Contacting Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Hello all. From what I've learned so far everybody has Guardian Angels and a person may also have a Spirit Guide(s). If there is anyone out there who could confirm for me if I have a spirit guide(s) and who they might be I would appreciate it. In general I have assumed I do have both and am constantly talking to them on a daily basis but I just don't know what would be the best way for me to receive any messages or responses they may have for me in regards to the things I say to them. Thanks for anyone who can share some advice on this subject.


  • Hello 333Tanya,

    From what I know about Spirit Guides, they are there for us, but not at our disposal. In other words, just like God, your answers don't come in "your" time frame necessarily. They give us advice in gentle pushes toward situations, sixth sense perceptions and MEDITATION is the best way to be in direct link with any guidance. I know for myself, I am so spastic that it is hard to sit down and ground and get in touch. But, I have met my guides in guided meditation and one happens to be a favorite grandmother. So, if I have helped in any way, I hope so. If not, blessings to you and hope you find your answers. 🙂



  • Dear UnicornMustang,

    Yes, of course you have helped. I know practically nothing so anything I can learn is greatly appreciated. May I ask how did you have guided meditation. Was it with a psychic?


  • Dear 333Tanya,

    Yes, I went to a dear friend who is also a strong old soul and psychic. She took me into a guided meditation and it was to where we choose to feel most comfortable. I prefer being by water, since I have a Watery Emotional Moon Sign. That is where I connect. Others choose different places: a garden that you create, a path through mountains, or in meadows of sweet flowing long grass gently blowing. I have done that before, just had one tree for shade in a big flowing field and sat down under the tree, leaned back and closed my eyes within my meditation.

    Meditation is like watching a tv show or movie that you are so into that you are oblivious to the outside world and anything going on. When you watch tv, you are actually almost in a trance-like state of meditation because you are TOTALLY FOCUSED on what you are watching. That is what meditation is like. Just sit down, relax have you back upright and breathe in and out gently. Close your eyes and create a world where you can "relax" and be your ideal self. Where no one will bother you. Then just concentrate on your surroundings and wait. Don't let any distractions interfere. Practice this for at least 10 minute intervals. Make sure you are in a place where you are comfortable and by yourself without interruption. Then, practice letting your mind go blank. Just concentrate on "being" in your happy place.

    When you are ready, your guide will come visit you there. Do not be afraid. Just let things flow. They will tell you their name. They will converse with you and will let you know what they need you to know. Believe me, they are waiting for you to come to that place between the worlds where they can meet with you.

    Good luck with this, but if you know anyone who does Reiki healing or guided meditations, that may help you initially if you can't do it yourself. Just so you understand. But basically I told you everything. Oh, using soft music or whatever makes you "zone" will help you get there also.



  • Dear Unicorn Mustang: In the heat of experiencing anger, grief, rage and mostly guilt, I decided that I was going to single handedly cut off God, my (i believe) spirit guide/Angel Annie, and my recently passed, and deeply loved father. Please tell me if the voices im now hearing are just me punishing myself. How can i reconnect to those whom i chose to disconnect from. This is an emergency. please help. thanks.

  • GraceCollins....from what I understand, all you have to do is ask. Many of us knowingly or unknowingly cut ourselves off from our guides. They haven't left you, they are just allowing you to use free will and will not intervene until you ask them to. I believe that all you need to do is ask and they will be right back with you and guiding you as they always have.


  • UnicornMustang....I have the best luck with guided meditation. I have tried over and over to meditate on my own and have found that when I have someone guiding me, I get much more contact. Own my mind chatter seems to rule. I have been doing Reiki and have discovered that when I am in a class with someone guiding me....the results are wonderful. I like the idea of going to my happy place. I am being level 1 attuned tomorrow with Reiki and will have to find a way to meditate on my own so I think the happy place idea will work well for me. Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it.

  • Thank You Aunt B. That's so funny my favorite Aunt in the world is my Aunt Barbara. Thank you for responding so quickly, as I feel totally helpless. I am seriously missing and grieving the loss of my father.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to imagine the pain you are in. Start talking to your guides and angels, they are right there with you and will do whatever they can to help you thru this transition. Trust and know that they love you and are thrilled to be of service to you!

    Keep checking in with us. This is a great place to be when you are going thru pain....many of us found our way here out of pain and if you follow the will see the healing that all of us have found here.

    Take care....blessings...Aunt B.

  • thank you, I will. I took your advice asked to be reunited, went to a Reiki healing circulate and was prayed over and re connected to everyone I was lost from. Im on my way, God Bless you (universal Blessings to you) always. With LOVE and may thanks, Grace

  • Oh I am so glad to hear that! That is really great. I know that by participating in Reiki many things have changed for me. I'm glad you were able to get to a healing circle. They really are so wonderful and uplifting and just put me in a better place every day. Keep checking in with us. You found this place for a reason and like all of us....we continue to grow and share every day and it is very much a blessing.

    Take care...lots of love.....Aunt B.

  • Grace bless you my friend! i can relate to how you are be feeling, when i lost my dad over 30 yrs ago i blamed God and had no understanding of spirituality, i was ill with depression at the time Dad left us. I tried to take my own life to be with him. When i was in the mental health hospital after a few days i had a major breakthrough and i guess had help from either God, the Angels or Dad which one helped i'm not certain, although it may have been all of them thinking back.

    If you can bare with my i will tell you my story about it. I went to bed in the ward, when i looked around all the other paients looked as if they were sat up in bed but dead, (bless them they were all fast asleep), i got very scared and ran out, i spoke to a lovely nurse and she assured me i was so tired that my mind was playing tricks with me. I went back to bed and the same happened again, so i ran out again. I sat and spoke to the night staff for a long time, but in the end had to go back and try to sleep.

    I got into bed and started to pray something i had not done for a long time, i prayed deep from my heart and cried so much, but i did eventually go to sleep and slept for a few hours, which i had not been able to do for ages.

    When i woke i felt different, lighter somehow , so much so i went into my draw and took out a photograph of my Dad and kissed it, now to cut a long story shorter the day before my husband had brought me a few photographs to the hospital, i had not been able to look at Dads photo, it was myself and him in my wedding, anyway i kissed the photo and felt a great sence of peace, remarkable really from the previous night and weeks prior to that.

    That day i went to the Therapy class and did a bit of drawing. I drew a wonderful coloured picture with tree's, plants, and flowers. Then i found myself drawing a long flight of stairs. Ok i thought what does this mean, why did i draw this? i now feel i was lead to do it. I went to lunch but i knew this drawing was not finished, but not sure why or what was missing.

    When i came back from lunch i sat for ages just looking at it, wondering why i felt it was not finished, suddenly i had a flash of inspiration and drew a open gate at the top of the stairs and wrote the words welcome on the step in front of the gate.

    I was proud of that picture even though i wasn't very good at Art. The point was i let me Dad go and allowed him to move on, which helped me so much, only a few days later i was allowed home feeling much better.

    I cant explain exactly what happened, but i knew deep down i had help that night, and it was the most wonderful feeling of peace when i woke up. blessings and i hope my story may be of help in some way. Sorry it is so long and thankyou to those who managed to read to the end, if it helps anyone then it was worth typing it out and sharing with you, and of course i am proud of it all as well.

    Funny thing is it was only 3 years ago i started to learn about spirituality and started on my spiritual path. love and light xx Soulpurpose xx

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