Can i get a love reading

  • i am 3.11.71. Is the interest of 25. 3.48 in me genuine and lasting? is there a future?

  • Hello Mikyo!

    I got some questions that needs answer:

    Is the dreams I have a sign and leading me towards tom?

    Will I meet him and Bill this or next year?

    Which one will I life with for the rest of my life?

    What will my career as a makeup artist be like?

    my birthdate 11/8-89 theirs 1/9-1989

  • Hi Mikyo. My DOB December 21, 1973 his DOB April 6, 1982. Thanks.

  • Hello Mikyo I would really appreciate a reading also my DOB is May 17, 1987 and his DOB is March 24,1987

  • hi torgirl44.. i just did a reading for u~~ currently in ur current states ur are somehow unsatisfy.. there is something both may request and yet not fulfil.. sometime is because of the desire and the things that u want~ positive is things u will not force it by your way~ u rather let it go by naturally rather than u force and cause unhappiness. but the bad sign is there is bad news bringing in for both of u~ both of u in near future make cause things to be big and each incident happen u both may not learn from it and repeat mistakes.. that might led to fights often and sometime situation might get out of control~ my advise to u is be someone wiser rather be someone who doesn't make the right choices~ sometime cooling down and think for yourself might let u review ur own mistake and proceed on..

  • Mikyo-san, found u, hahaha.

  • oh yea kiba sama~~ ahahah glad u found me~

  • hi gkt6063~~ i just done the reading for u~ right now Ur love life have been over aken by emotions rather than ur logically thinking.. ur future possibilities right now leading u to is asking u not to be a fool in the love relationship~ harping on and grab too hard isn't going anywhere but i believe that give u time U will stand up once again and go somewhere far to search for ur true one... u will keep searching and till then u have a happy family in the end~ mainly right now ur path is on searcing for a right person.. just rmemeber don be a fool too~ 😃

  • hi GorgeousGal~ i just done a reading for u~ things might be really a success relatioship for both of u but it seems that only u are happy with it~ ur partner might be just not having much feeling for u~ also it is quite a stable one i can say~ one thing good in here is hat u may have leave ur past behind and start t movee forward~ but a certaain thing in yourself u refuse to change~ this may be the arising problems in ur relationship~ near future u may meet a suspension in ur love life~ u couldn't do anything either~ netiher move on or withdraw.. and my advise here is to tell u to be an wise emperor who knows who to manage how to control the whole situation~ not just someon who sits on the throne doing nothing about it~ 😃 i hope this helps u~

  • hi Shatata~ I just did a reading for u~ things will changes for a better and u will have a relationship with him soon.. As the environment has stop changing and things will be temporary in state for now and soon future will show u for both of u~ to look out for is the losses that u have.. u need to grab ur chances with him in he correct timing~ but of course here may be a sacrific in certain things that U need to proceed on with him~ U need to be prepared before going for this relationship~ still sicking to old methods and safer ways is the best~ trying new stuff and ways is good but often the route that taken before will be better for u~ hope this help~ =D

  • hi 333tanya~ i just did a reading for u~ riht now the situation it is like a burden~ u are carrying too much stuff around u until i don even know when u can unload it~ but hing is u are not on ur guard~ u prefer to be more open to things~ even it is the path right in front of u is so clear until u can miss out the path~ U still wndering around the burden~ in the near future things might not be so loving and caring as it goes by.. so my advice is u have something in ourself tht u haven't release~ with this inner strength of yours u can just make a big difference in the situation~ so don give up all he best~ 😃

  • hi taurusbaby22.. i just done a reading for u~~ U both are both as a loving couple as anyone would admire~ the unseperated in both of u might just be broken by a sword~ love can be easy yet it can be rough too.. good thing is that in our situation U had alot of enjoing and good memories with u~ a successful love indeed but it seems that lonely will get into u soon.. the emotions may not be as good as the beginning~ and it might be a rough road too if u don handle it well~ in ur near future u may start to pick up piece of things that causes the hurts in ur emotions and thinking of an idea of how to fix the problem to it.. my adise is before getting into a heart breaking situation~~ do something about it before it hits~ 😃

  • Mikyo san, Mind doing a reading for me? It regards my current relationship. I need some insight as to if this girl i'm with really is the one

  • hi Kushikamikiba~ i just done a reading for u.. it seems that right now the sword is cutting the both of u making u in a seperated way as he lover reverse shows up~ i can say the situation right now is not within u alone is considering another party in to make it a success as 9 of pent shows up~ the negative point is that the love that flows along has somehow being dried up and stop~ it stop at the starting stage and unable to move on as ace of cups upright shows up~ in your near future things might not picking up and worsen and worsen.. no matter how many times u tried to save it u will still lose it in the end as 7 of swords show up reverse~ my advise to u is that most likely things will hit u to a heart breaking situation~ be prepared~

  • Yes i always get this in readings pertaining to my relationship. Spot on.

  • thank you so much Mikyo for your reading.

  • no problem tarusbaby~ 😃 do tell me if something is off i need to learn from it too~

  • Happy Sunday Mikyo 🙂 May i please get a moment of your time for a reading? I need insight in regards to a male friend. I'm getting mixed signals and would like to know if this is going anywhere or am i wasting my time.

  • OH...i forgot to include our b-days...mine is 11..14.1977 and his is 05.06.1979. thank you! 🙂

  • Mikyo, could you please do a reading for me... im just wondering if Im ever going to find love again..Im tired of being single & lonely...I just want my dream cowboy...yes I do like cwbys cuz im a Redneck women..Am I going to find him where I'm at or some other state or town...My Bday is June 30 1963 born in Yakima Washington at 1:30 am.. I sure woudl appreciate it very much...I feel like im going to be single the rest of my life..Oh do u do finacial sisuations too...Mine suck right Thank U Ronia

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