Ms Sunny! Help! lol

  • I did something I didn't think I would do today. I sent a letter to my Libra man and gave him a time-line to let me know if we can start to slowly work things out or for him to notify me, as to how he will get the rest of his items out of here. I explained to him that it is painful for me, the unknown and I have been extremely patient for the past few weeks, but that now his family doesn't want to see the children or I, as it would confuse the children more and they haven't heard from him in weeks either. They also said that he has done this in past years and that they don't want his things. I am to put his items of value even out to the road to let others have. That when things get tough, he moves on.

    I guess I am still holding out hope of his return, as I asked him one more time to start working on it slowly, especially to prove everyone wrong. That they are all hurt by his lack of effort and disappointed with him, as they hopes were very high for us also. I feel stronger at this moment and am still hoping, but like I said, I don't know his frame of mind and do worry he will continue walking. I am going to post a recent picture of him and see if that helps at all.

    I can't thank you enough.

  • Let's try this picture. a bi older, but here we go. lol

  • I don't see a pic, maybe the admin removed it? was there a link you provided?

    anyways, to answer on your question(s), I did tell you to pull back and not go after him. but you are afraid to do this because you feel you need to.

    Him ignoring his children is just plain wrong. so life gets a bit tough, but strong folks stick around and work through it. He is apparently weak willed, and is listening to all the wrong people.

    as for his family not wanting to see the kids is outlandish. grandparents would want to see their grandchildren.

    I mentioned that depending on how you approach him and it's how he will respond to you. the more you try to reach out to him, the further away he will go.

    insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over, and you expect a different result.

    you need to pull back. you see, the more you try, the further away he goes. You are trying too hard. in a marriage the blame belongs to both parties. he is responsible for his actions, and you are responsible for yours. of course he would rather lay it all on you. so much easier for him now isn't it?

    timing is tricky, and things/outcome can be delayed based on you whether it's lack of action, or too much on your part.

    Let go, and let God. Pray for help to your angels, and let your angels and guides take over. you will be surprised if you do this. amazing results can manifest.

    it can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. it all depends on you now.


  • The children are mine from a previous marriage, except for the youngest one, we were court appointed when she was 5 weeks old. We had been together over 4 years and lived together for almost that long. I did send the letter asking to hear his goals and plans at this point. I also told him that I would like to see him start over with me, but that I can't be put on hold with the unknown and lack of communication from him. He still has major items here, including a snowmobile, that his family refuses to store anything for him anymore. I asked him to please let me know by Sunday evening what his thoughts were, or I would have no choice but to store things else where, because of the children having a rough time with all of this and missing him too.

    At this point, I feel like it is a controlling game with him and have made many positive changes to myself and life. It's almost like a feeling of being punished for the way the things were the past year. He is also putting work above everything else in his life at this moment and has for almost a year. I probably blew it now, big time. I was nice about it all, but it is pulling back, but I also asked for the respect to know too.

  • I will get back to you a bit later. My hubby is not feeling too good right now, and I need to get to the pharm to get his meds. I am going to print this out, and hopefully the pic will be clear enough.

    I do see he is softie, likes to please everybody, and this can be a problem for him. He has crawled into his cave. too many people are poking him right now, and he just wants to think clearly, and is having a hard time.

    rmember the scales for the sign of Libra. constantly weighs one side of an argument over another side of the argument. which is why most Libras make excellent Court Judges or anything to do with the law or law enforcement.

    be back a bit later.. Ms Sunny

  • Thank you. I hope your husband is feeling better and he recovers quickly. I am an EMT-CC and if I can offer any assistance, please let me know.


  • Today was a bit of an emergency taking my hubby to the ER, spent 6 hours, and the next few days is going to be hectic for us. gotta stay grounded and focused now, so I 'll be back in a few days.

    I believe he is going to pull thru, just feel it in my gut. will explain later.

    xo Ms Sunny

  • If there is anything I can offer beside prayer for you, please let me know. Email me and I can offer more advice if you would like. Thinking of you and your husband! Please take care.


  • MsSunny,

    I hope all is well with you and your husband. I have been praying for you both and am very concerned.

    I wanted to tell you that Don texted me out of the blue this morning and we spent a wonderful day together! I am taking the back seat and letting him lead the way. lol I am hopeful things will work out! Thank you again!

    Love and best wishes...


  • aaww Renee thank you for the prayers. we just found out today he will have to have surgery in 6 wks. it's going to be a long 6 wks. lol

    I think it's great your husband took the initiative to let you know he is still there for you. H e will come around, just trust, and let go of your need to control it all. lol

    I will be popping in from time to time, I usually don't stay long, so hopefully I will catch any of your new message/posts.


    Sunny in California

  • I will continue my prayers for you and your husband. Just breathe and lots of positive thoughts and prayers! I know it's a trying time period, but like you would tell me... Sit back and let it happen. lol ; )

    He actually popped on FB tonight looking for me, but I was logged out and he logged out when I popped on. I have a feeling he is really liking yesterday also and he himself had made some wonderful changes. It was so amazing and for the first time in my life I felt life I was me and so care-free. lol He was himself also and it just went well. I am sitting back and hoping that I will have the chance to spend some time with him again this weekend. It really was a magical day for both of us and in the end, he said he loved me! I am on such a high of hope right now and know this is going to work! I am being reserved with him and I showed so much grace yesterday that I actually amazed myself and didn't fall once! lol

  • same to you Renee, and I know it will all work out for you and your family.

    Blessed be, Sunny

  • Hi MsSunny! Are my emotions running wild today. lol I have a feeling he is weighing things again! UGH! lol I am trying to remain calm and patient. I am determined not to communicate with him or reach out. It's his lead, but it doesn't make my frustrations any better. I am hoping I am wrong and it's just work that is keeping him at bay. lol He said it has been really crazy and really long hours. Ease my mind and give me some strength! lol Please help me through these next few days. lol

    How is everything going on your home front? I hope you are remaining calmer than me. lol Is your husband comfortable and relaxing? Everything will work out on your end. I have a strong feeling with it. Hang in there! ; )



  • Hi Renee,

    Hang in there. that is the message for both of us LOL I read a quote this morning, that time heals all wounds. so the essence here is time and healing. take the time to rest, or reflect, gives your body and mind a chance of healing.

    my husband has his first procedure on June24th, and second one July 14th.

    don't call him (your husband).

    you like to walk? I find when I get really pent up, I go out and walk or find a hobby to work on to get your mind off of him.


  • Hi Ms Sunny! I hope all is still going smoothly on the home front for you. I can't say my anxiety level has been the greatest today. lol It started out fine, but as the day progresses, it's getting worse. lol I haven't been able to go for a walk because of Maia and her sleep pattern lately. lol

    He was on FB last night for a long time, but I refrained from IMing with him. It was like he was waiting to hear from me. It was really hard not to. I am hoping to see him again this weekend. I was hoping for tonight and have been praying for that to happen. I am remaining patient, but like I said, I think he was waiting for me to make the move. I want to really bad too. lol

    I will catch you later. God Bless


  • Hi Ms. Sunny! I wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of you and your love. I am hoping everything is going smoothly and on schedule. Have a great day!


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