I would also like to offer assistance in Photo Readings.

  • This post is deleted!

  • hoping this one will work 🙂

  • yay could you please read this photo for me interested in to hearin wat u say

  • Christeerose, thank you for offering your services to us all.

    I would like for you to tell me anything you see, feel, or sense about myself with these two pictures. I'm also gonna upload another picture of myself in another comment, along with a mug shot of someone who means a lot to me & considers me their sister, who just recently, on his one year old sons birthday, went to jail. Let me know anything you sense, feel, or see with his picture too please.

    I'd like to know anything.

    Blessings & happiness to you 🙂

  • Hopefully they'll upload now..

  • I'm not gonna upload that other picture of myself, but here's that mug shot..

    His name is Brian by the way, AKA Tat, Right On.

    He actually took those two pictures of me 🙂

  • Piscesgirl, I'm sorry but he's just plain scary. Im not particulary psychic but I get bad, or at the very least severly misguided energy. sorry I just had to say so.

  • Me and my Boyfriend, anything you have to say about us would be great to hear. Were we togethor in a past life? will be togethor forever in this one?

  • Also...will Super saver win the preakness?

    Will he win The triple crown?

  • AHHH..thanks for the horse pic.i LOVE them, i going for Dublin though!

  • Christeerose,

    Thank you for offering us this service.

    I have 3 pictures of places which are related to me and someone I know.

    I wonder if you can tell me anything about us or me from these pictures?

    Whatever you can share with me is fine 🙂

    Thanks again.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Piscesgirl4life, I agree with Karma Coma as well!

    I don't know Girl....YOU had better watch your back 😞

  • Ooops!

    Let me try again.

  • Another one!


  • Ugghh,

    it won't work with me LOL!

  • KarmaComa, it's alright. No need to be sorry. I'm not surprised you feel that way. & I know he looks quite scary in that mug shot. His eyes are very insane looking. He's quite the opposite of scary though. He's a good man, he just has issues with himself. I understand him. He understands me.

    He might look scary and you might get misguided energy from him, but I don't blame him for looking scary or you getting misguided energy from him. I know he was very upset and angry when that mugshot was taken.

  • Christeerose,

    I'm going to upload a couple of other pictures of him (Brian) for you so that you have something other than his mugshot to tell me what you feel or sense about him.

    The reason I put up that picture is because I wanted to know more about the situation with him being in jail and all... so please tell me anything having to do with that...

    thanks much.

  • Pilot007, I'll be sure to watch my back. Though I know I have no need to because Brian is like a big bro to me. I'm like a lil sis to him. We have a bond with each other. We understand each other as well. And I know just how much he cares for me. Trust me, you or anybody else should have no worry about my well being.

  • pisces, those are much better pics! : )

    You seem so nice, and peaceful very pisces! lol maybe that is what he likes about you! You temper his agression maybe? hes got to be a fire sign or Taurus? or Capricorn? am I right?

    @ stclaire Glad to see another racing fan! but im sending all my positive energy to Super Saver and Calvin! COME ON TRIPLE CROWN!

  • Karma Coma, i am about 30 mins from where the race is being held today so it is a very big thing here ,i live in horse country, right next to the biggest next horse country in the east coast, i have to go with doublin cause it an irish name! but if a triple crown is won that would be just fab!! for calvin and the ss beauty of course!

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