Practise your psychic ability with famous crimes

  • I thought it might be interesting to share here any insights or psychic flashes anyone has had about famous crimes or news items that have not been solved. I know the police say officially they don't use psychics but i know for a fact that many of them do, although it's usually as a last resort. I think it's a pity that they are not more open to getting information from any source.

    For instance, two famous cases that I had flashes on were Jack the Ripper and Madeleine McCann. With Jack, I get the name "Dr. Jonathan Ryder (also used Rydell)" I feel he was a young doctor who lived close to the murder sites but who was never suspected of the crimes. His mother was a prostitute and I feel that by cutting his victims up, he was trying to stop them having any children like him who would suffer as a result of being unloved and abused.

    With Madeleine, I feel her kidnapper worked at the hotel as a barman and that he was able to observe when the parents went out without the children. He was also able to gain access to a hotel passkey. I feel he has now left the country.

    So have you had any flashes about crimes or other news items that you would like to share? Anyone know anything about say Bigfoot, Stonehenge, or UFOs?

  • Captian,

    I have never thought about being able to solve or have insights into crimes . I do have strong feelings about when someone is sick, I seem to know by hugging them if it will be serious or not. If it will lead to their death or even if it will be difficult but they will survive or it will be minor. I'm pretty acurate on that. I have to have phyical contact to do that though. If they are worried I will tell them. Thank God most a simi serious and only a few are deadly. Mine is a strong gut feeling. I don't really know what to call it.

    I think it is very useful to be able to do what you do! I think it can help !


    light en dark

  • Examine photos of the victims or possible perpertrators of crimes, even crime scene photos, and see if you get any impressions. Your first thoughts are the most reliable - before logic and doubt kicks in. This is something we all have the ability for, if we open ourselves up and believe in ourselves.

    With the latest news about doubts being cast on the accuracy of the once all-powerful DNA testing, I think law enforcement needs to be more open to other methods of crime detection.

  • Also look through your newspaper and write down your impressions about various crimes. Check to see how right you were when the crime is solved. You can judge your accuracy that way.

  • AS far as the O.J. Simpson case, I feel that he had someone help him kill those two individuals.

  • I've had gut feelings about crimes that occurred here in the states and have actually been right a few times about who was responsible for the crimes. We had a little girl here that gained nationwide attention when she disappeared and when her mother was on TV pleading for her return I knew she did it and it turned out she did. Actually, I was able to ascertain on another case here in the states when the mother drove her children into a lake and let them die that she was responsible. I also felt that a man that killed his pregnant wife in California was responsible and he ended up being the one. I only seem to be able to do this when the people are seen on TV pleading for the return of their loved one. Interesting topic....I never really thought much about it and figured it must have been a good guess. Maybe not....hmmm...

  • AuntBuck, this is interesting and raises the question of which method activates a person's psychic ability. With you, perhaps your impressions are stronger when you see a live feed rather than just see a photo.

  • That very well may be. I know I get feelings of what type of person someone is by their photos but I also think that if you pay attention to expressions you can read someone fairly well. I've been working on trying to understand the reasons why people feel, act, do what they do. This is a good topic. One that I will start paying more attention to my gut feelings when I see news reels. Ironically enough? I was always told that I was gullible and could be easily fooled by people so I've never trusted my instinct and have always relied on others impressions rather than my own. Maybe its time I changed that

  • Captian, I will do that! I will start now! When I see a case I will write down my 1st impression ! If it is national I will post it here and my impression!


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