Derren Brown - psychic or not?

  • I didn't bother looking but suspect what he's demonstrating is how easy it is to guess using facts on sight. If someone looks about 50 it would be an easy guess to suggest any number of relevent issues that are universal for that age. We are all more universaly alike in some respects so it's easy to be insightful without specifics. Usually a true psychic message from spirit is more likely to pick up at least a few more specific personal things that could not be guessed. When I get messages from someone crossed over they usually say something personal the recipiant can recognize them as being true. A guesser avoides anything that personal or specific. Also, any one can be a messenger of spirit even if they think they are not psychic. There are people out there who do purposely trick another for money and it is not hard because they are exploiting comman weaknesses in the human nature. The key is to never be so needy that you need to hear what you want to hear. Most true readings will have a healing effect--often truth comes with tinglinging and goosebumps.

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