I would also like to offer assistance in Photo Readings.

  • sterilite... the red is associated with your choices between relationships... I am not sure what it means still... I am not getting anything else ... except just the color red.

  • Hi Christeerose, thanks for the offer

    what kind of job should I pursue or will get when I finish school??

    and when would I meet the man I will marry?? (or maybe I already met him??)

  • happy doc... i see a contentment in your eyes.. it seems you already know what direction to go career wise......stick with it and goooo! as for love ... I say be patient.. I am not sure the one in your life is the one for you now... but, their personal journey may stay parallel with your journey and your destinies may cross again in the future... right now you need to concentrate on the career you have chosen for yourself .... and cultivate that. it seems the lover you are seeking needs someone who is grounded that they can grow upon. if you are currently in a relationship with this person just keep stepping along the way together but, don't let yourself get wrapped up in that relationship or you will lose sight of a crucial moment in your life that i see coming in the next 2 years. if you keep your sights set for that two year mark... then you will have everything you deserve, dreamed of and more! keep the focus on yourself.

  • Hi Christeerose,

    Thanks very much. Is there anything you can tell me about the current relationship I am in?

  • Here is the picture, the upload didn't work last time.

  • Hi Christeerose thanks so much for your insights... I would like to comment some more on your post but it's personal... is there a place where I could send you my comments?

    Thanks again 🙂

  • This last year has been insane. Like I've been given a heavy task. How do you see this journey I've been on ending?

  • Crud...pic is too big. I'll try to find one under 300 kb......

  • Sacogirl ---- I do see those in a relationship but the question you need to ask yourself if it is just to have someone in your life? I do not see these two in love. The woman has being looking for love for a long time ..... and has always gotten stuck with the wrong ones ... when the right ones have just walked in front of their noses. the biggest issue i see with this relationship is he has a little child in his life ... and he always puts he relationships before his real responsibilities in life. the woman should not allow herself to be put before the child. I also see someone directly engaged in illegal actions. Both of these need a life change. I would suggest therapy.. the man definitely has some anger issues.... though i do not see him becoming violent...he holds that inside... and for that reason a great unhappiness haunts him.

  • poetic555 -- I see a beautiful, kind and strong woman. You are the one who takes care of your family and your closest friends. You go above and beyond to provide for your loved ones. For the near future ... I see things going the same for this year. I am not sure you really want a change. It seems like everything is just right for you at the moment. If you want a change ... you need to set yourself some goals. You have all the equipment to obtain any goal you set for yourself but, don't aim BIG at first... your success will come as small stepping stones.

    As for you and your friend... the first thing I get is a true friendship ... she is the type of friend that you can tell anything to ... and that will be there for you at the drop of a hat. I see very kindred spirits.. In her you have found your soul sister. I love this photo of you two. The only unsettling thing I get from this photo is this question... has your friend been ill? I do not want to give medical advice because I am not a doctor but, I think she should visit one. I don't see anything too serious ... but, preventive care to prevent a worse condition in the future. I see her as a very spiritual person too... Instead of trusting the Lord on this one ... she needs to do what she needs to do.

  • ok here we go .. what do you see for me

  • the pic is of me and my ex. Been out of the relationship for about 6 months.. not of my choice. hope this one is ok..If you want you can tell me what you see as far as he goes as well...thank you so much

  • stclaire --- When I immediately looked at this photo ... I thought of grandmother before reading your question. it makes me laugh too bc I sense a really feisty personality and a bit of a grouch... I think you know who it is. She won't ever go away no matter what. her presence will always be in your life.

    as for you ... you are sweet and very fragile ... you let things get to you very easily. I think instead of waiting for a crossroads to come to you... you need to just get on it.. I think you need something to bide your time. you have an artistic talent that you have never cultivated.. I also see you teaching. After a little reminiscing you will remember what that talent is.. make it your hobby. Also ... get involved in the community. I think what is worrying you is a very mundane and routine lifestyle ... you will be happier when you are out helping other people and you have 1,000,000 things to do!

  • sagiqueen -- i need a larger and more clear photo. I need to be able to see your eyes... same thing for you graceful daisies

  • oops! same for you torgirl.

  • libralady --- sometimes there are photos that I don't like to read b/c I know that the person asking will take it in sadness.. I think you are a very sensitive person... I feel you are down on yourself ... you have lost sight of the beautiful person you are deep inside ... hmmmm... I see many tears cried over many years over many a man. this man in the photo was never in it from the beginning. you weren't either my dear. Relationships have become a game for you ... what I want you to know is that if you aren't happy alone you will never be in a happy, loving relationship. I want you to make yourself happy. Make a list of 10 things that you know would make you happy and ten things that are currently in your life ( NO LOVE INTERESTS!) that make you happy ... and focus on that. Meditate .... get the thought of relationships and men out of your head. when you do that ... you will attract the right one. Men are very visual ... and I am not talking about all looks. They want to be with someone that is beautiful and strong on the inside and out. When you get all those ducks in a row... I see the right one coming in to your life ....and it will be a big surprise!

  • Thank you Christeerose.

    It is ok .. Yes i am very sensitive and I know this and I have been down on myself . I feel as though alot of the time that nothing that I do is good enough.I have no love interest because of the break up, have no desire for one.The thoughts in my head have been what did I do to deserve what happened.Have been trying to think and be positive but seems like every time I start getting ahead , I get knocked back again. I have been trying to keep focused on my kids and keeping everything going for them as well as for my self.. I am a single mom and it is hard but I am doing the best that I can. Thank you for the reading. I know what would make me happy and am working on that now. Funny though, I only go to work and come home now, Just have my focus on what needs to get done and that is all. My focus is my children and making sure there is a roof over their head and food on the table and time with them. They are what ,matter to me.. Thank you. If there is someone out there for me then they will come in time. My kids are #1 priority..Thank you again.

  • I had a feeling that might be the case, Christeerose. Maybe this one will work better:

  • oops, that was too big. one more try--thanks!

  • oh, dear. now too small? i'm beginning to feel like goldilocks...hoping this one is "just right"

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