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    I wanted to know what can you tell me abt this guy I like his bday is 11/16/77 and mine is 05/12/78 I know he likes me but is he ever going to say it?? We may be going on a trip in JUne. do you see that happening?? Are we going to have a serious relationship?? some insight will be greatly appreciated.

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  • idk78 that was a very powerful title you posted haha.


    With regards to this relationship are you somewhat the dominant one? Either that or you're the most level headed. From what i can see he's totally lost and doesnt know what to do. He lacks control over his emotions and his mind and so that builds up conflict, that i believe is why he wont say anything. I do see some form of development in the future between the two of you. I feel as though he will come out of his retreat and open up. As for the june trip, high chance it will happen

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  • no, actually we are very much a like no dominance here or there...although we are both very strong willed people. a lot of ppl say that i am very dominant and they tell him the same but we actually don't do it to each other. YAII, something in the future lol!! Yea, I agree with you I think he's gone mad over the whole feeling thing lol but he'll come to his senses I'm positive about that. I'll give him time and space in the mean time we shall continue being friends just like we have been for the last 15 yrs. although right now he's a little stand offish but it's understandable he's confused.KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED ON OUR TRIP....thank you so much


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  • I'm sorry i got confused (yes, i'm easily confused lol) what were you going to say that i said before you?

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    question: man, yesterday as i was watching TV CSI: SVU to be exact lol I got this feeling that I was surrounded by a positive energy that made me want to pray and ask for harmony, love, peace, companionship & communication with my "target person" or "my prey" (lol) it was soooooo odd my heart started beating fast i felt this happiness & excitement in me it was amazing. I felt like at that moment anything I said would heard by him. Idk, like angels were going to carry my message to him. I can't explain it without sounding crazy. ok, my question WHAT WAS THAT??? HAVE U EVER EXPERIENCED THIS?

  • Well at first glance i'd say you're emotions are strong enough to be able to convey a message as well, heck even i cant do that with my emotions on their own. But if its happened before. It might be a bond between you. Somehow both your astral bodies are connected and so certain things can be transmitted through that bond. I have something like that with a donor of mine and also with a girl i met a few weeks ago.

  • For instance, with regards to my one friend. I could feel a great deal of fear from nowhere then i tried finding out the source of that fear and i felt a pull, I followed that pull to a resevoir where i found my friend on the ground with some guy holding a 2x4 approaching him. SO naturally I'd move in to protect my friend. Once all was said and done i took him to the doctor and for the next few days both our injuries healed at the same rate despite his being worse

  • wow, that's amazing!! I had a couple of experiences i'm not psychic or anything like that but I've had spirits come to me it freaked me out lol not like you guys who it's normal and fine. I was very close to my uncle when i was little then in 87 i moved to another country and b4 i left he said to me when you come back you will be a grown woman and you won't love me the same way anymore. I cried so much promising him that my love for him would never change. in 96 he got murdered and i never got to say good-bye to him. Three months later after his death (he passed in Sept.96) it was december 96 i went to visit my grandmother and the 2nd nite i was there the dog started to howl out of no where and kinda like in a crying scared way idk it was odd. the nite was very calm and still you couldn't hear the wind outside nothing( my grandmother lives in a house made of wood) all of a sudden u hear foot steps trough the house from the living room to the kitchen where the dog was tied up with a huge chain around his neck(he wasn't friendly and my grandmother was afraid that he would bite me). the next sound was the dog's chain falling off his neck the dog ran to the living room and then into my room he came and sat right next to my bed i had my eyes closed and i was very afraid i started to sweat and he wouldn't move. so, i don't what got into me and i decided to open my eyes. as i opened my eyes he was starring at me i swear there was a human-like expression on his face it was as if he was looking at me with love and tenderness i just smiled and my promise to my uncle came to mind and i said to the dog (mentally) "i told you that my love for you would never change. thank you for coming to see me I love you" at that moment the dog got up and left. but i wasn't afraid anymore it was really odd. I believe that if it was my uncle that he came to me as a dog because he knows that i am an animal lover especially dogs. the next morning my grandmother waited till we wre alone and said to me "he came to visit you but don't be afraid he will never hurt you. I don't tell people these things because i feel they're going to think i'm going nuts (lol) i've had many experiences like that where i actually see people and they don't stop coming until i talk to them. More than anything I can feel them around me or if they're in the room it's a very strong energy i actually get scared at first but i've learned to keep calm and not let fear get the best of me then i'l stay quiet just listening to myself breath and a name will come to mind and that how i know who it is so i talk to them (i usually ask what do they want and explain that i can't help them but that the only thing i can do is pray for their soul to be at rest) and they go away. (they never respond thank GOD!!!) lol

  • I have to apologize for invading this post.. But I had to say - I think the name "KushiKamiKiba" is BOSS... lol sorry - for some reason - it just had to be said

    Love & Blessings

  • BOSS?

  • lol a really good/cool/hot/flame name lol

  • oh haha, sorry wasnt familiar with it. thanks a lot DJKAMEO

  • Kushi 🙂

    Just tell me one thing.Does he love me?I want know what he feels.That's all. 😞

    I'm 7.9.He is 28.9.

  • Nency

    No offense but You'll need to be more specific that just that. You'll end up with even more questions in your head if you simply use something so broad. I wouldnt be able to help

  • Okay.then .Is there possibilty for relationship between us?

    We are good friends,and I want something more..and I'm wondering what he thinks about that.


  • Well Nency

    I can tell you he might be having feelings for you and its still in its early stages. He himself is unaware of your own feelings and that scares him. He fears that your friendship will be put at risk if he says anything and he also fears hurting you if what he feels isnt what he believes it to be. In a way he is bound by fear, unable to move forward. Freedom is purely up to him and from what i can see, i think you could try hinting to him that you feel the same when you guys are together, help him get over his fear

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