Can I please get a love reading

  • Hi and thank you for reading.

    Ok, Im going to be completely honest here. I have been dating F. for 8 months. He was in a relationship (about 1 year) when I met him, but I continued to see him in spite of that. Long story short, I fell in love with him and he is in love with me too. After many delays (about 5 months) he finally broke it off with his GF (we'll call her A.).

    Or so he said.... I know that he continued to sneak and see her and he claims that they are just "friends". However I know in my heart that he is not being honest with me. Two nights ago after he and I had a minor argument, he was at A's house and I wanted to tell her everything that has been going on but he wouldn't let me. She has no clue.

    So here I am now, part of bonafied love triangle. I never wanted to be here, I just felt such an intense connection with him that I acted on my feelings even though I was aware of his situation.

    So, what now? As of today we are not talking at all. I feel like I need to move on at this point, but in my heart I still like there may still be a chance for us one day. I know our connection is real and we both care very much about each other.

    I just want happiness and I want the same for him too. Together or apart...

    And please don't judge or lecture me. I know I was wrong for starting a relationship with a man who was with someone else. I made a mistake and I'm done with that now. I just want to know if F. and I will get this right. Our feelings for each and personal interaction are divine, it's our pasts that cause issues for us and keep us from establishing the kind of relationship that we both want.

    Can we work this out?

    My bday 1-21-81

    his bday 8-23-70

    A.s bday 5-14-71

    Thank you!

  • Hi again, just bumping. I didn't want my thread to become lost in the shuffle. Patiently waiting. Thank you!

  • Please, does anyone care to chime in? I am really in need of some insight.

  • hello whatadoll,

    i'm not psychic or anything like that just giving my humble opinion here. ummm, honestly u answered yourself a couple of time during ur above txt. if he left her to be with you what's the problem with her knowing anything that is going on now. i just find it strange that he loves you and doesn't wan to be with her yet he's only concern is that her feelings are not hurt obviously which is what would be caused by u telling her. if u know someone is lying to you bc you feel it then more than likely they are. I know what i'm abt to say may sound rough but i feel you were just convenient for him and when it came down to choosing he's where he wants to be trying to work things out with A and stringing you along. once, you accept to be someone's mistress by choice you demean yourself and it's rarely that a man leaves his "GF" for a mistress. I'm not saying that it hasn't happened or that it won't just saying it usually doesn't happen. but you know what better for you because you deserve better swallow this bitter shot life handed to you and take it as a learning experience walk away from it and him you'll see something better that is yours will come soon enough to you. what makes matters worst is the fact that she's (A) is totally clueless meaning he didn't leave her for you he probably did her like he's doing you got into a fight with her and went to you. he's a lying cheating JERK!!! and trust me trust me me when i tell you if he leaves this woman for you, you will never be happy because you know he's a cheater and it will always be on your mind when he acts in anyway strange. he will cheat on you and you won't be able to say anything cus he look at you in your face and say you knew i was a cheater!! never think that you're the one that's going to change anyone ppl only change when they want to no matter how much love you give them. unfortunately, out of this you will only get heartaches walk away my friend. hope you find closure and are able to walk away. good-luck

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