BRIAN HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian, you seem to be giving helpful insight pls help me. help me anyone? someone? tell me why am I so alone? when will i meet someone? i really like this guy his name starts with the letter K we been friends for a long time over 15 yrs. we kinda hooked up but now he's not around anymore...I thought he liked me I honestly did. I thought he was the one for me but IDK what happened? his bday is 11/16/77 and mine is 5/12/78. is he in my future? will he ever tell that he wants to be with me? I have so many confusions. if you can also, tell me abt the rest of my yr is it looking up? I'm tired of feeling like i dont exist.

  • Idk78, I feel you need security and stabilty in your life. You want a strong partner to support you and keep you safe. But your friend K was the opposite of this. Although you thought he was a strong man, he was really very insecure and not good at the committed relationship you want. He will not be back - the friendship broke when it became more intimate.

    What you need to learn is fact from fantasy. When you see someone you like, go with your gut - not your desires or your brain. You project a lot of neediness that could turn off prospective suitors so try and cut back on those feelings of desperation. Tell yourself you are beautiful and warm and loving and any man would be lucky to have you. Believe that and you will attract exactly the right sort of person rather than those who would take advantage of your neediness for their own purposes.

  • idk78,

    I gave you my take on this already, and that has not changed, I am not sure what else to add, you should perhaps go back and read that again. Please do, this I do not exist thing is not good.

    TheCaptain was kind enough to answer your post, and her take on things I agree with entirely.

    Please take care of yourself,


  • Hello IDK78 MAY I ask...was there alcohol involved when you guys "Hooked Up?"

    The reason as to why I am asking is because; I have had close male friends. I have noticed that as SOON as I let my guard down, they got "fresh" with me.

    This Guy might have had been waiting for you to let your guard down?

  • Idk78 it is me again Love. I want YOU to go under the topic Anything Goes and look at the Please help thread.

    THERE, You will see me giving the young lady by the name of; LovedConfusedLibra some insight.

    TheCaptain gave her some good advice as well.

    I want YOU to read the ALL of the pages (It is not that long).

    As I have said before...WE all are looking for answers in regard to love. For some reason Love is so complicated. I am in my late thirties and I AM STILL trying to make sense of it all!!

    Brian Tristan has given you some excellent insight Love...I know, I know,I know... BELIEVE me, I can feel your confusion. That is why I feel so compelled to try to comfort you.

    MEN are hard to figure out Love.

  • OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!! I wrote this the same day that BrianTristan answered me but I had already posted it so it just stayed there. idk, how to delete any of my unwanted threads.

  • Anytime Love, Anytime...Just let the insightful Captain,Brian Tristan, Natapier, JuneMoon26 and (I HIGHLY recommend Blmoon as well help you).

    For some reason, I can feel certain individuals: Pain,Grief, Sadness, Loneliness, and Confusion. Your post pulled at me. I AM NOTHING like the aforementioned Psychics; for, they are gifted however, from time to time I can pick up on individuals energys.

    Like I said, PLEASE read what I told LovedConfusedLibra.

  • I would like to know...was there alcohol involved when you guys :Hooked Up"??

    Who came on to Who?

  • @pilot007 no, no alcohol I don't drink. he likes me i know he does i was just going through an "AHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" MONENT i felt desperate. I can't find the thread in whih I answered BrinaTristan. uughh i suck at this lol!!

    @ TheCaptain, thanx for your time and energy. it truly is appreciated. yes, in those days I was feeling down and out but i'm truly a very strong person not easy to make me go nuts (well, I should say it takes a loooooooonnnnnnnng time b4 my camel breaks its back lol). K called me yesterday and we talked for 3 hours we pretty much fixed things between emotionally(friendship wise). If anything else happens beyond that it will be based on us wanting it to happen. IDK, how to tell the difference btwn my gut feeling and my heart and mind. how is that done?

  • idk78,

    No worries, you can not delete threads unless you contact the Admin. I am glad you are okay and moving forward. I was worried you were not, but I (not you) over looked the time stamp on your post. Hope things continue to improve, as I feel the will for you.

    Peace and Calm,


  • Idk78, I still feel your friendship with K will never be the same so be prepared for that. I feel you will drift apart now.

    Can you accept that he is not the one for you romantically and not waste your time hoping for things to change?

  • yes, i can accept that if that's what's in store for me. I prayed abt it and asked God to take all the pressure off of my heart and to give me the will and strength to accept what ever his will may be for him in respects to my romantic life with K. I would really like to continue being friends but if it's not what he wants then i will be fine i'm sure. Can you please explain the difference of the gut feelings and the feelings of the brain and heart? i'm a little confused on those thank you again for your time.

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  • The brain is logical and tells us what reason can expect but in matters of the heart or prediction it is not very accurate. The heart can tell us what we want to hear but not what is. Our deepest gut instincts tell us what is really going on.

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