Soul mates vs life partner

  • Hi everyone

    I want some opinions on something. Today, I got a psychic reading concerning some problems in my relationship. Our main relationship problem is that he continues to go to and fro between me and his ex girlfriend. The reader told me right off with names and birthdays that my boyfriend and I are life partners. Great news, right?

    However, when I gave the psychic the name and birthday of the other woman, he was surprised and said that he and she were soul mates.

    What does this mean?? I am so confused. I really love this man and I know that he loves me. But somehow "life partners" doesn't have the same ring to it as "soul mates". I need some clarity on the difference between the two.

    Also, let me add that the attraction that I share with my BF is magnetic, always has been from the very beginning. We are also very psychically connected, I can feel his moods, or him thinking about me even when we are apart. Sounds crazy but its true. Several occasions I have woken up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason only to have him call me seconds later and say that he was thinking about me. Or we will call each other at the exact same moment and both get sent to voicemail. We get along effortlessly and we have so much fun together even when doing nothing at all.

    But this other woman is his soulmate? I thought his soulmate was ME.

    I am so confused about this whole thing. Is a soulmate better than a life partner or is it he other way around? Will she always be in his heart since they are soul mates?

    What do you guys think?

  • Hi Whatadoll (great name btw), I don't have the answer to that either but am interested in the answer. Quite frankly I though they were one and the same thing.......

  • Hello again,

    I found this topic on the forum: it seems there it is possible to have more than one soul mate but as far as I know you can only have one life partner.

  • Anyone else care to chime in? This is the first time I've heard the two rems used seperately as well, I thought there were one in the same.

    Im a little bummed about this, but I don't know if should be?

  • Hi Whatadoll,

    I'm no expert but my instinct tells me a life partner differs from a soul mate in that a life partner is here in this mortal life with you, whereas a soul mate is with you in the spirit world forever. There is therefore a time limit on the life partner, but not one on the soul mate. My "instinct" is rooted in my upbringing and education that tells me the soul is eternal and life has a deadline.

    Does this make sense to you?


  • Hi Lamaestra,

    That's interesting. When I got the reading, he told me that a life partner connection is stronger than a soulmate connection, as in forever and ever (his words), but that seems counterintuitive to me as well. Hence my confusion. I might need to call back and ask him to clarify.

    Also, I had a previous reading with a woman and I was very impressed with her.

    I didn't even have to tell her anything at all and she immediately knew why I was calling and about the situation with this other woman. This woman told me that my BF and I are soulmates.

    My BF and I definately have a soul connection- both he and I are always amazed at how intuitive our interaction with each other is, it's uncanny.

    I'm still confused.

  • I used to think that in you needed to find your "soul mate" in order to be complete. What I have found is that you can have many, many soul mates. It can literally be anyone or anything. You can have a dog as a soul mate. Soul mates come to us to teach us lessons and don't always stay once the lesson has been learned. I've been told that many soul mate connections are so intense that they combust and you stay together as long as you need to in order to learn the lesson. So....if you search the threads will find a discussion regarding Twin Flames or Twin Souls which are more intense relationships than soul mates. So in terms of him being her soul mate, very possible. In terms of his being your life partner....definitely a higher level of commitment than soul mate. Now that I understand this a little better, it definitely changes how I think of soul mates. I'll see if I can find the thread and post it. A lot of very good information in that thread regarding this subject.

    Blessings and love, Aunt B.

  • it is....very good topic that I learned a lot from.

  • Oh...BTW, I am currently in just about the same situation. The man I've been in love with for 3 years left 6 months ago to go back to his high school sweetheart. I have been told that yes, they are soul mates and he has a karmic debt to her. He and I had the same type of connection. He could wake me up 30 miles away just thinking about me. Our social security numbers are almost identical, connections with people in our lives that were just unreal....but, he is currently with her and I am pursuing my journey here and building a solid secure future for myself that I can trust and that will support my emotional self. If he comes back, then he comes back. If he doesn't, then the universe will bring that partner to me.

    Blessings and love....Aunt b.

  • Thank you Auntbuck for that link. It does give me some clarity.

    Guess I will wait and see what happens!

  • As I see it you have three (3) choices.

    #1. Run as fast as you can. If he can have two soul mates, you certainly must have the "right" 2nd somewhere.

    #2. Suffer through it and accept a part-time mate.

    #3. Consider becoming a poly family with the three of you under one roof. Perhaps she could also be your sole mate.

  • Interesting discussion about soulmates the spiritual aspects of it

    From my findings we can many many soulmates...

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