Can i get a love reading

  • Quenkath.. Wat I meant by looking for posibilties is to find a way whether u could improve on relationship.. Often u need to trade something like time to find out how u able to improve.. And things that couldn't see may mean the hidden issue or problems that lies within.. 😃 good luck to u..

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  • Same to u too.. To be able to get together it is already fated.. the rest is up to u.. Bless u too!! 😃

  • Mikyo could you please please please give some insight suddenly things are a little crazy!!

    i'm getting lots of attention but havent heard from the one I love 😞

    my DOB is 5/19/78 and his is Oct/6/73...

    thanks so much in advance! 🙂

    i forgot my initials are LC and his are JM...

    thanks again!!

  • HI Mikyo would love to have a Love reading. Mines is 1/23/63 and his is 5/27/46. Thanks in advance.

  • Mikyo,

    Could you explain this a little more considering we are not together now.. haven't been for about 6 months now.. Mikyo>>>>.this is how he view on u. I could say he is looking forward for the relationship between u and him.. he might wants to have even closer status with u.. of course he may be a confident in this relationship but too confident may cause his downfall too.. within himself.. he don feel comfortable trusting himself much.. his own abilities to judge to react..

    But i can say U both may move on to a new relationship paths soon.. even u both in a realtionship it might meant to move on to a next stage of the life.. my advise is don let things cover ur path.. sometime u need another way or time to show u the brighter path~

    We seperated like I said and not of my choice.. He is in another relationship already... I am not...Was wondering if you could do a future outlook on us ,if there will ever be an us again.. just curious.. Trying to move on but still hard... Could you do one on him and the new person he is with... her dob is 5-31-75....his if you need it again is 11-02-71..gut not feelings for him say she is using him to get what ever she can...Thank you... if no future for him and I later.. will someone new come into my life in the near future? thank you again....


  • We really have not been on the same page lately.

  • Oh as far as startin a family..well that would not be a possibility unless you speak about us merging our family together... no more children for me!!! Can't have any more!!

  • Hi happydoc~ I just did a Rune reading.. do tell me if i am wrong..

    okie now U are the one who is surround by these ppl.. it seems that some of them who wanted to get closer to u and these pl normally are just want u as a gf also it is hard for u to notice too.. and some of them who is actually might be closer friend of yours~ who can speaks and communicate well with u~ a more decent type.. but there is one far far away.. which is wat u always wanted.. he coould give u something that u long for may be the love that u always wanted~ but somehow he still having a distance from u.. my advise is this person is not ready to be with u yet that's why it is staying away from u.. don force it as it might ruin the whole plan to getting together.. try to be more patience with him.. U might not heard much from him because he might thinks that this is not the time that is ready for him~

  • hi libralady2008.. let me see actually things have been in the truth.. well it is already clearly show u the paths of where u should go.. if u keep harping on it u might be sad and gets emoiton easily~ also U close ur own path by thinking back of the past~ also it is not good if u are gonna to stir up things~ there is still much more better things for u~ with that u can find ur true love~ 😃

  • hi worthy1482, i just done a reading for u~ it seems that the luck is not in favour between both of u.. there might be certain things that turn out no good because of unluckiness.. things may not be done on purpose but just that the situation seems to be purposely~ this may due to misnderstanding between u two~ i could say that both of u maybe stubborn at times.. doing things too fast and made a certain mistake~ al this is the hadship that both of u may be going through.. well everything that goes togetherwill be put on a trial and when u both passes the trial things will be better~~ If anything goes wrong do tell me~~

  • Hello Mikyo,

    As it can be noticed, many have reported the same issue.

    I'll try too to pleased you for reading, but I understand if you have not time ...

    For me it's 12/12/1981 and for him it's 11/7/1980.

    In any case, thanks in advance and all the best wishes for you!!!

  • Hi missleelica.. Don worry much if u got any question feel free to ask.. 😃 I just did a reading for u..

    Ok between both u and ur partner.. There is a hope.. A hope in the blind path that u choose~~ there may be some decision making through and it is a hard decision.. Either way u choose there is still hope for both of u.. But it seems that in certain area both doesn't give and take.. In order relationship to succeed.. Both must know the concept.. When this happen things get out of control.. Problem will just accumulate until it explode.. My advise is that u. Both need to reconsider the plans and be more flexible when problems arise.. There is always multiple paths and ideas for u to do it..

    I hope it helps~~ 😃

  • Yes, it does.. 🙂

    You said exactly like the things are being happening between me and my ex partner.. It was a big love, but...

    I just wanna make it sure...

    Thank you again! 🙂

    Wish you well...

  • Sory.. I read it again now, and I have one question. hen you said that there is a hope..did you mean for boath of us (everyone for itselfs) or it does mean that there is a hope for us like a couple.

    Tnx, and sorry..

  • Hope between both of u.. 😃

  • Hello Mikyo,

    Would you please do a reading for me as well. My birthday is July 31, 1965 and his is April 14, 1968. Thank you very very much. I understand if you are too busy to respond but I thought I would try.

    Have a wonderful day.

  • Hello Mikyo,

    Thank you sooo much for the insight you have given me these last couple days! you are awesome!

    Since I know where I stand with Kevin now I was wondering if the cards might show you anything about my present and future love possibilities???


  • Hello Mikyo, thanks so much, yes the person I'm asking about is far away and doesn't communicate very often.

    The thing is I'll finish school this year and don't know where I'm going to go because I need to get a job... I wish I could wait for him close to where he lives but we've been like this for two years already...

    I guess it's ok if I knew he loved me and he wants to wait for me another two years?

    or if he will give up on us once I leave the town where I live now?

    does he have feelings for me? like I do for him? do we still have a chance in the future?

    I do have other people around me but so far I don't feel the same as with JM....


  • Hi Mikyo, can I have a reading too please. I am 17th March 1967, he is 18th July 1968.

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