A new Thread for The Captain

  • I misunderstood one thread so I wenr to another and post

    So I hope this is ok to do it like this.

    Thanks so much on your insight on my Vibes.

    I am looking for some more insight to where I am.

    I have had the shipping company come in and price.

    But there is some kind of hold up and I can not figure why and nobody seems to know either.

    Some say its Mercury backwards..but I dont know what to make of it.

    You posted no move soon.

    So if you have some insight that may see something I missed than Please share with me.

    I know this is a time for changes and I ask what more do I need to look at to go on to my next level of my new begining. July 10 1953

    Thank You again,Sincerely zephire

  • This post is deleted!

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