Special message for Twin Soul

  • Thank you--I read your reply that you'd already answered and said thanks--then I went to look thru other threads and WOW! so I posted this on the one you replied on--to spare you having to sort through them again I'm posting this again in this singe special message:

    Ah Twin Soul--my deepest old-school classical Russian ballet reverence (that to the floor deep curtsy) to you! I'd been checking here--being new to the forums, I didn't realize there could me more than one thread. Curiosity of what you might have said the first time you answered led me to exploring the threads--and oh MY--you are giving your gift in humongous amounts!

    I am sending you lots of love and strength and good energy to replenish what it must take out of you to help so many of us! I went back to the beginning of March (and he and I just connected mid-March--but I had to keep reading:) You are AWESOME! We have both been so busy this Merc retro--connecting from a distance while both creating work and livelihood, complications, temptation/distraction. We shall see what happens when Merc goes direct and the new moon comes. My gratitude. I appear to the world fearless--but you are right, I have my fears about love--I am doing my best to not allow them (or my pride) to prevent what feels like it will be very very powerful and interesting blossoming.

    Just to mess with my arbitrary "how young is too young"--the Universe just conspired to give me a jolt! I passed 50 a few years ago. The one asked about--19 years younger. But I just fielded a play from a very smooth and mature 21 year old who KNOWS my age--and when I said Oh no no no no and reminded him of my age and his--his response was "But you look late 30's no more then 40--why not?" Were I a woman who played--perhaps--but that 33 years younger making a play for me sure put 19 years younger in perspective!!!

    Please remember to take good care of yourself and receive as much as you give TwinSoul--perhaps with the Twin Souls--you have double--that means you should be feeding those Souls double too! 🙂 My most healing & loving wishes sent to you Sister! Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

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