Plz Help! Male Virgo Ex want him move?

  • Hello i'll try to keep this short but give what info is needed to understand this

    About 2 years ago (feb 2008) my now ex (virgo male) and i started dating and everything moved at it should we took our time with everything and it happened organically..even when he told me he loved me..however there was always an underlaying problem..his family..see we were an interracial (mixed race) couple and his parents always had a problem with it..I got the impression he was a very family-oriented person and i would never have wanted him to choose between his fam and me (nor should be have had to) needless to say this killed our relationship..we broke up for a week the first time (april 2009) for a week then finally in May 2009 for good..loads of miscommunication sealed it for us..i still cared very deeply for him and reached out to him about a month later (july 2009) and our contact went from once a week or so to just recently everyday....even a few times a day if he knew i was off for the i will add that after the first initial contact from became him to contacted from then on..everytime..he's an artistic person(Painter) and even plays the guitar (self-taught) which he would play for me over the phone..but despite the nightly contact he calls what we have a friendship..which bothers me because i still have romantic feelings for him..we even almost got back together in january of this year but he backed away..still don't really know why but i think he got bad advice from a few weeks ago on april 25 i told him if i was not good enough to date and he could not appreciate our relationship for what it really was he could not have anything...he was wasn't my intention i wanted him to realise what we have isn't just a 'friendship" who calls their friend every single day? flirts with them constantly...i was in alot of pain from the way he denied us..but i didn't want revenge just to bring him's like he cannot go all the way with his feelings..even though he claims to have them..he texted me a few times since to say he dosen't know how to approach me.dosen't wanna lose me..but dosen't know what to do....i'm worried he's getting bad advice again..we haven't had contact of any kind for 5 days (since may 5th) i want to contact him but i feel that he should be chasing me if he really has feelings..what should i do? Serious answers only please ....thank you 🙂

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