • Hi luvslife I don get wat is mlc.. U might need to specify wat u want to ask.. 😃

  • Hi stylegoddess555.. I just did a reading for u.. If u ask this is getting anywhere I would most likely say he is kind of giving hot amd cold feeling.. At times he may be much caring but most of the time he is just a pretty normal reaction and sometime not even be bothered about it.. He is kind of giving u an illusion.. Positive is if things get fast and quick u both may ends up getting together but a dangerous path.. U are venturing into something which u never take precautious of it.. The negative of this is u don know whether to tell him how u feel or whether to accept him.. I believe u have been hangout with him for quite sometime... This may cause u unable to make a decision to be friends or bf.. In near future.. Things might not be so smooth for u and him.. And opportunities will be lesser and lesser and u will see that how reality he is and he might not be someone for u too.. Not suitable... My advise is to be someone who is stay firm and logically.. Don let ur emotions taken by u as u may make a mistake and regret.. Always to be strong not to be someone who is easily accept unless u are confirm.. 😃 hope this helps~~

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Can you please do a reading for me also??

    I have had MAJOR changes recently and I am wondering if it is going to get better soon?? Relationships, family, work, moving homes just about every aspect has gone haywire! My DOB 13/01/1977.....

    Thanks for your time and efforts to assist people when they are most in need 🙂

  • Hi Ronia.. I just did a reading for u~~ I believe u will be able to find love again.. The painful experience and the past u have gotten over.. It is about time for u to move on to another stage of life~~ u have the abilities to do things fast but the things that u want needs to be down to earth.. More realistic.. I think ur dream of getting a cowboy might be hard as it is not easy.. If u want to get a love one be sure to leave ur things the person u want and ur dream of getting a cowboy away.. Sometime the person is around and suitable for u but u just unable to move on.. If u did u will see a hope another path.. In the near future your life will undergo a major changes.. It might be overwhelming for u and things are changing.. U might have a new entire life and get someone who loves u.. My advise is don pick wat u want as u pick u will drop.. Let it aside let the flows go around.. To have love u need fate to have it.. 😃

    for ur finance.. U are forcing too hard on ur finances and thing might not be wat u want.. If I am not wrong u are struggling with ur finanaces.. U had a hard time getting it to be the way u want it.. This may cause by how u manage ur finances and wat u do.. U may not be handling well that's why u are having difficulties.. It is not just recently but for quite sometime.. At this stages thing are more of a complex as it sees and it is getting out of hand too.. In ur near future thing might be worsen and u need to be prepared for the worst.. This will affect u deeply in ur life.. My advise is stop wat u are doing right now.. U need to trace back ur own path in ur finance.. U have been doing too much at a go so throw don everything and look for wat u have actually miss out.. Hope it helps.. 😃

  • Hi llindieloo.. I gave u a general reading... The theme of ur life is by a person who isn't creative and having lots of pieces and puzzle hanging around.. Things may not be much of emotions hanging around~~ u may try ways out to be wat u want in ur life.. Things may be going into a different way and u need to use a different methods that u normally don use to handle situations.. I would say u manage to do that and handle it pretty well.. That's why now I can see that u have a warm family with joys.. A home a pillar which u can rely on... I can say u know how to compromise in other ppls life.. In ur near future u will be someone who can lead who can plans and be the top of wat u are doing.., but even u can lead, think and plan for paths remember that somethings just need to change.. Don refuse don deny.. Accept it and u will see a even brighter path out.. We are humans and we have our own thinking so make sure to accept watever the outcome is.. 😃

  • Hi gkt6063, glad that he told u how u feel and personally I don really agree that he says not to date anyone now.. Is it because he got another person in mind?? Dating ppl is ur own freewill.. Ur paths may clear right now and I believe u already got an idea of wat u going to do... I think now is the time to get on and not to stuck at the first stage.. It is like everything is back to square one.. Either one need to move forward.. My advise is don hold him too tight.. That will hurts u even more.. Even more confuse.. U need to make fast decision whether u want or u don't.. At least u will not be bind by a person in ur life~~ =D sorry for late replies~~ hope u are doing well too~~

  • Hello Mikyo,

    I really need a different scenery. I would like to move to a different State or Country if possible.

    I was wondering if you could tell me if I will be moving this Summer. If Yes, could you tell me if I will move with someone or be by myself?

    Thank You 🙂

  • Hi gamby.. This have been drastic in ur recent life in relationship.. Everything is over and yet u are trying ur best to clear things up.. I believe this fast changes affects ur opinion of ur love life.. And hence u may not be so positive in here and began to shift towards the negative personalities of yours.. U started to be more cautious and careful which is good for u.. There might be a news coming in soon.. Most likely is not a good one I can say.. Be prepared.. This bad news may bring u to a person who doesn't really sensible.. Doesn't giving u a good advise and most important act mature yet not mature enough.. The surface seems ok but deep down u know it is not.. Just like a foolish king who knows how to boost around.. My advise is give yourself another hope again.. Don because something hits u u lose ur hope.. If this never works there will be something works for u.. 😃 don give up..

  • Hi Hiprincess.. I just do a reading for u..

    Relationships.. Ur relationship might not be getting better and it may due to lost of interest and nothing new in here.. The reason is because lack of creative and felt that in love is just like a routine.. The only thing u can do right now is to end ur nightmare and end ur pain.. The more u go deeper the more u will be having painful experiences.. If it is time to let go let it go..

    family.. U are on a guarding position to protect ur families.. I know it is hard to be defence alone but somehow u are.. This has been a big burden for u and the only pillar to stand is actually difficult.. Families need to be united not just let u handle and defend.. Sometime u have the power to make everything be different but u just don wish to.. Holding on to the emotions and at times u need to let them know how u feel and don keep it to urself.. U need to speak on wats ur mind ur idea~~ and let them know u cares for them.. 😃

    work.. U seems to be hopeless and lost sense of direction.. The stars isn't shining and everything to u seems to fall into darkness.. Sometime within darkness u need to light up the flames of yours and find ur way out of the hopeless situations.. Everything isn't well plan for u but if u able to depend on yourself making a way out.. U will gain wat u want and in a victories state.. U need to overcome wat u can't do..

    moving homes.. U might not like the idea of moving as it is a foreign places and u never been to that places before.. It seems that u like where u are but not change into a situation where u totally have no ideas.. But u need to bring out ur inner courage to explore.. Sometime things isn't that hard.. It is just the time being only.. Who knows u might love ur new places even more.. 😃

    I hope this helps u.. 😃 will appreciate to hear feedback from u again~~

  • Thanks Mikyo - some very insightful stuff there and very accurate 🙂 Very helpful 🙂

  • Hi pilot007.. Glad to hear from u again~~ 😃 yes u will move this summer as u are no longer in ur original position anymore.. Time to shift.. If u say moving along with sone most likely no as u are still in a single state and not in favour of relationship... U still stick to wat u are by not going along the flow but against it.. Don worry moving to new places might give u hope to find a better person and someone who really cherish u.. Althought in near future u may not be in a winning state and not flavorable one but don give up.. It is just a time being of getting use to it only.. And with that u might be able to see how the new places would be and how good and beautifully the new places u will see.. Being a more passionate person and a new chances in a new places I would think it is a good idea for u to be in new places.. =D

  • Hiprincess.. Thanks.. If can help I will be more grateful.. If u still need any readings do tell me.. 😃

  • im going to let it sink in a bit and will probably have some more questions later tonight 🙂 Thank you for your kind offer 🙂

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