Whats happening with my life?

  • I did a celtic cross reading for my birthday. I can read each individual card report, but how do you put it all together, and what is it telling me? Can someone please help me read this. Junemoon has helped me before, if you are still out there, I would be greatful. I am a 30 year marriage going into a divorce. my birthday 5/7/55. 21:59AM Husband Birthday 5/19/55. here are the cards that came up in the eleven card reading: High power/ nine of wands, Long term Potential/seven of wands, Advice/the lovers, recent past/the hermit, situation/nine of cups, self/the fool, challenges,opportunities/temperance, near future/kingof wands, allies/Queen of wands, foundation/ six of cups, blocks & inhibitions/seven of swords.

    I hope someone can help interperept this for me. Thanks in advance

  • I know you asked for a Tarot reading but Spirit insists on offering you psychic reading. There is a lot going down right now that is very superficial and this divorce is not so final. There is a disconnect but it is not permanent and this dissatisfaction your husband has felt and blamed on you is not at all what he thinks. He is grasping outside himself for something missing in HIMSELF. There will be a time of deep deep loss and regret. The bubble will burst and he will regret his choices and realise the past ten years he has been avoiding the true issues in himself. You have been a safety net that he has too easly dumped on with his own baggage. This is not going to be an easy time for you to swallow this major sense of betrayal. He honestly is very clueless at the moment. Once you are out of the picture he will be left with his same disatisfaction and the new love will not be the cure all he imagined. The restlessness will continue and I see him going into a deep depression before it gets better. Like the big let down after Christmas. The best thing you can do these next months is busy yourself with your own dreams. Normaly I would not suggest hanging on to hope but in your case spirit suggests with healing on his part and growing stronger on your part you two could rejoin in the future. BUT spirit insists you cannot live your life on this promise but now is the time to be all you were meant to be. Staying constructively busy is so important and it well help your children as well if they see you being ok and doing well. Right now change is your friend. Make a salon visit to have a make over. Take a dance class--spirit says think young! You need to feel very female as this energy will help you through this time. Spirit insists strongly this new affair of his will not last. Be all you can be from afar and he will see the gem he threw aside. I know it sounds cliche but it is true in your case. If you refuse to lose your sense of class right now and take the high road you will be rewarded--spirit promises! Blessings

  • Thank You

  • i was hoping i could get a reading plz...my birthday is 9-24-75..it seems like everything is just falling apart around me and i never can find the right man..plz help me.

  • Blmoon can you tell me what you see with my relationship. My dob 10/13/50 his is 6/25/58.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Blmoon, perhaps you can help me with a situation I have. I am a senior who was out of work

    for a year. Was called back to my former place of employment. Only have a little work to do.

    Last week one day worked one hour and was sent home; lack of work.

    I really like this place. Good people and wonderful employer. But I use trolley and bus to get to work and to only work one hour is kind of ridiculous. I keep going round the office asking for

    work. What is your feeling about this?

    Thanks for your input. I am a Capple, 12/28/32. Regards.

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