Unsure dreams

  • I was wondering if someone could help me to identify and trust what I sometimes experience. I have occassional dreams that are different from the everyday dreams. Its hard to explain the difference. And they come true. They sometimes come in 2's with different outcomes, but have played out in real life with a combination of the 2 outcomes . This only happened one time.

    I will experience them as if I am there or they come before me. They are usually someone close to me, or if it directly affects my life. I will see myself through every detail in the dream and find myself doing exactly in real life. Walking in a deja vue.

    I have only had maybe 8 of these dreams. That I remeber of the top of my head. When I say "comes before me I mean I see someone then out of the dark comes another face/person I do not know them and I will end up meeting them in the future. They are even wearing the same clothes in the dream when I meet them. The dreams are usually heartbreaking life experiences.

    It takes a few hours or days before it comes back to me. I see these as "warning dreams" sort of a mental preparation for myself. Except for one dream that occurred years ago stopped me from possibly electricuting myself on the job. This one I remebered instantly.

    A clairvoyant said I am Prophecy dreamer. Or is it just Deja Vue?

    If anyone knows what this is, a name for it , or experience these themselves could you please give me your opinion. If it is a gift, what should I be doing to develop it. I would like to elaborate with someone who has an insight. I am experiencing dreams.

    Any books you would recommend. Practices. Discipline. I am trying to trust my intuition but as I said I only dream of painful situations that are painful for me. So I sometimes want to ignore them. And the few that were not painful and have come true are vague and I havent aknowledged them the way I have the painful ones. Sorry for the long a post, trying to explain something I cant.

  • Hi, Yes, I think you have a gift. It's hard to explain a gift. I know my subconscious will play certain scenarios over and over and pops future scenes up also. Usually if a situation is bad for us the subconscious has a hard time dealing with it. That's all I know. Sometimes I can remember certain dreams in detail and it makes me physically sick because it's like seeing into the future, and I don't think we are "supposed" to have total recall of the subconsious.

  • Yes, I have felt sick, sad, scared, it is the waiting. Cause I never see a calendar in the dream. Plus I dont trust it 100%.

    You said scenarios over and over. Is this when you are asleep or awake.

    I had a dream someone close to me dies in the dream. It bothered me. Because in the dream they are saying good bye to me. But in the dream I felt this person was still going to be their for me in some way.

    I was talking to this same person and they were saying to me "when I get back " and I instantly thought to myself they arent going to make it back this time. I had already mentally prepare for how I would handle it and what I would need to do prior to this conversation because of this dream. Then I talked myself out of the feeling or thought. But thought just in case I would try to make things very good for them because you never know if you'll have the chance again. Let them know how much I love them. I know this from past experiences. But because I am never sure I called a psychic/clairvoyant because something about money kept coming into play. She said, she see's danger and the person I had dream about isnt paying attention. I have not had another dream about this but person is not back yet. Their are more details but this in a nut shell.

  • Hi again, the scenarios I see are in my sleep. I can usually remember them if I have to wake up after about a couple hrs of sleep. I have had total recall and it's like seeing into the future. It's enough to stop you dead in your tracks (and it has) and I become physically ill. If I had to guess about this dream you had concerning the person I would probably agree w/the psychic. I think it's very important for you not to hold it in and tell the person. More important though, please pray to St. Michael, also Jesus and ask him to protect this person. We are all given certain gifts. Please pray for protection. It may not happen. You may even think of your gift as a form of protection.

  • There is no time or distance in the spirit, so you probably travel in your sleep, or see the future when you sleep. I use these dejavu things as milestones. I know I am on the right path, even when things are not going well, and I know where I am at, of sorts, so I know what to expect soon. I can even tell how long the waking experince is going to last depending on frequency of repeat night dreams. The day dream things are reminders of info you already received. We all have access, most people don't use it. Helps me. I am so impatient, so thank God for it. My objective is to complete the assignments as soon as possible so I can get to what I really want. Makes the sacrifices easier. Very nice of God to give you a preview. Even more amazing you view each decision as well. My you are quite meticulous in your future life decisions.

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