Blmoon, My Sister has just passed today

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I have always respected, and highly regarded your insight on all things Spiritual and what you see and feel from the other side,

    My eldest Sister passed away yesterday, I So would love to know of anything she needs to say to us siblings that are left behind!! we are five Sisters, she is the first to pass...I am feeling..very strange at moment, you know, some things are a bit TOO much....Today is my late Mothers birthday, and my grandsons 14th Birthday....I'm just ......I'm just....

  • Dear HealingWays I only want to say that I'm really sorry for your loss.

  • Thank you so much moonalisa....I truly appreciate you being here with me, I normally think of myself as being a strong person, but today has been very emotional in the extreme...I'm tired, feeling vulnerable, lonely even, but we never are, are we?....lonely I mean, in all this extreme emotional things we go through!!!....I just need to feel....not being alone....Thank you

  • I thought I was done--went off line then got a big call back! So your sister is ANXIOUSE to speak! She is taking big breaths talks fast. She says this is her birthday really and no death at all---death is just one end of a big big circle. She was so ready for this! I keep seeing a smile without teeth--all gums. A big open mouth smile. She wants you to know how deliciousely light she feels and please please please do not feel anything but joy for her as she is basking in the "love". She wants to remind you that what you really feel is the heavy side of imortality and the feeling of being next sooner or later. You already know the truth of death and must lean on your faith now to live your beliefs knowing she is never far. Do not be in a hurry to see her too soon as time passes faster than we notice. Live your truth everyday no excuses and she will be there to remind you. She uses the word "budinski" to decribe herself. She didn't miss much and look out because now she really sees the juicy juice she says and oh by the way she says no wings as st. Peter said with those arm flaps who needs them! She is talking so fast so excited it's hard to type fast enough--she says to tell someone (sounds like an A name) that yes there are cats here but no STINKING BOX! And no it didn't hurt at all and no no horrible flash of all my sins! Thank God--just pure joy--like being born into your mother's arms all over again. She said she spent the night trading Polock jokes with Lawerence Welk and Liberace and tonight she's

    going shoppinshopping with mom and Jackie Kenedy! Mom says it's hat heaven up here so shed no tears for me kiddo. I'm watching--same as always--you get to be the chief budinski now. I'll send you shiny new penny--a beatiful feather--the sweet smell of lavender. Blessings--with a purple hat.

  • H ow awesome for you denise to have this message form your sis! it gave me chills, and made me smile ! forgive me for posting this here but it made me happy for you and i had to tell you!

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  • HealingWays,

    So sorry to hear of your sisters passing, this must be such a painful time for you. In spite of this, I can only imagine how this glorious gift you have received from Blmoon, must be lifting your spirits! I hope that you and your family find the peace and solace you need to get you through this time of grief. May you all be blessed immeasurably!


  • Blmoon...How do I say thank you enough!!, I can't express enough my gratitude to you!, she always gabbled her words out fast we used to say take a breath and start again........I will tell her off for making you type so

    she was a troubled soul in this lifetime, and I do believe she was ready to go, so much so that she went without any warning, but it has been such a blessing and very fitting that she didn't suffer in the transition...

    Oh wow!! the big toothless grin....she hated those false teeth, she even got to the point of eating an apple with those

    You have helped us sisters and her family that are left feel SO comforted....I'm crying such tears of joy!!!


    Much Love and Blessings to you!!



  • Stclaire, quenkath, Sacogirl,

    Thank you!! are SO right that I feel VERY blessed indeed to have received this wonderful message from Blmoon, I could never adequately thank her enough....

    Much Love and Joy to you.



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  • Denise she will be your Angel now to watch over and protect you. She is really home. May you be comforted in your time of mourning, but don't mourn too much. Live for her! Love you! šŸ™‚

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