Get a Virgo to love you

  • I have a bf,hes a Virgo,and Im a Gemini.

    I know,we're not all that compatible to begin with.And we're not that close either.

    And I really don't feel like he does love me.._. Are virgo boys like,quiet and like,secretive about their feelings?Is that their nature?Or is he like,gonna break up with me soon?

    I just can't figure it out.I really do love him,and I don't want things to end.

    What can I do to save this relationship?What can I do to make him love me?What can I do to seem more attractive?

    Please help me out,All advice is highly appriciated.

    Thanks a bunch guys.

  • My sister is a Virgo. She is kinda irritable. Not that bad though. Um, I'm really sure you could find all the info you need on a website. I have a goood long descriptive one for ya!

    Now scroll down till you see the Gemini Man section. I would suggest reading on Virgos in general and the Virgo Man section. I love that site!

  • Some things that might help: show your appreciation for what he does... virgo guys usually do things for others, just because they feel like it. But make no mistake, they really like when others appreciate(and show it) what they do. When they play a guitar song for you, they defenitely expect you to love the fact that they did it for you, even if they're horrible at it!

    If they write you a poem, they defenitely don't want you to just hear it and say/do nothing, or to just say ''nice'' and forget about it the following day.

    Even better, write him a poem. Gemini are extremely smart and their mind is much faster than virgo's, although if given enough time, virgo's mind can catch up. So you should be able to do it well... and also, since your mind's so awesome, although you usually don't think in the same way as Virgos... try beating him at one of his logic arguments, through the same methods he uses! Virgo's goal isn't to win, anyway... it's to see if you can keep up with their logic. If you can, perfect! His heart will beat faster and it'll feel like he has fire inside his chest... if you can't(but you probably can, gemini are geniuses) it's still very cute to see someone try their best.


    He ''Art and science are the same, they both are ways to see and interact with the world''

    You ''They're different ways to see the world, though... art doesn't employ the scientific method. Art doesn't learn through experimentation''

    He ''Well, you could say Science's breakthroughs are products of art. Someone comes up with ideas or questions that haven't been asked before, or with new answers for previously unanswered questions. Isn't that a form of art?''

    You ''Perhaps, but even in that case, aren't you reducing science to the scientific method itself, instead of the product of the experiments that have been done up to these days? Wouldn't art still be different from science then? Art doesn't have a specific method. Art doesn't have specific objects to study. Each science has a specific subject. If art is science, then what is art's object of study?''

    Well, I admit that this argument may be flawed since I just made it up, but I think you get the picture... each line could be a winning line, if the other person doesn't answer. And when the person answers, the other person is forced to think, to avoid losing. In my case, knowing someone is able to answer my blows without backing away is a major turn on. I may even let them win as a reward, even if I feel I could beat them if I kept going!

    (This is best done through text messages, otherwise they won't have enough time to think, and you'll crush them easily, instead of let them activate their brain's capabilities xD).

    I hope this was helpful!

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  • That's just copy+paste of Virgo section of a book called 'Linda Goodman's Sun Signs'...

    I don't think this kind of website should be advertised like this.

    Search the net for the book if interested, it's quite easy to find.

  • Wow, I didn't know that. I just thought it was good information. Seemed accurate about my Virgo sister so I figured it would be about the men. And, this website is about astroligy and the zodiac, so is tha page I posted, it's not really wrong. Well to me it isn't. o_o

  • HeavenlyBohemain,

    Gimme the link anyway.(:

    You didnt post it yet.D:

  • HiddenDiamond,

    Thank you!

    Ill always keep all that in mind,especially the "Appreciation" part.

    And you're right.Virgo guys do a lot of things for others.(: They really aren't selfish.

    Like,the other day,he bought me pizza,I didnt take it,but I did say thank you.Wait...Do you think that might've offended him?X.X

    Anyway,I guess I will write him a poem.(: Ive actually wrote a whole song for him,but Im not stupid enough to sing it to him.>.>

    And you're right.Virgo's are actually very intelligent people,it just takes them a while to process their thoughts,nice and slow.Which sometimes gets on my nerves,cause,like,seriously,MOVE IT.But its still cute when you see him putting his 'Thinking Face' on,and stuttering and stuff.(:

    LOL.Alright,Best done through text messaging.xDD Ill keep that in mind too!

    My god that was EXTREMELY helpful.Thank you so much!Linda Goodman's Sun it.

    Thanks again.(: Its really nice of you to help me out like this.

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  • Nono, you're getting it wrong 😞 because HeavenlyBohemian's post was deleted... the information on the website she/he posted can be found on Linda Goodman's Sun Signs!

    My post is just me trying to be helpful, not things from any book, I think...

    If you like, search google for Linda Goodman's book, I'm sure you can find it somewhere, the internet is vast 😄

    I found it within minutes when I tried to get it!

  • So what's wrong with me providing a link to it? I'm not competing, just trying to help.... =(

  • Nono, thats not it... im just clearing the misunderstandng... I think CottonTail thought that what I wrote was from linda goodman's book, and well, I don't want to dirty Linda Goodman's good name with the things I say, because I'm sure she knows a lot more about virgo traits than I do.

  • I see. I was lost. rofl I'm such an air head.

  • Noo.

    Im an air head.

    Aww,I cant believe they deleted the post.:/ It would of been helpful.

    And I did look up Linda Goodman's sun signs.

    It was actually pretty helpful.Shes like,an expert.o.o

  • haha, us air signs are serious air heads, especially aquas.

  • Ohh.Youre an aqua?:]

    Just like my mom.o:

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