Empaths, please share your stories

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  • Pastrevisited, I believe we are all here to help each other. It definitely is a calling.

    I'm recalling more instances of when being an empath can hurt - I came upon a car accident scene one day where a man had just passed and his soul energies struck me like a jackhammer. He was all over the place - confused, scared. His energies made me physically ill and so faint and nauseous that I had to depart the scene before I passed out. I didn't understand then that I should have helped him understand what was happening to him because I couldn't get control over my own feelings enough.

  • Captain- Question- I have witnessed an accident very similar to the one you describe. His truck was unrecognizable, I looked over and saw a workman's beat up boot on his foot- and I just start crying. I lost my breath, and I couldn't shake the thoughts that he didn't say goodbye to anyone. I was haunted by the image of his boot and so sad that he didn't get to say goodbye for at least 2 days. I was nauseous and felt so weak/shaky. I've really never thought I was connecting with anyone or anything. How did you know you were feeling soul energies with your experience? How do you know?

  • Pisces45- hi there- you mentioned you can detect a good soul from a bad soul. I find this fascinating and I hope you don't mind my questions. What defines a bad soul and what defines a good soul? Can a bad soul decide to be a good soul and change at some point? And vice versa for a good soul? What else do you know about good vs bad souls? (I realize these questions may sound odd, but I can listen to everyone discuss this for hours and hours!) Thanks for sharing-

  • Pastrevisited, my reaction was just so out of the blue. One minute I was feeling fine, then - wham! I could 'feel' all this fear and confusion literally coming off the car crash and when I heard someone in the crowd say "He;s dead!" I instinctively knew whose emotions I was feeling. They were so shockingly raw and 'loud' which is why I think i reacted so badly to it.

    To protect myself now when I am around other people, i shut my senses down to a certain extent in that I am not open to so many impressions or feelings from others (or I would go crazy!) I go into what I think of as 'survival mode' which means I am open to any imminent danger but not to picking up many impressions from others. Skeptics always ask psychics why they didn't sense that such-and-such was going to happen in the world but I think sensitive people have to shut off for most of the time in order to cope with life and just go about their business. You can't walk around being open to all the gazillions of thoughts and feelings that are out there or you would go nuts. I really only open myself up completely to do readings.

  • I use my empathy in my 'Health Check' thread where I tune into the person asking about their health and get a sensation or pain in the part of my body where their illness is. I can't watch real life medical shows on TV without experiencing nausea or pain. The upside is that when there is a show on about healing or meditation or massage etc. I can pick up and retain the healing vibes for myself, too. 🙂

  • Hi, I felt negative spirits at my b-f's. He is an alcoholic. I don't feel negativity at my house and I am not afraid of them. I know when they are here and I know they can't hurt me, I just don't like the extra noises. They come at night from 2-5a I'm not sure why. The meds help me sleep but even though I have a guarding spirit outside and another inside, I still tell all spirits to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, tell them I can't help them, and put the white light around my house. I probably don't have to but I still do anyways. (probably just to make me feel better) I have 6 necklaces on 1) is a pendant of the guardian angel 2)the pendant from Escaflowne 3) a crucifix 4) an amethyst I got at a pow wow on Mother's Day 5) a stone (I forget what kind it is) but it has a bear claw on it and 6) a leather pouch where inside, I have a slice of amethyst (I have powered as a power stone) and a crescent moon pendant that came with a card that says "look up and see the light, it brings hope and courage, On the darkest night" They all have their special meaning but I also like necklaces. I think I will stop at 6 before I look like Mr. T lol I too was afraid of the dark and experienced alot of De Ja Vu. (when I was younger) I don't really feel others emotions. (at least nothing overwhelming but I never thought about it) I can sense things. Like on 1 post, I sensed that the woman had to find something that her guy used to love to do in his past that he probably forgot about how much he enjoyed it. She just wanted to know how to connect with him and that is what I came up with.I tell everyone to get a dog that wants to get over a guy but I will pick different breeds for different people. I have always liked animals more than people. I don't know why I don't see them or hear them but I think now (after 38 years!) how to clear my mind. I have sensed spirits and even animal spirits and invite them to come over. I don't know if they do or not cause I haven't seen them. I am a virgo with AD/HD. My mind is always going and never stops. I have actually learned alot this week and gonna try it all. (well, except what I can't do, it is a problem I have had all my life) but never placed it as a reason for a possabilty difficulty. I hope I can clear my mind at least be able to start it cause I quit smoking in 2 days so I hope it will help. I don't know if being able to clear my mind will make me be able to see and hear them too and I'm not going to lie, I probably will be scared at first but I will get used to it and I think, fairly quickly because I already know they are there. I think I might attenpt 2 things at once. I will try to clear my mind and try the automatic writing. Well I took my meds so going to bed. TTFN

  • I recently was driving and came upon a hit and run--it was early evening and a busy road and off to my right entering a side street I saw a young boy in the road and a woman who had stopped as well franticaly waving on a phone. I stopped so no one would hit him again and normaly I'm quike to jump out to help but could not get out of my car--something just held me back. I just knew he was gone already. I too felt intense emotions--fear confusion and shock but I didn't feel it belonged to the deceased as actually there was a great peace around him--the other vibes were psychic--picking up the mother getting the news--the loved ones coming to look for him wondering why he had not returned from the store--like a great fastforward of the next events washed through me. As awful as that was it also made me extra aware for days how preciouse life is and how important it is to always choose love as if it could be your last chance.

  • I find this thread fascinating.I never understood why I could take on the pain and illness symptoms ,and emotions of others,and make them feel better, till I came to this site.I am not empathetic to the high degree of Captain ,Blmoon and others...it is a v slight empathetic ability but the workings are similar.Crowds make me very uncomfortable and claustrophobic.I have benefitted from advice from people here and also from Reiki which helps channel energy properly.

    Captain I find everything you write very interesting.I feel I attract or tune in to or win the trust of cats and dogs easily.I have a question if you have time.I recently visited an area full of monkeys.The baby monkeys would come and hug my knees.Then the daddy /leader monkey would advance threateningly towards me and I screamed in fright and moved away.Are monkey babies attracted to me ? Did the monkeys want to scare or attack me because they are naughty or becoz of their territorial instinct.Please guide how I should think/behave in their presence because I will be visiting this place again.

    Thanks a lot:)

  • Suramya, I believe that babies of all kinds - human and animals - are most receptive to empaths and psychics because they haven't yet closed down their sixth senses like adults do. The baby monkeys were no doubt picking up your nurturing feelings towards them. When I go to the zoo, I project love and mothering - love being the international language between all creatures - which always brings a response especially from the babies.

    The baby monkeys could tell you were not a danger to them but the adult monkeys were trying to protect their babies from a stranger. It's not only adult humans who lose their psychic senses as they grow older but animals too. Animals become very wary when it comes to humans because of bad treatment in the past and learn to ignore their instincts and react out of fear, like humans. Sadly.

    You could try communicating with the adult monkeys by not going too near the babies at first and trying to project peace and love at the adults. Win over the adults first so that they learn to trust you.

  • You know that makes perfect sense.It is certainly true of human babies.

    You are brilliant!thanks:)

  • And somewhere i think ,turtles trust and connect with humans too.They are shy but curious.I like the way you said they 'respect' humans.

  • I'm loving this thread I was typing away a minute ago and everything dissappered, weird. I have always been fascinated with the Paranormal and you guys are not weird you are just different, you have different gifts although some of you consider them curses. There have been Seers and prophets through out history there are stories even in the bible. I belive they are gifts and some gifts are different than others. I believe these gifts are sometimes generational and sometimes skip generations. My best friend is a Psychic but is afraid of her gifts, She saw a full bodied Angel at her bedside when she was around 6 or 7 years old, She said he was a tall as the ceiling with huge Wings and it scared her to death, she ran in her parents bedroom and has been running ever sense. Her deceased neighbor used to talk to her, she sees spirits and is afraid of them, she dreams stuff that comes thru. She refuses to watch scary movies even. She can predict winning numbers but not for her self. I watch this show on A & E T.V sometimes with a Psychic Chip Coffeey who helps kids understand their gifts because they are afraid of them and don't want to seem weird to thier friends. Just know you are not alone and there are many support groups and sites out there. Chip says the spirits are attacted to you like a moth to a flame. They see you as a light out of the darkness and are looking for help to cross over, most of the time anyway. Keep sharing please this is cool. I'll pray for all of you for strength and protection. 🙂

  • hey guys I wanted to let you know that after posting here yesterday and the day before, I opened up and guess what ? lol. Had some disturbances last night. It wasn't too bad, they just let me know they are waiting on me to open up more. Clicks and Snaps at the foot of my bed, then over by the lamp that was off, and then over to the other lamp that was off. Messing with my hair. But no thumps on the head, which that was fine with me .

    I'm laughing about it because I just knew it would happen.

    Peace Everyone and Pray for the Gulf and the animals there

  • Yeah, always live life like it is your last day cause you never know when it is. lol The noises don't bother me as much cause I am getting used to them but I still don't like it. I already know they are there, they don't have to make noises so I would know. I have told them before that I couldn't hear them, if they could write me a note. But then I was told I should try automatic writing. And a lightbulb went on in my head. lol I think my body has made itself dependant on the caffeine, if I drink something non-caffeinated, by the time I;m done, I can't walk and I am stiff and sore. I don't want to drink soda all the time! I start drinking chocalate milk around 10p but I take a 30mg oxycodone and a 1 mg xanax Only sometimes do I wake up and have to take half a pain pill. I am having insurance issues but I found a dr. that does a whole bunch of stuff and sounds willing to get the out of network authorization. It would be cool to go to one Dr. for 5 things than have to go to 5 places. It would also free up alot of time. I wouldn't be so busy and broke cause I have to put all my money in gas. Actually, I have to make some phone calls before it is too late. TTFN

  • Hi suramya- thank you for sharing! It is fascinating to read about everyone's individual experiences. When animals come to me, I feel a wash of peace come over me. I love your monkey stories!!! Where are these monkeys? How often do you visit?

    Poetic555- I appreciate your thoughts on psychic abilities being genetic and how they skip generations. I hope your best friend overcomes her fear of her psychic gift. It sounds like you two have a lot of fun together! What has been your most moving psychic moment? (thanks for the prayers!)

    ArtisticMuse- So you knew they'd be visiting last night? How do you "open" yourself to them? Do you know to expect them right after you get into bed, or after you turn off the light? I'm starting to feel like I'm interviewing you with all of my questions, ArtisticMuse- forgive me.

    **Love all that you all share!

  • ArtisticMuse, we are contrary creatures, aren't we? We spend our lives looking and asking for answers and messages and signs but when they come, we get scared. 🙂

    It's just a matter of getting used to the unusual until it becomes usual.

  • Lol, that's one of the reason's I like Ghosthunters. They will ask for noises or to move something but when it happens, they freak out! lol I just think it is funny. You would think that by now they would be used to it but I guess not.I watch a bunch of those kinds of shows but for some reason, I think my favorite is Haunting Evidence. I watch Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, The Haunted, Psychic kids, Psychic Investigators, Haunted History, and maybe a Celebrity Ghost Stories. (but I really don't watch that one too often) Other than that it's Whose Line Is It Anyway, Totally 80s (oh, and Destination Truth) I like NCIS and watch Law and Order. Every morning I watch Charmed and the Supernatural. What category would I be in by what I watch? Movie wise I like Sci-fi/ fantasy. and an occassional comedy. I despise gore! Anyway, I am just babbling so I'm gonna go, TTFN

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