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  • Great insights....I'm so glad you guys are here to help me with this. The dreams were very prominent in my dreasm so I knew it was significant. I have tons of pine trees in my yard, like 13 in my yard not including the 2 Dogwoods. I know I have thought about how nice it would be to take a few of those pine trees down to give my yard more light but I hate the idea of killing them just so I can enhance the look of my yard...and the fact that it would cost me a bundle to get rid of them.

    I did put a notebook by my bed so that I could write things down when I wake up but it seems like I have to get up to get my kids to school so all dreams and memories of them disappear when I have to jump up. If I can laze in bed for a couple minutes...I usually recall them much better.

    I am very much enjoying my time off from work and definitely looking forward to school for the next 18 months. I have wanted to go back and get a degree for a long time but being a single mom and having to pay for it and juggle with little kids and all that...it just wasn't the right time. Now that I have teenagers....its a great time because they will get an opportunity to see ME having to do homework and why it is important to get it done. LOL.

    Thanks everyone for your help on this....definitely insightful and much appreciated.

    Blessings! Aunt B.

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  • Sandran: I also dream very vividly. My dreams make me feel as if I'm on this set of an incredible movie sometimes.

    At being held at gunpoint. I have from time to time had dreams where me and/or my children are being threatened. It always brings me up out of bed heart pounding and shaking.

    Off of the top of my head, there are two different schools of thinking with this dream that I have.

    First off, you could be feeling threatened. More spicifially your relationship with your son. You could feel that is threatened. Is he growing, maturing or changing patterns in his life? Has he got a girlfriend? Has something changed with him that deep down, makes you question if this change will effect the relationship between you both. Is he young and moving toward another stage in life. Heck, even getting the potty training thing down with your baby might make you feel 'less needed' in his life. Our babies growing up can make us question our roles as mothers and how our role in their life takes shape.

    Second, how old is your son in the dream. Sometimes it's not about your son at all, but everybody in your dreams are an extension of yourself. Let me explain.

    I had this guy friend and he can have some whopper dreams. He drempt he pulled this car over (he's law enforcement) and in the dream, a teenager busted out of the backseat of the car and starting shooting. My friend was shot in his dream and he said it was very vivid.

    So I concentrated on the teenager with him and asked him, think back to when you were that age and tell me about your life, emontional state, ect.. It wasn't great, he was a depressed, shy and backward teen. He had hinted to hard times when he was younger, unfair almost abusive treatment. At his present stage in life, when he had the dream, he had taken a beating emontionally. I think he was again feeling backward and lost in life. Depressed. Issues and emontions of the past were coming back to haunt him, and he was literally 'killing himself'.

    Dreaming of houses often repersents your head, your mind. Think of your mind as a house, with all the doors, shut and open and different areas of the house being differant needs you mentally, emontionally need. That your leaving your house makes me think your avoiding something. (mentally, emontionally, ect...)

    As for the melatonin, I'm pretty sure that's an OTC drug. But lack of sleep is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to yourself. It'll put you in an early grave just as quickly as smoking or drinking alot. Did you know that even if you sleep, if you completely stop dreaming it can start giving you psychosis episodes. Yeah, ouch. dreaming is that important.

    Going without sleep can give you the same reaction time behind the wheel as someone legally drunk.

    Rapid eye movement sleep, or REM sleep, accounts for 20%–25% of total sleep time in most human adults. The criteria for REM sleep include rapid eye movements as well as a rapid low-voltage EEG. Most memorable dreaming occurs in this stage.

    Whatever is bugging you while your awake isn't letting you go in dreamland either.

    DMick: I just kinda told the dogwood story but not the whole thing. It's said you can run off evil with the dogwood tree. I'm gonna look it up real quick like. LOL.

    ~There is a Christian legend of unknown origin that proclaims that the cross used to crucify Jesus was constructed of dogwood.[4] As the story goes, during the time of Jesus, the dogwood was larger and stronger than it is today and was the largest tree in the area of Jerusalem. After his crucifixion, Jesus changed the plant to its current form: he shortened it and twisted its branches to assure an end to its use for the construction of crosses. He also transformed its inflorescence into a representation of the crucifixion itself, with the four white bracts cross-shaped, which represent the four corners of the cross, each bearing a rusty indentation as of a nail and the red stamens of the flower, represents Jesus' crown of thorns, and the clustered red fruit represent his blood.~

    I read somewhere that the dogwood felt awful for it's part in the crucifixion and requested that it never again be used as such. It's a sweet story I think.

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  • Thank you dmick: it's been so long sense I've really jumped in and put my skills to use that I feel a bit rusty. It goes through cycles alot of times, but I have that reach out and touch someone need going on. And I like to help. And I'm not in school anymore, so my every waking minute isn't filled with 20 differant thoughts. LOL.

    Feel free to ask anything, sometimes I'll sleep on it and give it a ponder, but if I do have something to tell you, I will. It won't let me go until I do tell you. LOL.

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  • AliceQ

    Hello and thank you for your insight. I feel my Mammaw's presence all around me over the past year more than ever. It is interesting to me that the peoneys that I dug up from her yard right after she died hadn't bloomed for me until this year too. I don't think that is just a coincedence. I was even going to dig them up and move them because they hadn't bloomed over the past 3 years. I am glad I didn't now. She answered my question that I had for her.

    As for Tom, I'm not sure who Tom is. I have a cousin that was burned extremely bad 2 years ago and died but the doctors were able to bring him back. I don't have anyone close to me named Tom. Now I do have a Tim that I have been thinking about constantly. He and I became really close when my husband and I seperated a couple of years ago. He died in a car crash about 6 months ago. I keep asking if I could have helped prevent the accident. He was drinking heavily. My husband and I got back together after seperating for 4 months and Tim kept telling me not to. He told me of my husband's infidelities to me but I didn't listen. Tim wanted me to marry him. He said he needed me in his life to be happy. I told him to keep looking that the right woman was out there. Now I am faced with trying to get proof of my husband cheating again. I want proof so he will have to pay for all the years of mental abuse I have put up with. I talk to Tim a lot and I just thought maybe it was him trying to tell me something. Maybe he is trying to show me how to get the proof I need. I don't know.

    Thank you for your time and by the way this is an awesome thread. I am always interested in decoding my dreams. I have dreams that are like full length movies. lol


  • Hello all, interesting stuff. I too have started keeping a dream journal and in quite a few dreams, I keep seeing a toddler, in my last dream, I think it was a girl and she was my child. In one part of the dream i went to a wedding, the bride who wore blue, ripped all lace off her dress and gave it to me for a veil, she also had on a Silver bracelet and was trying to fasten it during the ceremoy, I wanted to help her but couldn't. In the dream I was telling someone thay I owned several Commercial Bldg's and that KMart (the store) had to pay me rent. I was married to a man of another race and I believe we had three children, we lived on the water and were in fact waliking along the dock in back when I looked up and a huge ship was barreling down on the opposite side of the dock. The Toddler fell in the water and my husband jumped in to save her, no one got hurt. The last time I dreamed of this baby, it was also around water but this time a swimming pool, weird. Seems like lots of symbolism. The bracelet, The veil. The baby in water, The ship. I checked the dream websites already and nothing stood out. 🙂

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  • dmick: my first thought about the twin babies (boy and girl) was a yin/yang thing. I think possibly it has to do with balance in your life. The dream is not only about a 'predicted' new beginnings but your unconscious or conscious desire for new beginnings and finding a balance with yourself. I understand the desire because that's where I am right now. Let me ponder the rest and perhaps flip a card for insight later. xoxo

    Van: I feel so strongly that you already have everything you need. (that is what Im getting) If he cheated before, and he's doing it agian and he's been caught before he's simply not gonna pay much of anything. In other words, he'll only be sorry he got caught. There's your sign. There is one thing I try to remember, I can not control what other people do but I can control what I do. Be honest, get it off your chest and work on moving on.

    But remember, Tim is there now, and your here. I find that spirit dosen't usually say "Go to MocaJoe's and there's your proof". Spirit works as a general reminder to you, and sometimes when you feel that nudge in another direction, it's spirit saying "This way goofball." And on occasion, for a strobbern mule like me, it's a smack in the head with a "where you going dumdum." LOL.

    Poetic: I also go through periods of time where I dream of children in odd ways too. I always look for something in that child that I can relate to myself. See these children as an extension of your personality. (IE your innerchild, the innocent you before life made you deal with BS.)

    Example: I had a dream I was laying next to my daughter and DrJeckle/MrHyde was reaching through the window, reaching over me and grabbing my daughter. So once I woke up and calmed my booming heart, lol, I saw the dream as this. Someone I know on the outside isn't who they said they were and the love between us was pure and unharmed and I felt as if it was being threatened. See where it comes together?

    Your innerchild, this unconditional aspect of love that resides in us all fell into the water (swimming in emontions) and was rescued by your male counterpart. (Yin/Yang again.) The male sex, to me, tends to be a bit more controled with feelings, emontions and more rational. We feel, they do. The side of you that does instead of feels took over. You control your emontions or learn to rationalize when your emontionally hurt or feel like your in danger, there-fore saving everyone from danger.

    The veil.... A couple of thoughts here. Isn't it interesting that you were at a wedding and it was all so blue. Blue dress, blue veil and the bride is actually ripping off the lace to give to you. The bride being an extension of you.

    It could be simple. Was someone you know getting married and you were not invited? You might have felt slighted, like the veil was blocking your view.

    Or more complicated. Were you feeling blue and 'ripped off' in the love dept? Subconsciously were you going to use the veil to block your view of the truth or hide behind it and hide from the truth?

    It could be the furthest from actuality, or dead on but only you can tell us what these dreams mean. Just dreaming rarely predicts the future, dreaming is your subconscious running your mouth about life events.

    I'm not saying dreaming can't predict the future. Oh yeah, they can. Or passed loved ones can visit us there too, but usually dreaming is the deepest and sometimes darkest you gabben.

    As for the bracelet. Why do we wear them? Because they are pretty and sometimes we get so used to wearing them that if we take them off we feel naked without them. We wear something around our wrist because they prove a function for us. (think medical bracelets, ect.. which are silver alot of times.)

    Is it a pretty decoration or a function in your life? Not what she was wearing, but your personal opinion.

    (I think they are pretty but I tend to break everyone I put on. They get in my way, get snagged on something and now I just go without them. LOL)

    If I had that dream, the bracelet would take on a new meaning for me.

  • Thanks AliceQ interesting, I like that part about the baby representing my Inner me, who I am trying to get in touch with and you know what I may be drowing her with my emotions, rings true for me. Funny you talked about Jeykell & Hyde, thats what I call my husband.

    Thanks again, I really enjoyed it! Won't tell you want I dreamed last night, disturbing, I'll look it up! ")

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  • AliceQ

    Hello again. I understand what you are saying completely. I have been repeating the same scenario over and over in my marriage. It is partly my fault for allowing it to continue. I think it is kind of strange that I have never once dreamed about my husband in the 13 years we have been together. I know you can't control what you dream, or at least I don't think you can, I just find that odd. But I do get the same reaction you get, the one where I'm hitting myself in the head saying ok dumb dumb. lol

    This is maybe a little off the subject but I wanted to mention it because it had such a deep impact on me. Last night before I fell asleep, I was running all the "crap" through my head that has been going on lately. Not only my marriage but my daughter's major mistakes too. I saw a small flash of white light. It made me look around to see where it came from but I didn't see anything so I laid back down. Then I felt a cold hand squeeze mine. I felt so comforted not scared like I was. I fell right to sleep and slept better than I have in a long time. It makes me think was I already dreaming or did it really happen? I feel really positive it was for real. I have experienced things before, like feeling someone sit on the bed next to me and no one is there, that kind of stuff.

    Just curious what your intake on that is? Have you ever had experiences like that? Is it spirits or angels? Hope this isn't to far off the dream decoding subject but I have started threads in the past and never get any response.

    Thanks for everything.

    Lots of love and light, van5521

  • Van we can go anywhere you like. When you are in that awake-sleep state is when you are at your most preceptive. If you say I was awake, then you were awake. Rarely do we have the sense to pose that question in dreamy time.

    And yeah, I've had plenty of expierences simular to that. That is often times when I have the most visions come to me too.

    One time I woke up in the middle of the night to what sounded like a rustling noise, so I opened my eyes and a ball of light shot across my room. In the middle of my room, not reflected on the wall but as if it was it's own energy source. Prob about 5 feet off of the floor. It didn't scare me, I just said hello and on retrospect, I realized that I had seen that before, but when I was a very young child. I used to watch them dance through my room and on my walls every night before I fell asleep. And sometimes I would say "can you spin" and they would. That is a very spicific memory! And I'll lay money that someone reading this will remember the same kinda things also.

    I also saw my past life in this manner one night. I was laying in bed, and just started to relax when the visions came to me. A young woman of south american orgins, some kinda skirt on but with beaded necklaces sitting in a grass and mud hut, poking a fire with a stick. Then someone came into the hut, and picked her up and took her to bed. I felt like I was watching a movie and it was a very loving, longing moment. And then I saw her sacrificed at the top steps of one of the pyramids and shoved down the steps and she was pregnant when this happened. As she fell down the steps pain exploded in my mouth and I had this crazy thought "I broke my tooth on the way down".

    I feel as if I did something religion based, temple work ect.. and I wasn't supposed to be getting busy and when I could no longer hide my pregnancy.. well......... I also feel strongly that I never gave him up but he died in battle a short time later.

    Meeting him in this life is what set the visions off.

    Then one night, I was just falling asleep when I had this flash of something, and what I saw with my minds eye was a little girl and the vision was so strong it was burned in my retnas. (as if I had been looking at the sun.) When I opened my eyes there was a figure standing over top of me and I had an impression of a female and she was cloaked and I just kinda nodded my head at her to say "I understand" and she just kinda 'smoked' away.

    I am suprised this dream awake state hasn't been explored more, it's an incredibly powerful state of mind. It's a magick time but it only happens when you just start to loose awareness. I've heard my name called and numbers recited to me and when my daughter was a baby she was in a swing and she was colicly. I was trying to give her a bottle and had fallen back on the couch and I was about to really pass out when I felt like someone grabbed both shoulders and jerked me up and awake. Almost like they felt danger and didn't want me to fall asleep. I have attributed that to my uncle, he was always protective.

    As for men, men men men............ I have this wonderful girlfriend that has learned to face the facts... She had always let him get away with his bad behaviour and she admits it's her fault. She let him act the way he does. Not cheating, but gambling lottery tickets, throwing hissy baby fits, ect.. What is she doing, she is changing the way she reacts to his behaviour and now that he's realized he's not getting the attention he used to, he's confused. LOL. I tell him constantly "If you were mine, i'd have already killed you."

    If you know in your heart what is true, then no one can change that! If you say you were awake, then you were.

    And I do on occasion see those passed in my dreams and I'll tell you about one of them.

    When I was in high school I had this older friend. I was a freshman and she was a senior. She was a bad-@&&ed chick. I whorshiped her! LOL. She got killed in a horrible car accident right before christmas that year.

    I'm in my mid 30's now, but about 5 or so years ago I drempt of her. She came up to me smiling and we kinda gripped elbows and it was like "Ohhh hey!" and then suddenly the dream changed and she lifted me up. It's as if we both levitated to another place. All I know is we left that place, and we talked in that place. I only can see clouds when I try to remember. I can't remember what was discussed but we were together once more. It was very comforting.

    Hope this helps!

  • AliceQ,

    Hello and thanks for all your insight. It does help me very much so. I have been talking to my angels more and asking for help. I have also been talking to archeangel Micheal a lot. I had been reading about asking for a physical sign and they would give me one. I did that Saturday. My husband threw one of his drunken rages. I calmly walked out of the room and went to the bedroom and closed the door. ( usually I stand there and let him have it back ) I asked for my angels to please show me a sign that they are with me and will help me through all of this stupidity in my life. After asking for their help, I changed clothes and decided the best thing to do would be get out of the house for a while. When I unlocked the car door and got in there was a small fuzzy feather laying on my drivers side floormat. I picked it up and probably looked like a lunatic if anyone was watching me because I started laughing and thanking my angels for the sign. I felt a wave of relief wash over me because I know no matter what happens now, I am in the best of care.

    Just needed to tell you about that it was so amazing. I too see the lights before I go to sleep. Sometimes it is just when I am laying on the couch relaxing a bit. I have never been scared by them either. It is more comforting than scary. I have had some very vivid dreams that have scared the you know what outta me but that is from the past. That was when I was in a very bad place in my life spiritually. I believe I was being told to straighten out my life. I listened but it took a while to sink in. I have been able to warn my daughter of 2 different dangers that was going to happen to her. Of course she didn't listen but she says from now on she will. I hope so. I haven't been able to remember any dreams the past 2 nights. I usually can remember every detail but these past 2 nights it's like I didn't even dream for some reason. Maybe because my mind is so cluttered right now. What do you think? I've read we dream every night even if we can't remember them.

    You give off a feeling of close spirituality. I like that it is a good energy. Thanks for talking with me even off the subject a little.

    Lots of Love and Light, van5521

  • Thank you Van, that does make me feel good and means alot to me.

    Without the magic of dreams, us humans would go crazy. There have been studies where people were allowed to sleep the same amount of hours each night, but every time they slipped off into REM, they would be nudged awake. Anywho, the participants got really overly sensitive and grouchy, ect.. after a day or two of this.

    I like to sleep on it alot of times. Last night was the zombie thing again, but I didn't like it. I used to get a kick out of them, but now they are waking me up. I know why I'm dreaming this stuff but it's still gets on my nerves.

    Other nights I feel as if I haven't drempt at all, but I know better. I dream alot!

    Gotta fly... darn summer break.. I'll never get these kids out of my butt. LOL!

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