Can i get a love reading

  • my DOB 9/23/60 the one that I am interested in is 6/23/63 will someone tell me what they see in the cards about us and for us?

  • Hi qkt6063.. I did a reading for u and here it is..

    your opinion of the other party I would say he/ she is someone of your dream person.. the one u always wanted to get..

    postive of ur opinion of getting together is that u felt that he/she could have use the passionate the love to drives U around.. brings u another new beginning, a new expereince..

    Negative of ur opinion getting together.. U may fear that this could be the only thing U wish for.. the other party may not feel the strong love for u, just want to remain as friend and u may fear that this is your wishful thinking..

    the other party opinion of u is he/she sees u as a person who is success yet alone.. someone who is more career minded personalitis..

    positive of the other party opinion of getting together will wake the other party from a long rest in love life and gets moving to a new stage of life..

    negative of other party opinion is that he may need to start all over again.. he knows that at this ge isn't young anymore.. so ifhe want to nvest in this love he need to reconsider and think harder..

    if u say will both be together I would say it mght be hard as the thinking wise is alreading hard to balance.. not only that it might be personalities too.. My advise is if u both really want to consider each other U might need to think twice as 3 of cups came out in reverse as an advise card.. even if u both stay together things might have a rocky road for both of u.. If I am way off do tell me as I need to improve on it too.. 😃

  • Thank you so much for your response! I don't think you are way off at all, however some of the parts I'm not to sure I understand what you are trying to say. I think the bottom line that I'm searching for is that does he just want to be friends now? and not in love with me anymore? He sends alot of mixed messages and it makes it hard for me to know where he stands. I have came right out and asked him about this, he says that he loves me! But I don't want to be in a relationship with him if he is not in love with as I am with him.

    Anything else would be greatly appreciated...

  • Oo ok.. So somehow u are confuse by him.. He may do that because he might get rejected too.. Does he love u I would rather put it as u both wants a long life partner.. Hmm which part u don understand? I can explain.

  • mikyo,

    would you do one for me..10/22/69 and11/02/71..thank you

  • Libralady.. Sure will give ur answer soon.. =D

  • libralady I just did a reading for u.. if i a off do tel me.. 😃

    this is how u view on him.. U sees him as not eally a rich person.. u find him there isn't anything on him.. a moderate person i would say.. also u are thinking of startng a family with him.. u felt that it is about time to.. but somehow there is still things that hold u back.. u felt kind of incomplete but u don't know wat it is..

    this is how he view on u. I could say he is looking forward for the relationship between u and him.. he might wants to have even closer status with u.. of course he may be a confident in this relationship but too confident may cause his downfall too.. within himself.. he don feel comfortable trusting himself much.. his own abilities to judge to react..

    But i can say U both may move on to a new relationship paths soon.. even u both in a realtionship it might meant to move on to a next stage of the life.. my advise is don let things cover ur path.. sometime u need another way or time to show u the brighter path~

  • Mikyo,

    I was just a little confused the way you phrased the reading..LOL We were broke up for a couple months and then the first part of April we started seeing each other again. But now we are taking things slow and just having fun together.We both date other people and we know that. He has to get his life back on track, for him!! I'm just afraid that my feelings for him will grow stronger if I continue to see him and that his feelings for me will just be (friends with benefits)... LOL I was pretty hurt when we broke up and I don't want to go through that again. I just wish I knew if he felt for me the way I do him? I think he is either holding back his true feelings for me or.... he thinks I should see that on his part he only wants to be friends from now on? Yes I have asked him straight out about this, he is holding back in answering me for some reason. Maybe he is afraid to?

    If the cards go any deeper that would be awesome!!

    I really appreciate you!

  • hmm i would say if u ask like that right now he is on his logical thinking.. this problem may address direct to him and he never expect it.. so if in that case he would think logical rather than emotions.. ccause he doesn't wish to hurt u.. he afraid that wat if he couldn't hold u tightly; what if u couln't let go of him if things doesn't turns out well.. also he doesnt want to be someone who accept U because that U confront him.. He holds back because he don wish to be a person to hurts others feeling.. He knows where he stands.. he gone through a hard timme considering too.. that might be beause he doesn't appreciate u in the first place.. he knows that things that are broken might leave a scar behind.. so rather he thinks a while before he starts to accept.. ther might be a times where he couldn't gave u a strong relaionship foundation that u want that's why he holds back~ I hope this is even clearer than before~

  • Could you please do one for me too Mikyo?

    Mine 9/13/1973 Partners 2/8/1966

    I do not know which way to go with this.

    Thank you

  • Sure spratbrat..

    It seems that somehow u are calling the shots.. U might want to force him to do something according to ur ways.. Although u feel the passion for him.. Thinks that there are posiblities opportunities for u.. But there is a certain things u should learn from the situation.. Sometime throught learning u will know wat to do next..

    As for him.. He is someone who does things fast and dealing more with intellect.. But right now he may seems a child to u but his mentalities is like someone older.. He looks into his sadness yet he can be independent at times and might have lost interest in relationship.. Even it is he doesn't wants to leave u.. He still wants u to be by his side..

    The outcome for both of u is this internal conflict will soon be resolve.. But whether is it resolve or not still must seek the roots of the problem before it arise again.. And then u will see ur path clearly..

    Hope I am clear~~ =D

  • That made complete sense.

    Thank you so much Mikyo

  • No problem.. I help all I can~~ anything can just drop me message~~ =D

  • Mikyo,

    Yes that is very clear! LOL I think I should walk away from him now because if he does not appreciate me and is not IN LOVE WITH ME then that is no good for me and it sounds like he is just using me, but does not want to hurt my feelings... I think maybe he is done with the whole idea of he and I getting closer together?

    Let me know if you agree please?



  • Mikyo ,can you look my at my question .:)tnx.

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  • Gina.. Sometime feelings will linger.. And since if he never answer why should u be bother.. It is just add burden on to u~~ 😃

  • Hi Quenkath.. I would say that right now ur love life is kind of rocky.. U both may love each other but at time problem keep coming out of nowhere.. In ur present u want to see whether is there any possibilities to move forward and see wat is coming along ur way.. The bad point in ur currently situation is u can't possible see things clearly.. Something has been covering both of ur.. Of course ur husband manage to know how to handle it well do it well to maintain this relationship from going often u fear that the stabilities and the passion in ur relatioship fades away.. U fear that he become someone cold to u.. Right now.. U do appreciate wat u have in this relationship which I can say not many ppl would know how to.. So my advise is to gainsome knowledge and wisdom to enhance ur relationship.. Ur husband may be someone who is more towards the logical sides and with a certain knowledge u can have common topic with him... Overall things aren't as bad as u would see.. Mainly affects u is because of some personalities different..

    I hope this help and clear in explanation~~ 😃

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  • Mikyo could you please give some insight suddenly things are a little crazy!! i'm getting lots of attention but havent heard from the one I loved 😞 my DOB is 5/19/78 and his is Oct/6/73...

    thanks so much in advance! 🙂

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