Dreaming of tarot cards

  • I don't read Tarot cards nor am I very familiar with the symbols but in the last few days twice now I had a dream containing a tarot card symbol. The first one was 3 of swords and the second just last night was the four of cups. Any idea why I would suddenly receive these messages and what do they mean?

  • You know, I slept in today because it is Mother's Day. Most of MY dreams consisted of Tarot Cards as well!! However, I do not remember which ones stood out....so weird!!

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  • That is strange. What other thread? would like to read more.

  • RC Did you hear anything yet?

  • Here is the website I use as a tarot referance. I just like the details they throw in.

    In my Elemental tarot it is the three of air, four of water. Air- Recoginition and acceptance of a good idea. Being sharp and quick witted, 'on the ball' yet prone to acting as an unbearable know it all. The Water card- A control of feelings, having unexpressed feelings. Conventional emontional security, confidence to deal with and control everyday feelings and the ability to sympathize with others problems.

    Hope that sheds some light.

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  • Poetic, she is improving, not in hospital and hoping she won't be. Still no news on job.

  • I've been having similar dreams about a week ago. I'm pretty familiar with the tarot myself, but I've only had a few readings. Mainly I've been trying about the death card. Now I know death usually just means change. I've occasionally had dreams about the Fool upside down.

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