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  • That sounds awesome.

    Last night it was vampires vs these green lizard like aliens type of things and I was stuck in the middle of the battle. For some reason the color red could help control the lizards and the main vampire was a Gene Simmons look a like. LOL.

    Anyhow, for some reason, the aliens had left or disappeared. For whatever the reason they were gone but we were unsure if it was temporary, or for good. I had someone else with me that was scared because we heard the main vampire come tearing through the house we were in cussing mad. The person that was with me (which I firmly believe is an extension of me) ran and hid under a kitchen table in a back bedroom. I threw this red blanket to help cover the presense of the other person up when the Main Vamp came in, livid and holding up a pair of long red suede gloves that had been used by me or my extension in an attempt to control/train the aliens.

    It was daytime in the dream and like I said, this Vamp looked ready to kill. So I lept out the window, breaking glass while I was at it into the shade of the house. He followed me, but if he was in direct sunlight he would start to bust into flames. He just found the shaded areas uncomfortable and he moved slower. So this became a game of cat and mouse with him chasing me, through the shade and sunlight. I remember at the end before I woke up we were in back, behind a garage and I was leaping into the sunlight around the car.

    Strange I know. LOL. I haven't figured it out yet, but the red gloves was very symbolic.

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  • Now I'm thinking.

    I am stuck in a battle with myself. My need to alienate myself from the pain and I know that to continue to let myself feel this way is literally sucking the life out of me. I feel in either path I choose, it's sucking me dry.

    Personally, as for the color red. Energy, passion and also I've been told I look great in red, from the very source of the pain. Once apon a time.

    I'm trying to hide apart of me from this, throwing a blanket of energy over them. Shielding myself.

    And I'm livid with myself, for my inability to use this energy to completely control this situtation. So in an attempt to escape, I risk jumping out the window and into the sunlight. (a source of heat, and light and in this instance, protection). It's not easy, I have to move from shade to sunlight. You know I remember the car was red also. Hummmmmmmm.....

    Am I attempting to leave behind the life sucking force that has become my daily companion?

    Or am I attempting to flee the pain and find protection elsewhere?

    I think it's both. And I think neither is my answer. In both I am only running from the pain that will catch up with me. In both I am avoiding contact. That protection. In the vampire I am giving to much energy. Perhaps the sun is a way to get some back??

    And my main thought lately has been "When I have the comfort of working and having a job, I won't have time to think and I can escape some of this."

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  • in general dreams can mean any of this :

    • premonitive (about the future),

    • your subconscious warning you about health problems or problems you are not aware of

    • past life events

    • recent or childhood hurts (betrayed, violence, abuse etc),

    • a message from someone/something trying to reach you

    • hopes and fears that you keep for yourself they manifest in dreams

    if you dream about animals, it could be because you fear these animals and so when you are worried or concerned about something, the subconscious will pick these animals as a symbol of the things and people you fear or worry about. The subconscious can also pick any other items you fear of. Like some people fear knives (due to past history) or they fear the dark (usually due to horror movies or certain religious teachings specifying that evil lives in the dark etc)

    Or, it's merely the animal spirits come to you to lend their strengths and wisdoms.

    Since we all have the ability to access inner guidance, I would suggest to do daily meditation or any spiritual exercise that can align you to your center and gain guidance. Books are a good read, but you need to also listen to inner guidance. Guidance will not only give you insights about your dreams, but also about daily problems, what you need to move forward.

    Life in the physical is about learning and moving forward. The more you learn and apply the lessons, the further you move forward. There are various sources to learn from, you can learn from other people's wisdoms (books, teachings) from life challenges (yours or others) and from guidance (inner guide, the spirits).

    I can't find the links to threads about dreams I had responded to since last year. Only small number of threads can be displayed each time. But this post would summarize most of it.

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  • Hello Dear Alice, When ever you have time, please decipher this for me, I think it was a good dream two parts but the main one was that I was climbing a staircase with 12 flights of stairs, it was not easy for me because I'm fat (just am). In the last parts of the stairs they got very narrow and were spiral, someone actually pushed me through as I was getting stuck. When I got to the top panting and out of breath, there were folks waiting and they said Congratulations you made it! I was cursing because, I was so tired, nothing to bad and they said "we don't use that kind of language up here." It felt like I was going to a graduation ceremony. I thought about it two ways, either I have accomplished something, my faith was tested and i passed or, my life God forbid is over and I've completed my journey (morbid i know). Later I was on a bus and passing by some cousins and I couldn't say good bye or hello.

  • dmick

    will look into it next week.

    too busy with deadline at work this week. thanks

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  • I am an aqua, retired and have a little time to write things down. I wrote a book about my 9 year journey around the world "Living Beneath the Radar" and in one of the chapters I wrote about a very interesting dream experience. The re occurring dream was about me living on a farm as a boy probably 10 years old. On a visit to a brother of a college friend living outside Florence, Italy we arrived at the house where he lived. It was a 400 year old farm house and it was the exact farm where I had had lived in my re occurring dream. I eventually went on to India and found a more open explaination and acceptance to the dream, which stopped after I visited the farm. Previous lives are much more accepted in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and I accepted it as well. The only thing I wish we might bring into a life is the language we spoke in the previous ones.

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  • HUGE HUG AND THANK YOU D! I thought it was a good dream. I'll pray for Alice, don't know what's going on. J. Crimmel how interesting, I would love to get a regression session and know who I was in other lives. The Universe is so fascinating! 🙂 I'm getting there just need more patience. 🙂

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  • dmick

    finally get the time to read about your dream

    Leoscorpion thank you very informative! I had such a huge dream this morning beforeI I woke up I thought I would share it with you & AliceQ to see what you think. I was on a large airplane with the president of the US. It landed for a stop over. The stewardess & steward and I think another passenger sat on the wing on the layover. The wing bent & I said we have to tell the pilot & they said no. Then I said to tell the president & the president said were flying anyway. So I didnt go on the plane & drove with a male & female. The plane was driving behind us & in front of us a man fell on his motorcycle & a police officer helped him up. The driver should have slammed on the breaks but chose not to so I woke up when we were driving into the man on the motorcycle. It seemed he would have been the only person injured in the whole dream. What do you think of this wacky dream? Thank you ~D

    You seem to be quite aware and cautious. You pay attention to things that others will ignore. There have been a few occasions (plane and motorcycle) where you (and others) could be injured (or hurt, be it physically, phsyhologically or even financially) and yet you passed safely.

    If you feel like you recognize these people, even if you have never seen or heard about them before, it means you have met them in the past. You might be too young to remember, or you met them in your past life.

    It may also be a premonition, if you travel a lot. The president, doesn't have to be actual President. he can represent anyone prominent in your environment: like movie star, leader of some sort, successful business man, even someone prominent in your family -- possibly a male.

  • "I can figure out most dreams pretty well but my own are the difficult ones"

    this is where meditation can help

    the source of inner guidance can be reached in many ways

    meditation is one of them

    when you read books, inner guidance will tell you, which one is accurate, which one is not

    very important to listen to it

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