Empaths, please share your stories

  • They usually tap me on the head, or leave a scent sorta like that avon honeysuckle cologne from long ago. And they love to knock , and click , and sometimes when i get up of a morning, I hear talking not in my head but in another room, but I can never hear what they are actually saying, They affect my smell, my emotions, they touch me, and sometimes i do see them, but never in a whole form, Except for the animals I can see them whole. No I never actually found out what they wanted, I think they just want me to know they are there and I can see them, Its like a doorway, I am the doorway and they know I sense them , feel them etc. From time to time I'll get a familiar feeling about one and he still comes around from time to time.

    Yes they would continue to demand my attention, because you see it isn't about where I live. Its about me, they are drawn to me because I am a doorway to this physical world.

    I feel it I ever really opened up I would be a good Medium, but my fear over rides this for now

    and I really don't mind answering your questions

    Another thing I remember; as a child i would have OBEs and I'm sure everyone here knows what they are. I wrote a poem about it one time. I'd love to share it with you all sometimes

    huggs and god bless

  • LibrasLair- you are correct- I wasn't a Forum reader last year when this topic came up. I appreciate your contribution, even though it's a bit of a rerun for you and other long term members. I'm learning so much. You describe your experiences with such familiarity and comfort. I'd love to have that type of wisdom that you have. For instance, is it a coincidence that I had a dream about a childhood acquaintance 15 years after seeing her, to find out that she had passed on? Am I an empath or just overly sensitive to others' feelings? Do I hate crowds because they are inconvenient, or because I hate feeling overwhelmed by the number of people? I don't know yet. Thank you so much for participating-

  • The hardest part about being an empath is not knowing you are one. It took an observant friend to make me realise that I was not in fact in love with someone but that it was his love for me I was picking up and mistaking for my own feelings. It gets so much easier when you realise all the feelings you are bombarded with are not your own. But I still feel very uneasy at big concerts, in crowded malls, etc. Any sort of mass emotion can freak me out - even positive ones. I remember going to a mass meditation once and being in a spaced-out trance for the rest of the day afterwards. Very blissful but hard to manage in the real world. 🙂

  • I also have to avoid zoos because I get so in tune with the animals there, that it tends to affect them too much. The baby animals especially get attracted to me - I have never gone back to Taronga Park zoo after a baby giraffe got stuck in the surrounding moat and almost broke its leg trying to get to me after I tuned into it and sent it mothering vibes. I do so like empathising with animals though. Whales are phenomenal - when they come into Sydney harbour, I go down to the quay and tune into their vibes which are the most peaceful I have ever felt. I also love the sea turtles at the aquarium - they are so full of ancient wisdom and very respectful of humans. Sharks as you would expect are very cold and disdainful of humans.

  • Artistismuse- we seem to have alot in common. Though I haven't seen any since I was 8 and I never heard. It used to be alot worse when I lived in Tampa. They follow me too. No matter where I am, I will sense them. I get a little scared when I hear the scratching and other noises. Not as much anymore. When I was pregnant with my first son, I would hear a woman and a man argue. Most of the time it sounded like it was outside but every time I looked, there was no one there. (I lived on the 2nd floor) Once, I heard something in my closet. (it was 1990 so I don't rmrmber everything) Everytime I took a shower, the doorknob would jiggle or there would be knocking on the wall. ( the other side of that wall was my kitchen so I know it wasn't neighbors) And one night, I woke up to use the restroom and my husbands tattoo gun (home made then) went off by itself. It was in a box in the hallway. I had experiences til about after I was with my daughters father for a year. After we moved here, I didn't have any experiences til after he finally left. He was here for 10 years, I wanted him to leave after 3. I don't blame the spirits for not coming around cause I didn't want to be near him either loll. In the apartments I lived in before I moved here (I lived in 3 a 1 and 2 bedroom) I would see shadows always out of the corner of my eye. And always more towards the roof. I felt a warm spot like someone had been sitting in this one specific place for a long time. I was told back then I had a male human guardian. I know I do now. I was told his name is Alfred which is cool because that is Batman's butler's name lol and he was my father in my first life. I know I talked to him once. I didn't even try to look at him. I didn't know who he was at the time. He told me he was an off duty fire/rescue guy. But if he didn't talk to me until the paramedics arrived, I would've been dead.I don't remember the conversation. I just remember talking to him. Anyway, since he has left. I can sense their presense. (negative more than positive) I will see movement (like outside of windows) I will hear shuffling and certain doors opening and closing (without them doing it) When they get aggrivated, I hear alot of bumps, one night I heard scratching on the door. I set up a reg. recorder for when I was gone. I heard lots of bangs. In my daughters room I heard pages turning and something that sounded either like a train or an unbalanced load of wash. It was quieter.I only heard a dog bark one time so I know whatever spirits that were here, were not affecting my dogs. Usually, if they don't bother me, they can stay as long as they want. I too have to take xanax to sleep at night. But my time is from 2a to about 5a. I always wake up between 2-3a. I can go back to sleep if I took my xanax. If I don't, then I'm staying up! lol I can't help them. I am going to try automatic writing but the hardest part for me is clearing my mind. I don't think it ever stops. I have had only 4 dreams in the last month and I forget them by noon. One night, I had a scary dream. It was so vivid, I still remember it and the very next day, I changed my whole life! I didn't have any dreams for months before that one. People have tried to disect it for me but no one has really given me any answers on the person that was in my dream. All I know is the final result. I left my b-f. I am trying to take care of my health which includes stoping smoking on friday. I have changed everything and I left his house because all he had there was negative. He is an alcoholic. I finally got them all out right before I left but I am sure they are back now. I know of 2 spirits that are here. Probably more now but I have a native American guarding a burial site outside and his soul mate, inside. I can feel where they are. but that is it. I at least hope the spirits come to you as people (when they were alive) than how they died (like in that movie The 6th Sense) I only ever saw one spirit and that was when I was 8. She was glowing green. She was outside walking a dog (I think) she looked like an old librarian (long sleeves, long skirt, hair in a bun) and she looked right at me and sshhshed me. I wasn't making a sound and after that, I just dropped to the floor. I saw one other thing. It was weird (I was about the same age) it sorta resembled the creature from the black lagoon. And it was right at my window (but on the outside) I've had other experiences I can tell you about later. I know this post is long and I am hoping you read it. TTFN

  • Pastrevisited your right I am comfortable with what I do. I never thought much about it cause I have done these things since I was a child. I wasn't even aware that it had a name until 2002 when someone said I knew you were an empath I just didn't know how strong you are. On that I said oh is that what it's called? I don't like everything being pigeon holed and given a name. It is just what I do and to me it's not scary and never has been. As you become more open you will have hind sight and understand why you said certain things over the years. It is quite eye opening and then I became comfortable with what I felt and know. I evolved and found that I was able to do much more and that came after reading and talking with others. Having people direct me to books that I might find interesting and just being attracted to a book. Not fighting what I do helped a lot. Not arguing with members of friends family that had passed and delivered messages for them. And it wasn't something that scared me but they were very pushy as to get me to make a call from Mo. to Calif. when I would put them off I became tired not understanding that time was of the essence because they wouldn't be home if I didn't do it when they came to me. It was amazing to me at that point. Good luck and don't be afraid.

  • I've been able to see ghosts, gosh, sense I was a young girl. My first memory was when I was six or seven years old. Our family dog had passed away and I was outside playing and I saw her. She came running up to me plain as day and I said her name and went to grab her and my hands went right through her and she disappeared.

    I didn't think anything of it, I just said "Oh."

    My second memory happened a few years later. I was coming home from school and my neighbor was standing in her window staring at me. I waved, but she didn't respond. So I just shrugged my shoulders and went on in the house. Later that evening my dad was reading the paper and said "Oh no, the neighbor died saterday night." and I said "No she didn't daddy, I just saw her when I came home from school." and of corse, that started a whole new subject where my dad said "Impossible" and I said "I did too!" Ahhh memories.. lol.

    I've seen, heard, been touched by and smelled plenty more sense then. I always tell them my rule is no spooky face to face things. LOL. Don't just pop up in my face, I don't like that.

    I used to work as a truck stop server and had been moved to start readings right there on the floor. Once our local law enforcement got to know me, when they heard of a haunting problem, they would ask me for advice. That was a nice friendship to have when I wanted to go EVPing in Cemeterys at night.

    My first patient I had that was knocking on deaths door, I knew it. I could feel it and told my clinicial instructor so. Three hours after we left the sight, my patient was gone.

    I too used to be unable to deal with crowds. And being at a stop light when I funeral went by was horrible on my emontions. The weather also used to drive me batty. Huge thunderstorms would scare the snot out of me. I've sense learned to put myself in a protection bubble and I can handle/deal with these things better now. It's not perfect and those close to me can still bleed their emontions into me, it's work on my part to cut the connections.

  • Its hard for me to deal with people too. Probably all of the emotions they give off i sense or feel. I mean its like I said before about being able to sense the bad soul or good soul. When I was young I would have out of body experiences, it seemed almost every night but it probably wasn't that much. All I know is that it would start with clickings. I would lay down at night and that would start. It was almost like a repetitive dream. Then I would float over sand, I could never see anything in front of me. But eventually I would come up on to a spinning wheel. After that I can't remember but I felt i had out of body experiences.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them as a child or at any time of their life?

  • Artisticmuse- I know it is long but I would really appreciate if you read my post. I haven't experienced any of the empathic stuff. I do know somebody that does have out of body experiences. He didn't have them as a child. They came as a result of an accident. I don't remember if he died for a few minutes or what. But he was at least in his 2os when they started. But get back to me. TTFN

  • I read your post Sylvannah and it sounds like you do have a lot of trouble with negative spirits or energy. This is what I do know, I know things can open a door, drugs for instance or consuming a lot of alcohol, and you don't have to be the one that's consuming. Maybe a person that lived there before you, People like us can sense that because they have opened that door.

    We bought this house a few years ago and the biggest reason I was attracted to it was because the previous owners had it built and they were a very nice family. So I knew nothing like that went on here. On occasion I'll feel or hear or sense something. I saw a cat in the hallway that was killed a few weeks before, things like that. I know its very hard to deal with things like this. Next week I'm gonna go visit my Momma in SC and she lives in an old house and the land is bad. That's where I saw that furry thing. And she has a mimic also. It copies other people when they are gone. I try to think positive thoughts and I am happy , its my art that has saved me most of all. I'll carry protection with me next week as usual.

    I hope you can see through all of this , It is just the spirits wanting attention from you and your fear can feed energy to those spirits so they can manifest.

    Start thinking positive thoughts, that helps a lot for me. And my heart feels your pain of not knowing and of thinking you are alone in this. But remember we are out there, scattered but out there. And its forums like this that can and will connect us

    huggs and peace to your soul

    and God bless you

  • I didn't mention that my sisters and my only brother, (which he is more powerful than I am), We all experience things like this. And my Mother she is huge in this, yet she turns it away. When we are together. Its like a hey day for the spirits lol.

  • Captain- I imagined the zoo babies migrating to you and my heart melted. People here migrate to you as well- maybe for a diff reason, though. 🙂 Thanks for sharing yourself and offering your gifts to us here. Do you help others here because it's fulfilling a call of service (a calling you have) or as a hobby?

  • ArtisticMuse and Sylvannah(sorry for spelling! going from bad memory here), I'm curious- why do spirits feed on fear? Can they feed on other positive emotions? I feel silly for asking, but maybe you have an answer- do the spirits interact with each other? Do the spirits want your attention because they wish they were in human form again? I have never seen spirits- but I talk to my relatives who have passed on. How can Sylvannah attract positive spirits? I'm worried she doesn't get much good sleep.

  • pastrevisited I am not really sure why myself ,but I found a pretty good answer on the web here and it seems to fit why they do feed off of fear. So I'll copy and paste it then add the url.


    One advantage the ghost has is that you usually can't see him. And that causes fear. And many ghosts feed off fear. Why? Fear is a strong emotional energy, and it is commonly believed that ghosts use that energy. Which may explain why it isn't uncommon to find ghosts in homes where strong emotional energy is the norm....anger problems, chaotic households, addiction problems, and more. Even if a stable family moves in, when a ghost realizes his activities produce fear in the new household members, he is quite content to continue his noisy ways. Also of note, fear amplifies our senses as it prepares our body for fight or flight, making us naturally more aware of the energies in our environment.

    I believe a lot of spirits aren't spirits at all but a memory of an object or a house. And some spirits do think they are still alive. And some spirits just don't want to move on to the light.

    Spiritual interaction is a question that I can't answer simply because I've never experienced two spirits interacting with each other.

    The spirits do want your attention simply to let you know that they are there. It's like them waving and saying I am here. They do things to attract attention. Like I said sometimes it's a residue of a memory that happened in the place that you see spirits. I believe the ones that can interact know they are dead.

    Anyway that's the thoughts I have on these subjects


  • I know what you mean about being able to look at someone & know the type of spirit they have, I too have always had that ability. I've also been able to sense that something was going to happen before it actually did, unfortunately though, most of the things I would sense prior to them happening, was bad. I have always felt different from most others, like no one really knows or understands me. It's quite an experience being a Pisces, hard sometimes being so sensitive, as well as being able to absorb other peoples energy when they are around you. All in all, I guess it's not so bad, I think being a Pisces brings out a lot of my GOOD characters!.

  • pastrevisited How can Sylvannah attract positive spirits? I'm worried she doesn't get much good sleep.

    She has to tell the spirits to leave her alone that she's is trying to sleep and mean it. To say it out loud to them. They will still bother her for a while, but as time goes by Her attitude will change and there fore her energies will change. It won't go away but she will be able to handle it a lot better.

    Or at least that's what I've had to do and it does help


  • Pisces45 it sounds like you have a very positive attitude. That's is our protection most of all. Sure we see and feel bad things but it's knowing that these things can't hurt you, and they can't unless you allow it. You may see things that scare you or attract things that make you smile and soft.

    But its all in how YOU handle the situation. And Salt helps too, to keep the spirits at bay, anything that purifies, A prayer, well basically anything that YOU think helps.

    Its faith and believing that you are in control. And really you are the one that's in control. You may experience things but it's up to you whether you accept them for what they are.


  • It's been really nice to read all your experiences. I'm just now learning about my gifts but I know that they've been with me all along. I just never had anyone to explain what was happening to me. I am very sensitive to emotions so I don't necessarily know what you're thinking, but I really know what you're feeling. Feeling seems to be my mode of intuition. I'm not sure if that makes me an empath. When I was a kid, I felt very connected to animals, was also afraid of the dark (what's up with that? ) and went through periods of what I had termed, de ja vue. I would know I'd been somewhere before or heard a conversation before but wasn't sure why...like I was repeating time or something. As I got older, I tried to explain it to my parents but ended up just thinking I was on the edge of losing it, so kept everything to myself. As I said in the beginning, I'm only now coming to terms with what these feelings are and that I'm like a barometer and have to stay grounded and shielded most of the time if i want to prevent feeling everyone's "stuff". I would love some advice from anyone that this sounds familiar to. I am looking to get a better handle on my gifts and to discover ways to use them to help others. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  • Isa333 here is a good link that you might enjoy to read


  • Isa333 I surround myself with the love of the white light and ask not to let me feel other peoples lives and what is going on with them. I also ask that no negativity penetrate the light. You need to do this several times during the day in order to be able to hold the light around you. It does work because I was picking up way to personal issues with one person like I had never experienced before and a friend suggested I try that. I stopped feeling her life any longer. And I was afraid of the dark also as a child. I would turn off the light and run and jump onto my bed for fear of something being under my bed. I also had a make believe friend and his dog. All normal for us. That was my guide coming to me as someone I wouldn't be afraid of. I would also dream the same dream every night but it never went any further. And de javue. But I haven't done that in a very long time. I was told one time it's jumping into the future for a quick glimpse and then back to real time. And to explain things to people I always would say I feel because that is exactly what I was doing, FEELING!

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