Empaths, please share your stories

  • Yeah, we had just finished and I got up to use the bathroom. I like to think that he is my grandfather but my grandfather, had alot more grace than he does. Very quickwitted where my son doesn't think about what he is doing til he's already doing it. They think he was possible bi-polar where my other 2 were AD/HD. But he is my total miracle child. He should not be here. If it wasn't for him, I would probably be dead. I know I wooldn't be the same person. I was going downhill really fast. It was right after my car accident and I was having a hard time dealing with how close to death I really was. I was taking pain meds, drinking, smoking alot of cgs. I found out I was pregnant when I was 9 wks. When I found out. I quit everything. Went back to work. Had my boss yell at me because it was too soon. lolBut I got my life straight. They were very surprised that I was able to conceive him. Thenthey told me I would never be able to carry him full term cause of my back. I was overdue with him, had him naturally, (altough I was on my side) and he was my heaviest baby to boot. He weighed 8 lbs 13 oz. So him even existing is a total miracle.He dives me absolutely crazy but I still feel blessed when I think about him.

  • I love the story Sylvannah you are special and here for a reason. I had that experience with my oldest son, knew right away I was pregnant, then totally forgot until I was six months pregnant, kept getting my menses. Your child saved your life in more ways than one. I have a very spooky true story. It invovolves EVIl and Satan, let me know if you want to hear it. Remind me if I forget it involved two of my Aunts, a set of twins. 🙂

  • Boy there's another interesting things we have in common we are our own EPT. Ok, dish what's the story Poetic?

  • Poetic555- Go ahead and share your story. I have one I could share about when I was 14 and it involved a Oija board. I just had a thought the other day and now it is a determination. I want to open an animal rscuie site.And be there for the workers too. I want them to feel more like friends, with paychecks lolI am here for something specific. I just wish I knew what it was. Maybe it is for this animal rescue. Me and my middle son are both here for a purpose.

  • Ok, ok, well this was back in around 1991 or 1992, somewhere in there. My Aunts who I love, loved dearly are and were sweet as pie, actually one was nice (Audrey) and the other was kind of mean (Annette), twins and the babies of the family. Well Annette was dating this guy from the Islands and he had proposed to her and she was excited and wanted to get married. Audrey hated the guy and tried everything she could to break them up. The guy had given Annette a beautiful diamond ring and I don't remember if it was before or after one of their many break up's. But after awhile strange things started happening to Audrey. She used to walk everywhere and suddenly found she could not walk near any church's, would actually turn and go another way, she was seen walking backwards by some of the neighbors and that was only the beginning. It was a small town and everyone knew everyone else, so people were starting to whisper, she couldn't sleep at night said something was attacking her and after awhile Annette was getting attacked too! At the time my Mom and my little sister were between homes and staying with them, my little sister moved out because she was very scared of all the going on's in the house, things would fly off shelves, they heard weird talking and screaming. Annette would wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying, Audrey started hallecinating, (spelled wrong, I know) and wanted to kill her children, they had to move all the knives and Scissors out of the house. Everyone who thought they were holy were called over, including another Aunt, Minsiter's Priest, every one of them was afraid and could not get this entity out of her. My grandparents came down from Dade City and my grandfather slept with a gun, because he was afraid of his own daughter. They tried Holy Oil, Holy water, everything. I was scared too and would not even go inside the house. Annette would say little people were jumping on her and punching her at night, no one was getting any sleep. Finnally they went to some Spiritual Guy in Dade County and got the thing out of her! They were so petrefied from that day to this, they both got "saved" joined the church, became Christians and never, never, strayed from Church. Annette was told to burn everything that guy had ever given her including the Diamond Ring. It was an experience I and especially they have never forgotten. Audrey has since passed away she died in 2003, after a sickness, but occasionaly when we are all together as a family someone will bring it up and if you here Annette talk about it, we all still shiver. One of my cousins told me recently during this time, he can (see) Spirits as well that he had went over to there house and there was a demon sitting on top of the house and laughing.

    Now I know there is Evil in the world as well as good. They were both good people, especially Audrey had a heart of Gold and everyone Loved her. Don't know why it happend to her, but that was definetly a life changing experience. Annette is still involved in the Church, goes every Sunday and she still can give you creeps talking about that time. Just wanted to share. Thats why we have to be careful, don't know what doorways you can open and can't close. I belive that good always overcomes Evil, but that Evil does exist.

  • Well hope you enjoy, I know have the creeps myself, I won't be back until nex Wed. Have a blessed, wonderful weekend! Love yall! 🙂

  • I hopeyou enjoy yourself wherever you are going. Well I played with a Oija board when I was 14. Long story short, I had it in a trunk in storage. Board facing down with the oracle on top. When I got a place, I stopped at the dumpster to throw it away. The oracle was gone. I had a friend go with me to my mom's house to see if by chance, it may have been there. We were in my old room and my oldest (then 2) came in. He said to us that we were never going to find it. I looked at him and said whet, what did you say and he had this look like no knowing that he was there. I never found it! I don't know what happened to it.But I guess the power is in the oracle. Not the board.I hope you have a good weekend! TTFN

  • Ouija boards are scary stuff. Let's hope it is no longer an affect on you Syl. Poetic, wow that is some story. Sadly I can believe it but what an encounter for your whole family. I'm so sorry you all had to endure that. I certainly hope the aunt got rid of everything from that man. You don't want to unknowingly rekindle that power again.

  • Yeah, Oija boards are scary and shouldn't be sold as a game right next to the Monopoly. It doesn't affect me anymore. That experience with my son was the last one. I hope that she did get rid of everything.I don't think so but she will learn. Poetic, I would go talk to her.Don't even keep one letter Nothing. It's all gotta go. Don't need a keepsake. That story should be enough. Anyways, gotta go TTFN

  • Annette got rid of the ring and everything, till this day he says he was innocent, but she doesn't believe him. I thought he would have been a good husband for her but who knows?

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