Dream Interpretation? Anyone?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have realized throughout the years that my mom and I have premonition dreams. It is not very often, but when it happens, things usually come to pass the very following day.

    Since I know live away from my mother, it is not happening that often for me...however,....lately, i have been REALLY emotionally unstable due to a breakup 3 months ago. I am still affected by it.

    it is my understanding that my ex bf's family has been putting serious pressure on him not to marry me because we are from 2 different religions and that they are afraid of the outcome on the children.

    We are not, but they have brainwashed him.

    I had a dream last night that I was in a club, but the lights were white, it was very bright, a very nice place, very upscale. his entirely family was there, but he was not there. i dont remember seeing his father either. His mom just grabbed me and kept on hugging me and giving me kisses on my cheeks. she was being nice to me.

    How strange? any ideas..i know it's very short..but that's all i can think of.; ...

    that's all i can remember.

  • Hi,

    I might be able to help out with this dream of yours. The club which you described being upscale and the bright white lights reminds me of surgeons with bright lights to see clearly in the surgery room. even a dentist would need bright lights. this is used to avoid making a mistake.

    The ex not being there signifies that the decision to marry you is not up to him, but the family. The father being absent as well, (no contact with him in this dream) also indicates it's really his decision to prevent his son from marrying you.

    The mother kissing you and all do show that she really does care for you. she wants the best for her son, and as long as he is happy, than that is all that matters. She is real life may have been prevented from showing her true affections for you because she does not want to step on her husband's toes.

    I do want to point out, that the mother kissing/hugging you may represent your desire to be close to her, as your way to bring everyone closer. it maybe more symbolic than literal.

    My feeling here, is that the mother is intervening on your behalf, but is not succeeding or breaking her husband's stance against their son's wish to marry you.

    you need to give this more time.. There is a lot of thinking going on, and sounds like your ex is still thinking of you.

    are you still in contact with the ex?

    Ms Sunny

  • It could be the other way around. ie; the father likes you (absent in dream) but the Mother is now feeling guilt for driving you away. feels like there are regrets, and this will most likely cause problems in their relationship between son and parents.

  • Ms. Sunny, thank you for your help. i totally agree on this. looking back, i believe that it is more the influence of the father, who was against us.

    my ex has been in touch with me, saying that he misses me, but never take actions.

    I have been told that he is moving away somewhere far, that's all i know. i just found out last night. this may explain why he was not in my dream. any other insights you could give me? thank you so much.

  • Ms Sunny last question: what makes you say that my ex is still thinking about me? since he wasnt in my dream? i remember looking for him..but he wasnt there. thanks

  • Almas,

    he would not be in contact or tell you he is missing you if he were not thinking of you. of course you are still in his heart. BUT, and I hate to say this, he is terrified of his family which is why he was not in the dream. it's pretty obvious he does not want to upset the status quo, and the decision on who to marry is up to his family, and not up to him.

    He is going to end up resenting them in the long term. family can be the biggest destroyer of marriages. so it would be good to move far far away from them if you 2 were to get back together. He is a mama boy or a Daddy's child. He must the either the oldest or the only son.

    I do feel psychically he is thinking of you and does want to be with you, but he feels helpless. if he goes against them, he will lose his family. pretty tough situation for him, I am sorry to say.

    give this more time, and continue to stay in contact with him. I feel he will be back, but he has to be the one to decide.

    I am very sorry you are going through this.

    stay true to you, mediate, pray, sleep, eat, and work. continue on with your life, it will get better.

    I also see new love coming into your life later this year or early next year.

    Blessed be, Sunny

  • Thank you Sunny. Do you see him moving away somewhere far? or is it totally wrong.

  • It would not matter where he is. You can telepathically stay connected to him as you have been so far.

    something about moving away, but it does not feel (to me) to be far. maybe a long extended vacation or training camp somewhere? lol he in the military? or preparing for some type of education.

    feels as if he is going away but for a short time, not permanent. if that makes sense.

    Ms Sunny

  • Ms. Sunny, yes he is working for the army. wow, im very impressed.

    he is an analyst for the army.

    do you confirm that the love is still there on his side?

    also, do you see any face to face and or messages coming.

    you have been such a support. please bear with me...just today. thank you again

  • there will be ongoing contact. yes, his feelings for you are as strong as ever. do not give up, he does still love you very much.

    Blessed be , Sunny

  • thank you Sunny,

    so you believe his move is only temporary?

    any timelines as to when i will hear/see him?

    will we reunite as a couple...sometimes so hard to believe based on the circumstances?

    I appreciate it.

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