For Intensered, Your Virgo Advice

  • Hello Intensered,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to give me sound advice. Unfortunately, you are very right. I say unfortunate cause I feel like it's too late for us now... These past 6 months have been so confusing. We fight, I cry, he leaves. He said your words "think about this logically" and when I do I lose a lot of hope. I wish he would use his heart instead of his head... I haven't "talked" to him since mother's day. I miss him so much and I'm sure he's not thinking about our situation. He's dating other girls, but I know it's not serious cause he tells his buddies it's nothing. I plan to just let him be and pray to God that his heart will soften and his mind will open to the idea of trying. I've asked for his forgiveness for my behavior these past months, but if he makes his choice based on those months then there is no chance for us.

    I want to tell him to please give me 1 chance, 1 try, for all the times I forgave him. I know it's childish to throw it back in his face, so I won't, but I hope and pray that he does think about those times. That he thinks about the good times and all the possible great times as a family. I hate this, our child deserves better than this. Our child asks for him on a constant basis, before I would call him every time our child would ask for him. Now I realized that all it did was make him feel guilty for not being there instead of making him miss us... I was dead wrong and he probably thinks I was trying to make him come home that way. He's always thought that I'm using our child to get him back. Well, after our talk we both know things need to change and we're trying. This sucks so much cause I can't help but get bummed out and our child notices.

    I pray to God to help him, to guide him, to bring him home. Of course I made matters worse by constantly asking him and fighting with him to come home. Who would want to come back when all you do is fight even when you're not there... I'm lost and I feel so helpless... I know I have to be strong and I have to think positive and above all pray... Even still, I feel like all is lost...

    I need to keep reminding myself that he said he would re-think the situation, would read my messages again, but that he won't have an answer for me by next week. At this point I guess I should be lucky to hear anything about it from him by the end of the year... I hope he does want to talk about it and in a positive way...


    I read you ...I just thought to write you because my husband is also a i thought may be i can say something...Look...whenever we have fight on any issue....i have realized that if i give him time to realize his mistake(if it is)...or to understand the has better results than feeling like lost and confused...Virgos take their time to analyze things, applying their logic and then taking a decision...if they are disturbed in between their respective system is also disturbed...I think you should give him time to understand your feelings... meanwhile, you should not forget to show your concern that you care about the relationship but that must be smooth not attached deliberately. ....and yes avoid violent arguments( if happens)take care ...god bless you !!! "

  • hey dear!!! I feel bad about that !! Good is that you have realized your mistakes and asked for forgiveness. you are right should not loose yourself but be strong. If he is not thinking about you ...atleast you should start thinking about you and your child. Collect your strength and be happy because you confessed... rest ...god will take care!! If he is yours he will come and if does not come he was not yours....buck up and don't cry ...Do you earn? if not go and do it...just stand and face....i am sure you will....common stand up ...God bless you!!!!

  • Oh GAWD get out and find a hscope match. Virgos are train wrecks. I think women V have more self control and they are less likely to stray and manipulate. But male Virgos.......I am married to one.........big mistake.........he is a cheater and he is weak. Wishy washy and love to blame all but themselves. He cheated on me with the help. Only 41 years younger than him do the math........he almost destroyed the business and MY life. He is old but for all I know he is having all kinds of online action. I found a secret e mail account and he told me he didn't have any secret account when I ran it by him. Get a divorce and save yourself. They are terrible husbands. They should not be allowed to marry............


  • Yes Virgos we are analytics, excentrics, and we need time to go back in the right truck; to forgive and the worse part is to forgot "the cheat". I know that fact because I am Virgo. But when Virgos love someone we love for ever. Male Virgos may be wrecks, but also are good and loyal friends, so start to be his best friend. Also depends of what was your mistake, which you regret here. Or perhaps you are blaming your self for something that is not your fault, but you feel that way because you think you are madly in loved with him, and don't want to see, if he really wants to be in this relationship. Pay attention of his hidden messages. Men always send messages in their actions. So my dear friend, I believe you are given too much attention to his feelings instead of take care of yours. For what you want or either to be happy with somebody else or to keep living miserable for the rest of your life, with this person. .

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