Empaths, please share your stories

  • ArtisticMuse

    I know exactly what you are talking about concernng souls.I have always been able to feel people,even as a child but after my NDE in "84 it was like new doors opened for me.I took up Tarot and while I never went back to my catholic religion,I had a thirst for learning about other religions and the paranormal.Have seen aparitions,and felt spirits visiting me .I dreamed things that came true.Felt emotions of people in a room and knew the reason why.There's so much more.My biggest problem is that I let things happen when I already know the outcome.I want to change the outcome but stuggle with whether I am supposed to or not.I have but... Do I have that right ,where lessons are for other people?I don't think I do even when I know the outcome isn't favorable.That's another thread.

  • well mabe, you are given the visions to be able to change the outcome. What does NDE stand for? Always look to the positive for eerthing you have. If you know the outcome is bad, then change it. You have the gift of knowing what will happen as the result of whatever. Maegood of it. You don't know what it would change in the beginning, but it will be a new experience none the less. You will know if what you did was a good thing or not.

  • Pastrevisited,

    Nice To Meet You Also! 😉

    & Kudos To You for making this wonderful

    topic apart of our discussion.


  • blueyedervish,

    I can definetly relate to what your saying as far as

    knowing the outcome of situations and not speaking on it,

    Thats my biggest problem! Especially with friends Shhesshh

    they always ask my advice, & I always consider the good and the bad

    but i hate giving answers i know they dont wanna hear, So I Just remain Positive

    but it sucks when things are opposite. So i've been trying to find methods as

    to how to tell them in advance without seeming as if Im against them.

  • sylvannah,

    Awwwh, Thats So good to hear! Im happy to hear..things will be getting even better.

    Yes I've been okay 😉 Things are good.

  • Poetic, my prayers are with you girl. I hadn't read all the posts lately and am just catching up. I just read what you are facing and will hope everything works out. Stay well and know we are with you in spirit.

  • I definately wish you much luck and you are in my prayers. At least they found it early enough. it is still not worth your life and you hadn't known you were even pregnant so you're not attatched yet.I hope it's not that. They once thought that on me and it wasn't that. Would this hae been your 1st child? Prayin for you. May God bless you with his light and love. TTFN

  • Hello All, Bl-Moon, love the hot bodies part, actually love all of it! I'm gonna get my passport and start hitting all the Islands, my get-away for my Peace and I will NOT be taking "Sand to the beach". Guess what that means. 🙂

    Sylvannah I'm glad your daughter's team won the game! Happy for you guys!

  • Addicted, I was wondering what happened to you, Hi RC I'm fine, false alarm I think, gotta take an Ultrasound, he wants to do a D& C. Don't know about that.

  • Syl- NDE is near death experience. Changes people, Shatz don't be ashamed thats a blessing I think, just reading these posts, sorry! 🙂

  • I guess I had one of those. That's when I spoke to my guardian. If I didn't talk to him, then I would be dead. A D-N-C is when they clean you out usually after a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage once, when I was 17 but I didn't require a D-N-C. I'm not sure what it means in your case as I don't know much about it. But that's what that is. TTFN

  • Hey Poetic, How are you coming along girl ?

    The discussion of kids softens me,

    Its a blessing, and Im happy for you.

  • No I think it was a false alarm, I wasn't planning on any more kids, I thought I may have had an etopic pregnancy and I kept dreaming about a little girl weird, but the test came back negative. I don't know whats going on, feels weird though. I don't think I need an DNC, I don't have any female problems, just lately have been feeling twinges somewhere in there. lol! I have 4 kids, my baby is going to be 17! Halleluiah! I'm supposed to be done with all that! I'll wait for grands one day, atr-how is your mother?

  • Okay, come on some more spooky stuff! Love it!

  • Re empaths tuning in to souls at death

    Our entire family went to the hospital at thhe Drs bidding as mom was put on life support.Her spirit was still in the room ,yet she had already passed .John,my brother and I sat holding her hands which of course were cold.We knew she was still there and he very gently told her that it was okay for her to go because we loved her and we would all be okay.It was the most eeiry feeling I had at that moment that the room was empty.I know my brother felt it too.It was as if she was waiting to be released.


  • Nice story bed!

  • Hi All,

    I was asked to share this with you all. Addictdtoriches had an awesome contact after reading about this when I posted it the first time.

    I tried to meditate today. Went into it with what I thought was a great intention, "knowing there are many ancestors near I asked them, any one of them to come near and let me know they were here." I layed down in the quiet of my room with a white candle burning. A ringing phone yanked me out of my meditation but before that happened I felt as if my right side was tingling. Then I felt a touch on my left calf and the sensation of someone grasping your toes in their fingertips. It felt really weird. Finally I felt my left hand get picked up, hand in hand as their other hand touched my forehead like checking for a fever. I asked if it was my dad and got the response "yes" but it was really slow and drawn out like it was hard to say or something. I wasn't sure it was him because it didn't sound like him. I've had other kinds of things you see or hear or feel during meditation but this one was different. I immediately called my brother to tell him about it and he said it sounded like healing hands. Thoughts anyone?

    Hope to get your thoughts on this event.

  • bump

  • Poetic555- I am glad to hear you are ok. I had my tubes tied after my 3rd. # kids with AD/HD was definately enough. I have a story. Not creepy though. (too me anyways) The day before my grandfather died, we were in the ICU. My grandfather was only speaking spanish cause the said that it was easier for them to speak their native language. He was in a coma. They took my mom and my uncle out to discuss the living will and all that. I was alone with him then. He woke up and in plain english, said "I love you". I know that that was specifically meant for me. He went right back to sleep. I don't think I told my mom about that. He died the next day. He was the closest to me out of the whole family so that meant alot to me. I'm gonna start getting emotional now just thinking about it but I know, one day, I will see him again. He is not suffering. He had mini strokes which was just like alzheimers. He died before my 2nd son was born. Actually, an outfit I had bought when he died, was a littletight on me so that's when I wanted to check if I was pregnant (even though I knew, from the beginning, I was) He was the only child that I knew I was pregnant the moment I got up from the bed. On the way to the bathroom, I remember saying that I was pregnant. He is my special boy. He has alot of issues but he is still my miracle child!

  • Syl, I'm glad you & your grandfather had that moment to share. Sure he loved you but what an amazing gift to have that be your last memory. They always say one goes out and another comes in. I used to wonder about how true that was but I believe it now. I missed my uncles funeral because I was in delivery, he died and three days later my daughter arrived. It's weird how that happens. I get what you mean about knowing you were pregnant though. Amazing how that happens sometimes. With my daughter I've often joked, I knew before he was done that I was pregnant. Now that is Knowing without a doubt.

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