Captain could you help me?

  • i worked at a public school for 12 years the managers postion became open i appled

    but didnt get it they gave it to a lady with less experience she worked at a different school

    i got my feeling hurt so i asked for a transfer to the one she worked at and i was moved

    [ i hope i made the right choice] monday they were short so i moved back to help out for the day

    today they told me the money box was short the police was called . i was trying to make a good impression after i didnt get the job.they didnt accuse me of taking the money it just happen to be on the day i was feeling it . just wondering if you pick up on anything like how things was going

    to turn out for me or if they caught who took the money.

    thank you for your time


  • Kathy, your decisions are emotion-based. Try to calm down more before you make major changes. Listen to your intuition more. Many of your choices are fear-based and are thus unstable.

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