Twinsoul...Can you help me when you have time?

  • I struggle with fidelity and often feel my desired partner does as well but we have a child together and I want things to work out for the best between he and I. Am I just imagining that his I Love You isn't real? We're both pisces 3/14 and 3/15.

  • my dear rayofsunshine

    Just because you have a child with someone doesn't mean that you have to be together forever. I make no religious value judgements, as those belong to you.

    It doesnt seem to me that you are not that crazy about each other anymore. So, part as friends, and move on. You must vow to each other to be best friends forever, and whomever you get involved with in the future must respect your relationship with the father of your child and visa versa. The child will have two happy stable parents who love him very much., and a wonderful large extended family , who also love him very much. Nothing feels worse to a child than not being loved and accepted.

    Good luck, live your life and create happiness.



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