I would also like to offer assistance in Photo Readings.

  • no "third time's the charm" here. apparently it's not meant to be--thanks anyway!

  • What do you see for my son Jeremy? Thanks

  • Christeerose!

    How sweet of you to do some photo readings! I would love one since I'm going through some changes now in my life ahhh!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever you pick up is fine...love and life in general would be nice lol! 🙂 thank you muchos.. hopefully they post. I'll put 2 up here, I got big ol eyes don't laugh 😞 😃

    ~Mestiza ❤

  • lets try again

  • I hope this picture is better and usable....Thanks 🙂

  • last one didn't work...hoping this one does.

  • OK hopefully 3rd times a charm...changed the format (crossing fingers) haha

    Again anything that you see would be appreciated since there are so many chages/transitions going on in my life right now. Thank you so much!

  • trying yet again lol

  • Christeerose, Thank you, thank you so much! I'm jealous of these powers (just kidding) You are so accurate, that girl is my heart and soul, we get into little tats every blue moon, but I would be lost without her! You are right about the goal thing, don't really know what I want but want to create financial security and be mortgage free at least so I need a side gig, used to bake cakes but I'm tired of that. You are also right about Health problems for my buddy and i will tell her your message. You have answered a HUGE question for her because she is ready for a big change and is kind of scared to make it, I'm taking this as an affirmation for her to don't be afraid. WOW! You are really, really amazing. We both are spirtitual in different ways. Love this, love you, I love everybody! God Bless you in your endeavors! I appreciate your kindness and kind words and may the Universe bless you a thousand fold for your "good works." 🙂 Peace, love and light! 🙂

  • Mestiza your eyes are beautiful! Take care!

  • HI Christeerose hmmm are you a pshycic? or? i ask because you describe me to the fullest! i really was taken a back....lol.i am happiest and fulfilled when helping others and had a feeling that is my purpose !all else was true about me everything you said!even the feelings you picked up about me!.lol Now, about the grandmother! OH yes i do know who you are referring to!......lol thats mt dads mom, her name was Rose. nice to know she is with me thats very cool! thank you for teling me. i do have a question for you about this though, my moms mother, i think about her almost daily i was very close to her , she was not grumpy but she was but she was very active with her family and the rock for them all, i wish she was the one with me always......... could it be possible that she is the one with and not the grumpy one? No disrespect to the grumpy one, i really hardly knew her but she was so stern,not all the time i knew she loved us all and that we meant a lot to her, i just knew the other one better and was more comfortable with her ,i suppose she could be fiesty, in a good way though, never grumpy! E ither way illl take which one is with me!my other grand ma was Bridgette but she went by the name Marie. blessings and thanks!

  • still trying and crossing my finges it works! 🙂

  • Finally.....Victory LOL

  • PLEASE tell me what you see about me; I need guidance and reassurances quickly. Thank You. i NEED TO HEAL.

  • PLEASE tell me what you see about me; I need guidance and reassurances quickly. Thank You. i NEED TO HEAL.

  • third attempt: PLEASE tell me what you see about me; I need guidance and reassurances quickly. Thank You. i NEED TO HEAL.

  • this is a newer picture. Anything you can tell me to help me would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Dear Christeerose,

    Are you able to tell me if I have any spirit guides and who they might be. Also do you know what is the connection I have with the man I love? Thanks. I appreciate it.


  • what can you see in this picture 🙂 thanks so much.

  • woops trying agen

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