How does a Virgo Man acts when...

  • I am trying to understand this Virgo guy. He has been very nice to me and we both have the intention of getting to know more of each other and be friends. I am not sure though of what is happening recently between us.

    1. He likes a woman more than a friend? Is it really normal that he doesn't initiate or really that shy to initiate something?

    2. Jealous? What signs does he show when he is jealous?

    Thank you!

  • He won't be wildly, passionately jealous, yet Virgo males are possessive in the extreme. This sounds like a fine line to draw, but it's important. Even though he doesn't throw emotional scenes of jealousy over the attentions other men pay you, his deeply rooted pos-sessiveness should warn you that a little freedom goes a long way. The wife of a Virgo who wanders too far away from the home fires too often may find herself without a husband to return to. Virgos are utterly loyal and they dislike destroying family ties intensely, but when their sense of decency has been finally outraged they won't hesi­tate to make a cold, clean break in the divorce court. No messy, complicated trial separations for them. When it's over, it's over. Goodbye and good luck. Even the Virgo's sharp, unusually excellent memory won't cause him to cry sentimental tears over the past, simply because he's able to discipline his memory as firmly as he does his emotions. Self-discipline is part of his very nature. The Virgo man with his mind made up moves on-and having moved on, all your tears and apologies are useless in getting him to change his mind. He'll never fall victim to the illusion that gluing together the broken pieces will recreate perfection in what has once been seriously flawed.

  • My ex is a virgo I was in relationship with him for 7 yrs. so i speak from my own personal experience they're very nice friends extremely nice ppl but all the VIRGO's I know are cheaters but other than that they love family life he was very jealous and possessive but he wasn't hateful he didn't say any bad things to me. he would just clam up just reassure him that you love him and no one else and he will be fine. he used to please me in all my wishes take me on trips, shopping, take me out to dinner he spoiled me like crazy my wishes were always catered to. but he cheated and I left he still to this day calls me asking for forgiveness(also, my parents & brother he calls them too so that they can help him get back with me) it's been 4 yrs since our break-up and he is still with the woman I caught him with but he claims to love & want to be with me so I guess they're capable of being physically in one place and emotionally somewhere else(or he's just a damn good liar which is what I believe lol). He hated to be criticized or when I told him that he was wrong it would drive him nuts. If he wasn't a cheater or if I was the type of woman that could forgive and forget we were perfect together. he was very romantic I guess I loved him bc he always went out his way to please me and keep me happy. With all this said I'm sure there is a faithful one out there and it may just be yours :0)

  • oh and yes he is very shy if it seems as if he's not into you HE IS lol! They have a cute boyish way of doing things but once he knows you like him it will speed up. At least mine was like that he treated me as a regular ol friend matter of fact he was nicer to my girlfriends that I was shocked when he kissed me lol

  • oh oh oh last thing they like very very descent women what do I mean ok, well he wants a woman he pursues a woman that no one has any negative to say about her past if he could erase your past and pretend you were a virgen he would(lol) but when your alone then you can be all wild like the saying goes a lady in the streets a freak in the sheets yea that's what they like.

  • I'll try to reply to this since I'm a virgo guy... maybe it's other aspects in my chart influencing it though.

    I've never actually had a real relationship before, only purely online ones.(one time, I really liked a person, and we almost had a relationship, but in the end it stayed as friendship, as the person suddenly cut all contact with me and with her friends).. But I believe the emotional involvement in online relationships(at least from my side) is also there, although unfortunately there's no physical touch.

    1. He likes a woman more than a friend? Is it really normal that he doesn't initiate or really that shy to initiate something?

    Try to get close as a friend. This is scary because of the ''friend zone trap'', but unless I'm close as a friend, I can't find out whether I like the person or not. And if I do, no matter what, I'd always wait for a sign that they like me. And it has to be extremely strong, otherwise I may just not notice it... unfortunately, sometimes one tends to see signs where they don't exist, and to not see the ones that do exist.

    If they ask who I like, I'll just dodge, or say 'who knows'. If they ask if I like them, I might say 'maybe', but it's a 'maybe' that means 'yes'. Or I might ask 'why?', which doesn't mean anything.

    If I say 'I love you' first, it's because I already feel like I didn't even had to say it for the other person to know, and that the other person doesn't even have to say it for me to know it.

    At the start, in order to try to initiate something, I'll try to give signs sometimes... though never very strong ones. But if you think, even for a moment, that something is a sign, then it probably is. Virgos mean what they do or say, I often say things with double meaning, in which I mean both meanings at the same time. You may find yourself thinking ''oh, it wasn't a sign'' moments later... but it probably was one.

    In case I do declare myself first, -only if the other person is really really shy-(they have to have told me that they're really shy, sometime in a conversation... otherwise I won't know), I'll probably say it almost as if apologizing. ''I'm sorry, I really don't mean to ruin your day, but I think I've fallen for you... Don't worry, I will try to get over this with time...'' .

    2. Jealous? What signs does he show when he is jealous?

    Probably no signs at all... ''Did you have fun at the party?'' ''Yeah, it was fun... John is really nice and funny, we danced alot together'' ''I see, good that you had fun.''. Just hold the feelings inside. Unfortunately sometime it may explode at more than 1 moment, but even then no one will know it was because of that. I try to make the person comfortable, and expect that they'll, with time, realize that although I don't want to make them sad by binding them, some things they do hurt me sometimes. If they don't, and I realize I can't handle the level of emotional pressure, I'd probably slowly but consistently distance myself, and expect them to leave, or leave myself. This way they won't be too sad, and won't make much of a mess or hold anything against me, because they're no longer very attached to me emotionally when I leave. If someone's emotionally dependant, I feel like there's no way I can leave, because I feel the person needs me.

  • About virgos cheating... I'm a Leo/Virgo cuspian(24th August), and I have a very close 23rd August friend who has only had 1 girlfriend in his life, and is extremely loyal. We're still 21 so I don't know how things develop in he future, but in my case I've in the last few months read about a lot of the flaws of Virgo guys, which has since then allowed me to make a constant conscious effort to avoid them.

    You might want to look at the threat 'Heart of a Virgo Man' by Jenever7, for insight into the Virgo psyche.

    It helped me realize some problems I might come to have in the future. I'm pretty sure having come across that topic has raised my chances of not making the same mistakes that other virgos usually make.

  • I am married to one..........................they like to have lots of women around them..........generally don't have lots of men flag..............what is your sign................

    The will determine your match.........

    Virgos are difficult the should be with a sign that is totally willing to let them do whatever they want and don't tell them what to do.........and yes if you hanging out and he is not with you he will be jealous.........

    difficult PERIOD...........your young its a new relationship move on.....



  • YUP I am stil mrried to my virgo cheater.........he cheated on his first wife many many years ago...........I should have done my homework..........they are always looking over the horizon for the NEXT PERFECT WOMAN...........or man..........

    NIce?? Yeah if you don't marry one. THey are a tremendous amount of work. I think they need to pair with Pices or Scorpois..........

    They are incessantly PICKY and critical..........

    He has been improving but he has put me through hell.....................cheated with a girl way...........younger than him............can you imagine?? I still can't believe it and I am good looking.........perhaps I was getting to be old hat...............Virgos...........trouble

    Like I said Scorpios and Pices cause they could deal with their nonsense and be equipped


  • Yeah that boyish thing is their way to trap you cause they will always be emotionally immature and they will expect you to be teir MOMMY and let them get away with anything they feel like doing right or wrong.


  • "I am married to one..........................they like to have lots of women around them..........generally don't have lots of men flag..............what is your sign................"

    The Virgo guy I'm interacting with nowadays has more guys friends than girl friends. Though I do notice that girls are easily attracted to him because he acts like a gentleman.

    My sign? My Sun Sign: Cancer; Rising Sign: Capricorn

    I remembered one time, I was talking with our co-workers who are mostly men, I saw him stood up and went there standing and listening. When I was having a happy time talking to our co-workers, he then left and went to his office table. When I approached him, he somewhat gave me this cold shoulder attitude -- he wasn't like that before I was talking to our co-workers. When I asked him through chat if he is ok, he just said yes and asked me if I noticed something. I did notice and felt something but I didn't mention it to him since I may be wrong.

    To everyone, thank you for the feedback.

  • @HiddenDiamond: Yes, I'm really trying my best to be a good friend to him. I just hope I will know how not to overdo being a friend. I am still trying to get hold what he likes and does not like.

    @Everyone: I wonder though if it's normal in a Virgo guy; he teases me and plays jokes at me when our co-workers are around, but when it's just the two of us, he would just be quiet, and somewhat uneasy (he keeps looking at his wristwatch; making me feel he isn't comfortable around me even though I'm at ease with him). He talks but he suddenly becomes reserved.

    When I would start the conversation, he will just say what he thinks and then just smiles. I also think he cannot stand me having an eye to eye contact with him; he pulls away his glance whenever I am talking.

  • Virgo Man lots of work i'm married to one and in the process of divorce BEWARE NOT EASY TO BE AROUND.... BTW SCORPIO HERE AND I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME PUT UP WITH HIM... i did for 3and half years and thats all i can take..... HE DID SWEEP ME OFF MY FEET THOUGH IN THE BEGINNING...BUT BEWARE BEHIND THAT INNOCENT LOOK IS JUST TROUBLE!!! GOODLUCK!!!!

  • Cancers are nice 🙂

    They're very sensitive, and somewhat fragile, like flowers 😄

    (And I hear they can cook!)

    For me, I find that they are a bit like scorpios... which doesn't surprise me because they're both water signs. I only have a pisces friend so I can't compare them to cancers and scorpios, because her gemini(scorpio rising) boyfriend is kind of jealous and possessive (although he's also my friend, so he doesn't mind her talking to me).

    With cancers I always find that I have to watch my words each moment otherwise they'll end up very sad over things which I didn't think would be hurtful. With scorpios, I'm always on my toes also... careful with each word... but in this case it's because they'll completely flip out at me and I'll feel like whatever exists between us is ruined...

    In both cases I then have to pull out of my hat a moment of sheer geniusness, for things to go back to normal(which I usually can do... but it's so much psychological stress... one day of less inspiration or slightly worse mood and there goes a friendship...all because of a misunderstanding).

    If you, who's on the cancer side of this, are aware of this, you can hopefully reduce its effects...

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