Empaths, please share your stories

  • How did you know you were an empath? What challenges did you face before you knew/were aware you were an empath?

  • I knew I was different as a child.--I was extra sensitive--very attracted to nature, specially animals. I had a hard time sleeping in the dark and always thought I saw things and wasn't alone. When I turned about 12 I was aware that my dreams oftem came true. I saw my grandmother's death before it happened and sometimes knew when I met strangers if something bad was in their future. I really knew when one day at a sleep over I blurted out something about someone and they were shocked at my knowing about them and it ended up like a game and everyone asked me to guess things about them and I remember thinking at that moment that I had a gift everyone else did not have. It was fun that night and everyone was amazed and I felt important. Later as I grew it was more a burden and I had a hard time with it and fought it for years. I stayed pretty quiet about it and usually the only time it was brought up is when I ran into someone else who was psychic and usually there is an intant ackowledgement. For me it was mostly a silent gift--I often just did what spirit asked of me or said to someone the words spirit gave me. It's like a silent service letting the angels move and speak through you. I had to learn to not think too much about spirit urges to call or send notes to people--to not have a reason but trust the process. The people closest to me know I am psychic but it's not something I talk about otherwise. My biggest challange with this gift is boundries. Not absorbing other people to the point of losing myself. Knowing what feelings are mine and what is picked up on others. This is a constant juggling act. Large crowds are exhausting at times. I need lots of quiet time for myself. Also the biggest challange of all was excepting that I could not help everyone--turning off my empathy line and letting go--when I was younger I felt sorry for others to the point of draining myself. Giving too much is easy to do for an empath so I think it takes a good balance of head and heart to manage feeling too much.

  • We appreciate you BLmoon! Thanks! Sorry to jump in. I don't have any gifts that I know of but I can look at people and discern things about them and their spirit. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, Blmoon- you've had such interesting experiences! Don't mean to get too nosy, but this question just came to me, have you ever regretted not telling someone about something you sense about them?

  • Hi Poetic, You said you don't have any gifts, but you can look at people and sense things about them. I think that's a gift. Seems special to me 🙂 I'd tend to think that would classify as empath. Maybe I need better clarification of what an empath is?

  • Yes I have!

    usually it was when I was afraid of looking foolish. Say I had this urge to send a card with a certain message to someone but on the outside It didn't fit--only to find out later that the person was really putting on a smile when deep inside they were crying and that card with those words would have been perfect and comforting. I usually don't ignore spirit but it happens when I let my ego in. And there have been times when I sugar coated a warning when it served no purpose but prolonging the process. You know the phrase--hate the message kill the messanger--it's true! Again, the ego wants to be liked. I do see things but spirit says not to say anything as well because it's not the time. Usually spirit speaks up pretty loud before I can even think about it so it's more likely to get tampered with if I'm given time on my own to think about it too much. Tapping in clearly requires some detachment.

  • Blmoon, how did you learn how to hear spirit? How did you recognize it? How did you learn which is your spirit, and which is the ego? I mean, how did you figure out what spirit was telling you, wasn't actually your own opinions or thoughts? How did you identify which was which and then- trust that you were hearing spirit and not just your own thoughts?

  • Blmoon, Thanks so much for sharing. I had similar experiences when I was a child, often having dreams/thoughts about people/things which later turned out to be true. I told my family about these thoughts and they didn't take me seriously even when they later turned out to be true so I just stopped sharing them. At some point I stopped trusting my instincts and wasn't sure what were my thoughts and what were messages. I was also afraid of the dark when I was a child.

    Recently, I have been more attuned and have noticed things around my home that I can only chalk up to spirits in my house...like the TV turning on and off by itself, my washing machine lid being opened in the middle of a wash when no one is home...I actually saw a figure in front of my bed in the middle of the night one night but was afraid so I closed my eyes and when I re opened them he was gone.

    I've always been aware of the fact that I 'take on' others emotions. I hate crowded places, I feel emotionally claustrophobic when I'm in a crowded place. Also, I can wake up in the best happy mood which can turn very quickly into sorrow, anger...etc, when I'm around a person who is feelign that emotion...I know it's not my own but I don't really know how to handle it and not pick up these feelings.

    Any advice you could give me as to how to not pick up others emotions and any other thoughts as to how to connect with the spirits around me would be so greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Captain! If you see this, I'd love to hear about your challenges, too. When you said you used to mistake others' love for you as your own feelings, I didn't understand immediately that it applied to me. And then, hours later it sank in- yes, that very much applies to me. I'd love to hear about when you were first aware of your gifts and how you handled it. I also hope to hear from other empaths on this forum as well! Thanks, Blmoon for sharing!

  • Hi Pastrevisited, I think I'm a little emphatic or have an discerning spirit as the old folks used to say. I dream things too and somtimes i just know. I'm learning to follow my intuition. Torgirl44 someone will help you protect yourself and ground yourself soon, take care!

  • There was a lot of talk on this subject last year but you may not have been on here then. I feel others aches and pains, crave what they want for dinner without knowing it till they come home and say how did you know I wanted that? Knew when someone close to me had an accident, mimicked their actions and never even knew the person for a few days later. Knew a little too much about this last one when I woke from sleep and knew what she was doing and I said too much information and had to learn to block her. Calling my child by my sister's name for a week and call home from Ohio to Calif. to find out she was in the hospital and when ever it would happen again I just called the hospital and she was there. Knew when my parents were coming to visit from 4 1/2 hr. drive. Not too happy about that one. And knew when my guy was climbing power poles and it wasn't his job to do. Too many more to mention.

  • Hi. I had alot of similarities to Blmoon til she turned 12. When I was 8, I saw a full body apparition. (the only one I ever saw) I am not an empath. I am medium-istic. I can't see or hear spirits but I can sense them. They are usually more active here between 2-5a. I have to take meds to sleep cause if not, I will wake up at 2a exactly, and can't go back to sleep. I still wake up between 2-3a but I am able to go back to sleep due to the meds. I can sleep like a baby during the day. The spirits keep coming to me. lately I've been telling them that I can't see or hear them therefore, can't help them. I think they get aggrivated because they keep talking to me and I can't hear them so they make noises I can hear. And I hate the thumps, bumps, and shuffles. I know I have at least 1 guardian cause I talked to him after my car accident until the paramedics got there. If I didn't, I would have been dead for sure. But now I know more of the purpose of a guardian. They are not there to keep things from happening to you but to help you with what comes after something happens to you. I guess it wasn't my time tet. They say everything happens for a reason but I still don't know the reason for my car accident. But after my accident, I started going downhill quickly (I was only 24) I was drinking, taking my pain meds, smoking cigs. I almost just died and I wasn't handling it very well. Then, I got pregnant with my son. He was the only child I knew I was pregnant with that night and they still don't know how I got pregnant. I had a broken back among other things. So, when I found out for sure (at 9 wks) I quit everything I was doing and went back to work. They told me I was never going to be able to carry him full term because of my back. He was overdue and he weighed 8lb13oz. So I don't know if he was the reason I was here or if he was another thing to fix me. All I know thoughis that I have not accomplished what I am supposed to. I was just going downhill again recently (but in a different way) and one night, strange things happened and I had this weird dream that scared the c r a p out of me. It was so vivid, I still remember it. I have short term memory loss, I don't remember s h i t but I remember this dream. The next day, I changed my whole life. So I still think I have something I have to do I just wish I knew what it was. I still have a messed up back and I have short term memory loss and vertigo. (and I guess RLS) I take strong pain meds, xanax to sleep, diazepam for the vertigo, and mirapex for the RLS. I only take 3 of them as needed. The only constant one is the xanax for sleep. I still take about 4-5 of my pain meds per day. Meds don't have the same effect on me as it does on most people. I don't take them for recreational use but they don't make me buzzed! Sometimes a full pain med will make it hard to drive. It doesn't make me sleepy but I can't focus on the road so I take half in the morning because I know I have to drive my daughter to school. I also sleep in a recliner in the living room. My neck only huirts when I sleep there but if I sleep in my bed, my whole body hurts. I wish I could either know what I am supposed to do or fix me a little so everyday life isn't so painful. I have been through almost everything imaginable. I am a very strong person. I can sense things about certain situations. I want to try autumatic writing but I can't calm my mind down enough. My mind is always going. Any suggestions on this? I know this is long and I'm sorry. Part of being a Virgo with AD/HD. Off to my daughter's softball practice. Good for you. LOL TTFN

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  • I'm not sure if I am an empath , But I do know that I am sensitive to certain things. For Instance I can sense when I see a person, if that person has a good soul or bad soul. Its hard to explain what I mean, but that's the best explanation I have. Also I rarely see spirits but, I do smell them, and I can sense them. If someone dies that is close to me I know that it happened before I was told (Grandmother, Aunt, Dad) I don't know how I know I just know.

    And on the spirits, I am scared to see actually even tho I have seen hands and animals, And I have felt bad spirits, even saw a hairy creepy thing one time.

    I'm not sure what I have but I do know that it is a gift. Just like my creativity in painting, sketching and writing.

    And of course I am a Full Blown Taurus hahaha.

    Sending good vibs to you all

    God Bless you

  • AriesPiscesCusp- You said you know they aren't your feelings. I think I am having trouble distinguishing between my feelings and others feelings. It is hard to admit this, but I many times get to a point in a conversation where I really don't know how I was feeling before I started talking to the other person. In the past, I have been around angry men (not boyfriends), but related to me somehow, and their anger made me physically ill and shaky- even though I knew I wasn't in danger, nor was anyone else. Everyone else in the vicinity just sat around- seemingly unaffected. I have had to leave the room. I'm wondering how to handle these situations- I feel afflicted (like I'm a weirdo!). I avoid angry people and confrontation now. Is this a phase? I love your opinions and feedback! So, thank you to everyone who is contributing to this post- I am learning so much and the best part, I am getting to know some of you wonderful people.

  • Also I get touched a lot by spirits, they want me to pay attention to them. I can hear them, and from 1 am to about 4 am is the rough time for me. I lived in a house one time that was old and was across from a cemetery. I know that spirits really don't live in cemeteries they move on after a few days usually. but I think I had visits from everyone of those spirits. We moved and its not nearly as bad as it was, But I do take xanax at night to sleep also. It helps not to be able to hear the noises and feel the touchings that is or were going on.

    I know that I am different somehow, and I would love to learn to cope with all of this without being so afraid. But I have also heard that they do feed or take energy from your fears.

    I use to be an avid reader of books about the occult and ghosts, and I loved to watch movies and stories about that. But since all of this started, I have been very very careful about what I watch or what I include myself in.

    Honestly I think I am a Medium , but who knows, not even me. lol

  • Sylvannah- you HAVE been through so much- and you continue to struggle with chronic pain. I am so sorry. Congratulations to you on having a miracle baby. With a back history like yours, I understand how impressive it was to have a full-term baby! So, do the spirits scare you or just the noises they make? What feelings do you have when the spirits make an appearance? Do you feel fear, peace, or do you take on the emotions of the spirits?

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  • ArtisticMuse- Oh my goodness! I'd feel the same way you do if I had all of that going on! Tell me, how do spirits present themselves- in the form of a person or something else? Or do they affect senses other than your sight? You hear them, see them, smell them? And do you ever find out why they want your attention? Do any of the spirits seem familiar to you? I am a very inquisitive person! Sorry if I am just throwing out too many questions, but my curious mind wants (needs) to know....... 🙂 If you ever moved, do you think spirits would continue to demand your attention?

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