Empaths, please share your stories

  • Poetic- I don't see or hear anything but I do feel them. I also sense other things. I have goe 4 days with no smoking. Today is really testing me. I am trying very hard! But I am getting so angry. Then my daughter will be home in one and a half hours. Tonight will be my biggest test yet!

  • Hi Blmoon, my young cousins were there with me because I was living with them at the time. They are very superstitious, think ghosts are evil and from the devil, but I recently asked them did they remember that and they said no, I'm gonna ask another one who was there. I will never forget it, I know it happened. I understand what your saying, but I have no special abilities at all or as far as I know. I used to dream about witches a lot though when I was young.

    Sylvannah, just breathe stop being angry, solves nothing, please, please, learn to let go. We have to apply the principals of joy. Last night I almost got into an argument with my husband, we both know it all and have to right and have the last say. I thought about it and said "you win" I'm not arguing. My kid is doing better Thank God! Whatever peace I can get, I'll take.

    Bl-moon, I did something yesterday thats supposed to help me get to a higher vibration, supposedly channeled through the Arch-Angel Michael, I did feel different, will keep trying! 🙂 Peace, light and love!

  • Sylvannah not judging, just don't want you to stress yourself too much, It is probably a control thing, she may be just like you! Stubborn? Choose your battles! I'm no help with the smoking I'm a fiend! 🙂

  • poetic555

    you are intuitive and very open minded and just plain believe--not everyone has that kind of faith--it does make you special--that's why you are not afraid--think it's evil or chase spirit visits away. You are more gifted than you think--probably because it's never been any other way and all natural for you. The spirits use you in healing ways to help others. You are a good soul and are always learning and growing--a very positive energy mostly. You can be very wise.

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  • Why thank you! I take it as a compliment. Bl-moon when you have time, help my new friend Zephire, she's special. Not that we are all not special. I was just told I may have an Etopic pregnancy, that's scary so tomorrow, going to a doctor, Have a beautiful, wonderful, peaceful weekend! Take Care! 🙂

  • P.S. She asked a question somewhere in here. Pretty Please with sugar, strawberry's and Cream, Yum!

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  • I'm crying too today, Life is good, I believe there are no coincidences. Laithano I love your stories and I'm glad you overcame your childhood, you are still here. "Still I Rise" :0

  • 5 days! My daughter finishes softball this week and my son is alive! I just hope that this new med helps. Maybe if she can sleep, all of this will be worth it. It has not been easy. I quit smoking at the same time I stop her meds! It has been a challenge but I am a strong person and I am a person of my word. If I say I'm gonna do something, I do it! I don't like to let anyone down. I've got lots to do today so TTFN

  • K.

  • Enjoying the strawberrys--answered zephire on another thread.

    PS-If someone has told you to rest lately you should listen. Mind body and soul. Think tropical beaches--turquios sea--big colorful drinks and fancy umbrellas and lots of yummy healthy hot bodies! Can you hear the waves? Smell the salt? Coconut oil!

  • I would'nt consider myself psychic, I always tell people to be pyschic

    is simply the ability to go and see beyond the limitations of physical

    appearance. No matter how happy someone looks and appears If their

    unhappy inside A intune empath will have the ability to recieve that

    information through intuition or soul-to-soul conection. It takes alot of humbleness

    and patience to master those abilities.

    I Believe We All have access to Psychic Powers,

    But Its just like a muscle, If you dont excersise it; It wont grow.

    Wel all have different strategies some talk to spirits and some dont,

    some see things, some feel [empaths] and some heal, & some are

    messengers..You must acknowledge you have the power first & then intune

    and master it.

    I feel as though I am sometimes a messenger [litterally]

    As though some people have came into my life, for me

    to directly give them a message & I HAVE. Im drawn to some

    indiviuals I dont know why & others NOT so MUCH.. Its the feeling of INSTANT CONNECTION.

    Mostly the feeling of me WANTING to Help them.

    I Always feel My 3rd Eye, my messages mainly come through

    images,visions ect. I always Feel I have a 3rd eye.

    Only time my gut feeling is strongest is when NEGATIVE energy

    is around me, I sense it so well its almost like a dirty scent in the air

    & well lets just say I have way too many stories dealing with those. lol

  • Hi Addicted! Where have ya been? We missed you. I hope all is good. TTFN

  • Hey sylvannah!! I've Been Okay!

    How About You ? Are you loving the feeling

    of getting closer to summer or what lol? And the kids?

    I hope Good ttyl. 😉

  • Hi a2r 🙂 (Just trying out the nick- hope you don't mind) I see you have helped so many people here. It's so interesting to hear how you feel that connection to those that you help. It makes sense that you don't respond to every post on the forum. I found it particularly interesting when you said - you have a 3rd eye for sensing to help others and your gut instinct tells you when there is something bad going on- really interesting! Thanks so much for sharing and nice to meet you!

  • I've always felt I had an uniqueness about me, But I've always thought because of all the trauma I've had in my life, i thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I have lived my life before if this makes sense. When I ask a question on here I always know the answer ahead of time, maybe gut instinct????

    My daughter who is 10 years old Astral travels, "How do I know this" I have done some research and it made so much sense to what she is doing. I have seen her...I have to ask the angels to guide her out slowly and when she comes back to enter gently...I feel really strange writing this like its a dirty secret or something I'm not suppose to talk about, maybe that's why I have never truly found out what my gifts are,It's like I feel shame around it...

    Gosh, I can't believe I am responding to this, I have NEVER EVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS TO ANYONE..

    May the Angels surround all of you with Loving light,

    Hugs Sheila from Vancouver Canada.

  • No. LOL Have no AC and school ends on the 8th. lol I am hoping by the 8th of July, she starts a new med, it works and she gets some sleep and I can start enjoying her company again. But now, not so much. lol I hope you feel better taking some time away. I hope you are all refreshed and renewed

    Shatz- you should never be ashamed and what you or your daughter can do. More people have these extra gifts than you know. I think we should all get together and tell everyone else what a freak they are, they can't even sense things. lol Great job in helping your daughter. Asking the angels to help her with her transition is a good, motherly thing to do and at least she won't feel shut off from you. What are your gifts? Everyone here has them so don't feel ashamed. Some are more than others. Like I am medium-istic I can't see or hear spirits but I can sense alot of things. I am not a full blown medium. I always ask people how they feel about that kinda stuff before I even talk about it. You would be surprised at how many people either have the same problem as you or just believe in it. So ask some of your friends how they feel about it. Don't even bother talking to the ones that don't believe. They will have a logical answer for everything. lol So let it all out. you can talk about it here. We are all your friends interested in hearing your story. TTFN

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  • shatz there is no need for shame. There are more people out there who do what your daughter does. Sylvia Browne did it and so does her grand-daughter. I believe John Edward mentioned doing it in one of his books. Thank goodness for people like them making this a subject that is out in the open and you don't have to hide your abilities because they will be out in the open in days to come. I do understand not broadcasting them because some even in this day in age end up in counselling. You don't need to be shy on site like these and may gain a lot of in site to yours and your daughters gifts. Peace an keep helping her so she doesn't close them off.

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