Empaths, please share your stories

  • There is some good info on empathy at the Empath Community website or google EliseLebeau.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • suramya- I did what you suggested in your recent post here. I am thrilled by this new discovery!!!! There, I found the answers to so many of my questions- many of which, I couldn't articulate to others. You have given me an enormous gift- a toolbox for coping/managing/utilizing this "sensitivity" I felt was uncontrollable and dominating my life. Ahhhh!

  • Love the story Zephire, happy for you Pastrevisited!

  • Well, today is my last day for smoking so I don't know exactly yet on what kinda mood I will be in tomorrow. I think I have figured out how I can clear my mind, and then, I will attempt automatic writing. I have a gift and if I learn how to open up, I will be able to see and hear the spirits but, I'm not sure I really want to. I do cause they come to me and get aggrivated and start making noises I can hear and I don't like those. I sense them so I know they are here. I tell them that I can't help them. They have 2 choices. go into the light or go find someone that can help them. So I need to try to open up and just know that the end result will be seeing and hearing them. I think I can prepare myself for that. I really don't think my daughter inherited it. I think the experiences she reported were psycho-sematic. Although, I know she can here the noises and she heard a voice one time say something and I believe that. She is very insistant on what it said. She heard Tippany. I know we have a native american spirit in that prticular room. I was told once what that was but I forgot. It is 12:30p already and I got to get stuff done! TTFN

  • Pastrevisited, what may have started this intrest with me is as a young girl I was at a Bible Study group and we were all sitting in a circle on the floor praying, the speaker was sitting in the middle of the circle a beautiful woman I remember. After awhile she started speaking in a man's voice, saying that she was Christ and she levitated off the floor, way up almost to the ceiling, tears were running down her face as she spoke. That tripped me out and I never forgot it. The message was warm and beautiful though and I never forgot that either.

    Sylvannah we watch the same shows, I'm sick of ghost hunters though, they are kind of anal. 🙂

  • I like Ghost hunters cause I think it's funny! I can't believe they have the following that they do when they still act like they did when they started. I was gonna go somewhere with the Springhill Ghosthunters but then he just stopped contacting me. Not sure why. If anything, I can draw out activity. So I will keep looking. I wanna go on one of those. Just to see what happens. I have to get off of this damn computer. lol It's too addictive and time just goes by. Leaving the computer is probably harder than quitting smoking. lolI believe in the red light cameras but for the blatently red light runners but in Tampa, you would put yourself in the middle of the intersection to make a left turn and the only time they can turn, is when the light is red but I guess they souldn't put themselves in the intersection and get a turn light out there. So I agree and disagree. I hate when I am driving and the light turns yellow and it's either run it or slam on your breaks. I did hear a good idea, lengthen the time on the yellow lights and the time between where one side turns red and the other green. That is a much better idea than a camera. I think anyway. Anyway, gotta go TTFN

  • Suramya and Pastrevisited,

    Suramya...thanks very much for that link. It answered so many questions I had and gave me some great tips on how to deal with taking on others' emotions. Over the years, I have found it so challenging as I can be in the best happy go lucky mood one moment and then in an angry or depressed state very quickly after having come into contact with someone who has those feelings. I was always told I was overly sensitive but I thought it was more than that. I am going to do some more research on learning how to protect myself from strong emotions that aren't mine.

    Pastrevisited...thank you for starting this topic. Just reading the responses of everyone else has been so very helpful.

    Light and love to all.

  • Pastrevisited and torgirl

    Am glad you found this useful.Its the least i can do for what I have been blessed to receive on tarot.com.Leoscorpion posts on how to shield oneself.You may find that useful as well.If you cant find her post ill try and locate it for you or summarize her ideas.Captain has shown me the path to self love,which automatically offers protection.There are very kind and helpful people on this site who will gladly answer all your questions.Love and Peace

  • Hi Sylvannah- I am pulling for you every day- and especially while you are quitting smoking. I am so proud of you for trying it. I have a very dear friend who really struggled with smoking cessation and used Chantix, like you will be. She didn't expect it to work for her, but it did- and she doesn't even crave cigarettes any more- it's been over 7 months now. She feels so much better over all. It is wonderful that you are doing this for yourself!!!! You've been so strong for so long- keep it up!

  • Torgirl44- Captain suggested I ask my questions to all Empaths on this forum and it's been wonderful. I am so glad you are finding it resourceful as well. While I'm not psychic or especially gifted, I am an empath- not just overly sensitive. This forum has provided practical info for me in addition to support and inspiration. I came to this forum initially to ask questions about my health and I hoped someone might have some insight. Wow- I never expected to discover so much more. What brought you here, Torgirl44? Wouldn't that be an interesting thread- to find out what everyone's first post was about here on the forum? (maybe only to me!)

  • Poetic- what an experience!!!!! What did you feel as you saw her levitate and speak? Was anyone fearful? Have you been able to keep in touch with anyone else who saw it, too? I am so interested to know more- Have you seen anything like it since?

  • Zephire- It can be so hard to get respect in a male dominated field! Good for you for being patient and diligent. Isn't it interesting that you didn't need ANY blueprints at all to know those machines, yet the men did?( I don't mean to be insensitive to men- hopefully, no one's offended?)

  • Zephire, it sounds like you are a communications empath - someone who gets vibes from seemingly inanimate objects like machines, characters in books, artwork etc. Everything actually gives off an energy that can be read and interpreted.

  • Thanks Pastrevisited-my problem is that my daughter isn't on any medications right now. I had to stop them for a month for her to try a different one. That's why I smoke now or I would have quit already. I smoke sometimes just to keep from killing her! lol I will still try but she will be on her new meds in about 3 weeks so if I end up smoking so I don't beat her, I will and try again. In 3 weeks. I will be done with smoking by July. But all of you guys here rooting for me will make me try that much harder. I don't want to let anyone down. Especially me but, I don't see myself being really successful right now.I'm probably the only person I know that smokes for someone elses health. lol

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  • I am sharing all of the links on empathes that have been shared here with people who don't come onto tarot. Trying to inform them as to what the reasons are for what they feel! So it is very much appreciated.

  • Poetic- what an experience!!!!! What did you feel as you saw her levitate and speak? Was anyone fearful? Have you been able to keep in touch with anyone else who saw it, too? I am so interested to know more- Have you seen anything like it since?

    I was in awe, my cousins say they don't remember it, I never forgot it. I've never seen anything, sometimes I feel things, my husband though see's ghosts and when my Aunt died who was my heart, she came to see me and so did my Grandfather. He runs them away, which makes me mad. He desribes them to me and says he tells them the dead and the living can't mix. He's very scared, superstitious and paranoid. I was pissed because my Aunt came at a time when I was really, really depressed. I think my son saw her too. OH! I forgot for quite awhile we had spirtis in our garage they would continue to shake and open the kitchen door, I forgot that.

  • poetic555

    it is likely you are the only one who saw that--as a vision--because surely it would not be forgotten by anyone else. Like seeing auras or other psychic realities others do not see. It was very real for you but people without that kind of vision will not always see what others see.As a psychic I on occasion have met strangers who pass through me and in an instant I see as real as a movie a flash of thier past or future--it is so quik and so fast and very real to me though no one else sees it. Did anyone else see it beside you at the time? Just curious. Sometimes when we are young and have a gift we are given one very remarkable event that keeps our faith solid and on track because so many fear their gift or as we grow into the adult world we cut off that link. This could have been your gift expierience that was meant to always keep you spiritually believing and receptive to spirit.

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