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  • Aunt Buck

    That's great you have found the music you like. I use nature music because it helps me expand consciousness, which is the purpose of meditation.

    reiki is a great healing practice. I myself find Kundalini works for mostly healing myself, and it turns out to be just the right choice to welcome the new age of Aquarius

    I guess in your case yellow means caution then LOL I have read on here people who have certain problems with certain people wearing blue etc actually dream of snakes in the same color LOL that's why I thought it might happen to you too

    I don't dream of my deceased pets anymore. They usually come in my meditation, with my power animal and my guide. It's a great joy to play with them like I used to do when they were still alive.

    Hope everyone have a good week and weekend 🙂

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  • dmick

    yeah 'wow' indeed !

    I hope you get to know its name and origin, maybe even help you access its reality

    thanks for the update

  • Dmick, please help me with this, i think I understand it, but I would just like to be sure.

    before I entered into my current relationship with my cancer man. We were both still married when we met.

    I had this dream that we were driving in his car. Not talking, smiling, but holding hands. I knew we were going to his house, which was weird, b/c I knew he was married, and where he lived was by water. The water was flooding. It was scary, but we never felt alarmed while traveling. We made it safely to his house. And I remember vividly before we went in, he just looked at me deeply, squeezed my hand and it was as if he was saying..here we go babe. We went in and I saw, but primarily FELT the oppresion and sadness. it was overwhelming. But the whole time he had my hand. neither of us ever let go. We just kept glancing at one another, he was worried of what I would think, but I could only feel the sadness. When I would look back at him, I would just grab tighter on his hand and I know my eyes were saying, it is and will be ok. I am fine. I love you. More than I have ever loved anyone man. At the end of my dream, I was sitting besides him, at a dimly lit table with his very sad wife. I felt bad for her too. I really did. I just wanted to hug her, but I could not let go of his hand. It was like our hands were locked.

    Now, we are in a relationship, and this is somewhat haunting me. I feel for her so deeply. yet I know she hates me. Even though she does not know me.

    Any insight would be apprecited.

  • Hey everyone!

    I've just found this thread and I find it very interesting. I usually have very vivid dreams, some keep repeating; I usually take a look at dreammoods dictionary, but I'm always interested to get insights from others. So if anyone on this thread would kindly give their insights into my dreams, I'll be very grateful!

    I'm reposting one dream from another thread here:

    So here it goes: I had another 'New Year's eve' dream.I saw myself preparing for the New Year's party, at my childhood home (where I lived till 18 years old). Our house is full of people, my friends, etc. I know it's gonna be a crowded party and celebration.

    and this is the link to the thread where you can find more of my dreams - just for the sake of context http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=9140&replies=9

    Also, I would like to ask your perspective on my last night's 'teeth' dream. But these were not my teeth. I saw the guy whom I was in love with (or am? don't know :), with whom I painfully broke up more than 2 years ago (aaagh, I still see him in my dreams from time to time). So I saw this guy and later in the dream I notice that his teeth are really bad: broken, some missing, just horrible, rotten; he's sort of embarassed and I'm trying to calm him down by saying 'you should have told me, I totally understand, it's ok, you'll be fine, etc'.

    So please, if anyone feels like sharing their insights on my dreams, I'm very happy to read them!

    Thank you everyone,

    with love,


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